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10 best tips for playing Tekken 7


#707 Tekken Tag Tournament (ARC) Hidden Characters (3/12): Devil and Angel playthrough.

A playthrough of the hidden characters Devil and Angel in the arcade version of Namco's Tekken Tag Tournament 1.

Like something out of a buddy cop movie, Devil and Angel team up to take down Unknown. You'll also notice that they transform into one another, which is much cooler than it has any right to be. The reason for this is that both Devil and Kazuya have a special flag which gives them a unique transformation, with one transforming from one into the other. As both Devil characters have the same flag, this means that it triggers the transformation flag in the coding, which works pretty well here it must be said. If you're wondering, yes, this exact same thing happens in the Kazuya video, although it's a bit more on the surreal side there.

Devil returns for probably the final time (until there's a proper model for Devil Kazuya in Tekken 7, anyhow), and it's a good send-off all in all, with him getting a nicely-detailed model and retaining the Tekken 2 Kazuya moveset. The most notable aspect of this is that Devil has Kazuya's original uf+4,4 combo, whereas Kazuya in this game gains Jin's uf+4,4,4,4 combo. I far prefer the latter, as you might expect, but on the upside Devil still retains his laser beam attacks from Tekken 2. His flying laser beam attack has been changed in a particularly useful way; by pressing 3+4 again once you're up in the air, Devil will move to the other side of the screen first before firing his laser. This is particularly useful as, back in Tekken 2, using his flying laser attack nearly always saw you get countered as a result of its slow start-up, and as a result this provides a bit more of a mix-up to Devil's moveset, just making him that bit more viable as a character. There's another incredibly useful aspect to this attack however. As Jim-Jam Jamilio mentioned in a comment to me, spamming Devil's laser attacks is surprisingly formidable in this game. If you time it right, by launching into the flying laser attack before the opponent gets up off of the ground again, you can get them into a loop where they're not quite sure what to do, and so continuously run into or get hit by the laser beam again and again until they're dead. Even Unknown herself is suseptible to this, as I show in the video, which is quite something as she has the cheapest AI of the whole game. There's always something that gets past a computer though. Well, until Skynet finally comes along anyway.

Funnily enough this is the final time we will see Devil, but the second final time we'll see Angel. Angel is Devil's special costume, selected with the start button after he's unlocked, and is yet another bit of attention to detail in this game, as I'm sure programming a whole, special character-costume for a relatively niche character must have been pretty hard work, especially considering the tight schedule Harada and co. were on for this game. It's a really appreciated addition, particularly as Angel is one of the most unappreciated characters in the franchise, and another chance to play as her is pretty great. She still looks like a typical depiction of Athena more than an Angel (and that won't change for her final appearance, either) but it's a great effort nonetheless. Devil is a hell of a lot of fun in this game, as you'd hope from one of the better bosses in existence.

10 Games Where YOU ARE THE BOSS

Many great video games make you feel awesome, but the special ones make you feel like a game's final boss. Here are some overpowered examples.
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Ultimate Beginner Guide ~ Tekken 7

A complete look at all the mechanics (hopefully) in Tekken with each section broken down step by step for new players.
00:00 buttons & notation
00:56 basic movement
01:21 defence
02:36 attack properties
03:58 rage
04:34 generic stances
07:03 grounded
09:00 unique stances
09:58 throws
12:52 movement
14:23 frame data
16:02 punishment
17:14 crush system
18:18 combos
19:46 wall system

Find frame data tables here;
Start up frames are how long it takes to activate, i.e when I say 10f move in the video, that's the start up frame. Check out the block frames to see how negative (or plus?!) a move is. KND is shorthand for knock down. Some moves may appear to be really quick but they could be part of a string, as it lists the frame data of the LAST move in the string.
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Training One-Handed Every day For 10 Weeks [SSF2X, TEKKEN 7, DBFZ, SFIV, SFV, 3s]

Avid description readers may remember me mentioning, after I hurt my right hand a few months ago, that it would be both fun and a massive waste of time to try to get good using just my left hand. Well, this video is that bit happening in real life, being shown to you via this screen that you're looking at now.

When I first embarked upon this magical journey, I thought a good place to start would be to work my way through all of the Vol.3 trials in Street Fighter V. Just as a nice little warm up, which it was. However SFV never requires super precise inputs so after that we had to move onto another game.

That game was Street Fighter IV and no sooner had I loaded up training mode that I realized how long the journey ahead of me would be. Of all the games in the Street Fighter series it is arguably the one that requires the highest level of execution, and I knew that eventually I wanted to learn some of it's more difficult combos.

Things like Honda's Hundred Hand Slap combos, Viper's cancels combos and (what I thought of in the first few weeks as the Holy Grail) Fuerte's Run, Stop, Fierce, were all top of the list. At first I just wanted to figure out a way to do 2 or 3 reps of the Fuerte combo but towards the end, set my sights on being able to do 10. Something stupidly difficult that I thought could end the video.

You may notice how differently my hand is positioned between the day 1 attempts and the rest of the RSF clips in the video. I ended up having to completely change the way I held the stick in order to do the fireball motion but also quickly hit jab and fierce with my thumb and 1st finger respectively. It's definitely the thing that I felt the most progress with over the course of making the video and the most difficult thing I was able to learn.

