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10 best tips for playing Tekken 7


Ultimate Beginner Guide ~ Tekken 7

A complete look at all the mechanics (hopefully) in Tekken with each section broken down step by step for new players.
00:00 buttons & notation
00:56 basic movement
01:21 defence
02:36 attack properties
03:58 rage
04:34 generic stances
07:03 grounded
09:00 unique stances
09:58 throws
12:52 movement
14:23 frame data
16:02 punishment
17:14 crush system
18:18 combos
19:46 wall system

Find frame data tables here;
Start up frames are how long it takes to activate, i.e when I say 10f move in the video, that's the start up frame. Check out the block frames to see how negative (or plus?!) a move is. KND is shorthand for knock down. Some moves may appear to be really quick but they could be part of a string, as it lists the frame data of the LAST move in the string.
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Tekken 7: Best Starting Characters For Newcomers

Are you new to Tekken 7 this season and you're curious on a good character to start with in the game? Let me try and help you guys out with this video and giving you guys my thoughts on the best newcomer characters for Tekken 7 in season 3!
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How to Make Tekken a Lot Easier | Proper Defense Tutorial [TEKKEN 7]

Defense tutorial for new players, and anyone who wants to know the most effective method to defend yourself.

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3 quick tips to instantly play better - Tekken 7

Tekken can be hard but exploiting some math can make everything more approachable for Beginners and Experienced Players alike.

0:00 - Play on Player 2 side
1:18 - Break non-1+2 throws with a 2
2:31 - Play with Sound ON

Tekken 7 Tips for Beginners - Cleaning Up Your Inputs

Applicable not only to Tekken! You can solve directional imprecision in a number of ways, either by changing your input method, or getting good.

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JDCR guide to Tekken 7 EXTRA: Sticks

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Tekken 7 Beginner's Guide with UYU | YUYU


Pro Tekken player UYU | YUYU teaches how to play Tekken 7. Good for beginners and those who want to understand the game to better enjoy spectating.

0:00 - Introduction
0:22 - Buttons
0:52 - High Mid Low
3:05 - Movelist
4:21 - Movement
6:25 - Combos
7:30 - Power Crush
8:15 - Rage
9:32 - Punishing
10:25 - Example Match
16:15 - Conclusion

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How to play Tekken 7 Easy Guide with Akuma

how to get in to tekken 7 easy guide
if you are curious about giving tekken 7 a try, this video is going to help you get started with akuma, akuma is easy to learn, his combos are easy to do and you will save a lot of time.
let me know if you have any questions below
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TEKKEN 7 LAG FIX Reduce INPUT LAG And Better Performance *Works On ANY GAME*

tekken 7 how to get less input lag and increase performance.

Crazy Law Player? | CuddleCore vs. Dritonrama | TEKKEN 7 Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ) 2018 Top 8

CuddleCore (Alisa) vs. Dritonrama (Law)

TEKKEN 7 @ TWT Last Chance Qualifier 2018

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TOP 10 Best Tekken Characters : I lOVE tHIS gAME

TOP 10 Best Tekken Characters

Top 10 Best Android Multiplayer Games Free of 2018

Best First Person Shooter FPS Games of All Time


Tekken 7 Essentials - King

00:15 Overview / 02:09 Top Moves / 18:31 Combos / 22:18 Punishment
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Paul Combo Tutorial and Strategy Guide | Tekken 7 (Paul Phoenix)

Paul combo tutorial and strategy guide for Tekken 7. Let's check out some Paul combos and basic strategies with the character in the game of Tekken 7. This is not everything Paul can do, but it is a basic strategy guide that goes over mind set and combos in order to begin using the character successfully.

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MK11 Beginner's Guide:





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Low Spec TEKKEN 7 Settings in 2019

Setups and settings for TEKKEN 7 on low-end PC. In this video I'll show you how to get better perfomance from you low spec PC, with and without money.

There are quite few things that you can speed up and improve, however getting new gear would be the best solution.

I'd be happy to answer all your questions in the comments.

RagnoTech Low Spec:

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Tekken 7 Mobile Gameplay | Download Android and iOS

Let's get learn how you can able to play the Tekken 7 Mobile game using the android and iOS devices today. This is a video guide about how to play Tekken 7 Mobile game with your mobile phone.

Follow the video and get Tekken 7 Mobile APK Download and install in to your android or iOS device. Video have those steps about where to download Tekken 7 Mobile game and how to install in to your phone. Follow those steps and get it done. Next opne the Tekken 7 Mobile game.
At the first time, game will need to get connect to online Tekken 7 game servers. When you try to play first time, game will ask about it. So as I show in video you can also follow those steps to get connect the server online. Once completed, restart the game. This is one time require procces, so it will not ask again once you connect the serves in to Tekken 7 mobile game.

Now you can play Tekken 7 Mobile game. In video I added some Tekken 7 Mobile Gameplay videos, you can see its smooth and easy to play with android or iOS phone. The game have both online and offline features so, have a fun playing the Tekken 7 mobile game.

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Yoshimitsu Beginner's Guide - Tekken 7 - All You Need To Know!

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Yoshimitsu is one of the most unique characters in fighting game history. Completely unpredictable and deceivingly fast, but very complex in nature with one of the largest move-lists in Tekken 7. This tutorial will cover Yoshimitsu's best pokes, his best launchers and bounds, as well as some basic combos that deal a surprising amount of damage. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, you'll learn all you need to know about this mix-up master!

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i m playing tekken games since tekken 2 in which he jump longer than superman lel, so i always use to make combinations of buttons in tekken 3 which was in ps1 ... the best combination i got was this one which i have shown above and using it from ages bcoz it always covers all the buttons and very easy to do the combo ... i hope it help u too ....

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12 Fighting Games of 2020 and Beyond

It's hard to believe that there have been so many great fighting games in recent years. Soulcalibur 6, Mortal Kombat 11, Tekken 7, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Samurai Shodown have been the real standouts. However, that list continues to expand, thanks to both recent and upcoming releases. Let's take a look at 12 worthwhile fighting games for 2020 and beyond.




Intro to TEKKEN | Class In Session: Anakin's TEKKEN Academy E1

Class In Session: Anakin's TEKKEN Academy is our 6-week TEKKEN 7 training course led by the TEKKEN Legend himself, Anakin.

Episode one focuses on the basics of TEKKEN, breaking down the visuals, button layout, basic offense, basic defense, and juggling.

Build your game from the ground up! Need more Class In Session?

Watch Ep: 2 of Class in Session:

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Training One-Handed Every day For 10 Weeks [SSF2X, TEKKEN 7, DBFZ, SFIV, SFV, 3s]

Avid description readers may remember me mentioning, after I hurt my right hand a few months ago, that it would be both fun and a massive waste of time to try to get good using just my left hand. Well, this video is that bit happening in real life, being shown to you via this screen that you're looking at now.

When I first embarked upon this magical journey, I thought a good place to start would be to work my way through all of the Vol.3 trials in Street Fighter V. Just as a nice little warm up, which it was. However SFV never requires super precise inputs so after that we had to move onto another game.

That game was Street Fighter IV and no sooner had I loaded up training mode that I realized how long the journey ahead of me would be. Of all the games in the Street Fighter series it is arguably the one that requires the highest level of execution, and I knew that eventually I wanted to learn some of it's more difficult combos.

Things like Honda's Hundred Hand Slap combos, Viper's cancels combos and (what I thought of in the first few weeks as the Holy Grail) Fuerte's Run, Stop, Fierce, were all top of the list. At first I just wanted to figure out a way to do 2 or 3 reps of the Fuerte combo but towards the end, set my sights on being able to do 10. Something stupidly difficult that I thought could end the video.

You may notice how differently my hand is positioned between the day 1 attempts and the rest of the RSF clips in the video. I ended up having to completely change the way I held the stick in order to do the fireball motion but also quickly hit jab and fierce with my thumb and 1st finger respectively. It's definitely the thing that I felt the most progress with over the course of making the video and the most difficult thing I was able to learn.

Other random notes from the SFIV section! Learning to dash into Raging demon with akuma was hella satisfying. Also, that clip with the repeated EX.Hundred hand slaps requires Honda to be crouching and meant that I had to push the stick down with my little finger and do the rest of the button inputs with my 3 remaining fingers. I'm not sure if it comes across in the video how awkwardly I had to stretch my fingers across the stick but it was so painful that, after only a few minutes that I'd have to stop playing altogether for 10-20 minutes before resuming.

The EWGF from Tekken 7 was a big time sink but I'm not sure how much insight there is to give. I just had to keep doing it over and over until I got somewhat consistent with it.

Same goes for all the SSF2X clips, the game requires super precise inputs but I didn't have to do anything other than sit down and waste some of the finite time I have being alive repeatedly doing the same thing over and over again until it started to work.

So, in conclusion, yes... this was a massive waste of time. I do genuinely enjoy feeling progress when learning new stuff though so I can't say I didn't also have fun.

Oh yeah, I failed to mention anywhere but I'm not Left handed. Every now and again I've tried to do a 'This thing but one handed!' videos on here but since I'm right handed I always do it with my right hand. Part of the reason I thought this whole thing would be a fun challenge is because initially I had hurt my right hand and knew I'd be forced to learn everything with my stupid hand.

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