Other random notes from the SFIV section! Learning to dash into Raging demon with akuma was hella satisfying. Also, that clip with the repeated EX.Hundred hand slaps requires Honda to be crouching and meant that I had to push the stick down with my little finger and do the rest of the button inputs with my 3 remaining fingers. I'm not sure if it comes across in the video how awkwardly I had to stretch my fingers across the stick but it was so painful that, after only a few minutes that I'd have to stop playing altogether for 10-20 minutes before resuming.

The EWGF from Tekken 7 was a big time sink but I'm not sure how much insight there is to give. I just had to keep doing it over and over until I got somewhat consistent with it.

Same goes for all the SSF2X clips, the game requires super precise inputs but I didn't have to do anything other than sit down and waste some of the finite time I have being alive repeatedly doing the same thing over and over again until it started to work.

So, in conclusion, yes... this was a massive waste of time. I do genuinely enjoy feeling progress when learning new stuff though so I can't say I didn't also have fun.

Oh yeah, I failed to mention anywhere but I'm not Left handed. Every now and again I've tried to do a 'This thing but one handed!' videos on here but since I'm right handed I always do it with my right hand. Part of the reason I thought this whole thing would be a fun challenge is because initially I had hurt my right hand and knew I'd be forced to learn everything with my stupid hand.

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How to install Tekken 7 on low end PC|Unlock All Tekken 7 Characters|

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Cover Topics In This Video
#1 How to Run TEKKEN 7 Ultimate Edition Low-End Pc With No Lagging 100% Working
#2 Tekken 7, FPS boost for low end PCs (Intel Celeron/IntelHD)
#3 Tekken 7 for low pc
#4 Can I run Tekken 7 with 4GB RAM?
#5 All Characters in Tekken 7 (no dlc)
#6 How to Install Mods #TEKKEN7 - Simple Text Tutorial
#7 Tekken 7 Character Mod
#8 TEKKEN 7 - 100% Content Unlock Trick
#10 TEKKEN 7 Season Pass 3 All New Characters
#11 TEKKEN 7 - All RAGE ARTS! - Intros & Win Poses!
#12 Tekken 7 - All Characters (DLC Included) In 4K
#13 Tekken 7 Character Overviews
#14 Tekken 1 to 7 All Character Select Screen (1994 - 2017)
#15 CEO 2017 Tekken 7 Royal Rumble FINAL!!
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Devil Jin Full Character Guide | TEKKEN 7 Season 3

Intro 0:00
Punishment 1:02
Key Moves 7:56
Gameplan 19:16
Combos 21:44
TheMainManSWE's Wavedash guide:
TheMainManSWE's EWGF guide:
TheMainManSWE's Devil Jin advanced combos guide:
Avoiding the Puddle's instant while standing tutorial and applications:
Avoiding the Puddle's dash into crouch dash tutorial



Heat Haze Shadow 1st ~Tekken 7 OST
Devil's Pit - Round 1 (Volcano 1st) ~Tekken 7 OST
Abyss of Time ~Tekken Tournament Tag 2 OST
I'm Here Now 7's Remix ~Tekken 7 OST

Video was made as of Tekken 7 ver. 3.21

Paul Combo Tutorial and Strategy Guide | Tekken 7 (Paul Phoenix)

Paul combo tutorial and strategy guide for Tekken 7. Let's check out some Paul combos and basic strategies with the character in the game of Tekken 7. This is not everything Paul can do, but it is a basic strategy guide that goes over mind set and combos in order to begin using the character successfully.

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MK11 Beginner's Guide:





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TEKKEN 7 LAG FIX Reduce INPUT LAG And Better Performance *Works On ANY GAME*

tekken 7 how to get less input lag and increase performance.

[Tekken 7] How to Bowl a Perfect Game (300) with every character (Heihachi Pins)

Season 2 Character Perfect Games (on Heihachi Pins):

I love Tekken, but I love bowling more. So when I picked up Tekken 7 just recently, what's the first thing that I did? Play Tekken Bowl. And maybe try to do a high score of 300 for every player.

I basically used the same stance, target, spin and power for every shot, so I'm only showing the very last shot in the game right before each character scored a perfect game. There are no oil pattern effects here, so you can spam the same factors over and over again without worrying about mid-game oil pattern adjustment.

Use below to skip to a character:
00:31 Heihachi
00:59 Miguel
01:28 Paul
02:00 Bryan
02:29 Kuma
03:02 Panda
03:34 Gigas
04:06 Jack-7
04:30 Bob
05:00 Akuma
05:26 Geese
05:53 King
06:16 Kazuya
06:47 Feng
07:14 Lee
07:48 Nina
08:24 Law
09:01 Master Raven
09:32 Noctis
10:00 Eddy
10:28 Yoshimitsu
11:01 Hwoarang
11:27 Shaheen
11:52 Claudio
12:18 Lars
12:45 Steve
13:07 Jin
13:34 Devil Jin
14:00 Alisa
14:26 Dragunov
15:03 Katarina
15:27 Eliza
15:58 Kasumi
16:23 Leo
16:45 Asuka
17:13 Lili
17:41 Josie
18:12 Lucky Chloe
18:39 Xiaoyu

Low Spec TEKKEN 7 Settings in 2019

Setups and settings for TEKKEN 7 on low-end PC. In this video I'll show you how to get better perfomance from you low spec PC, with and without money.

There are quite few things that you can speed up and improve, however getting new gear would be the best solution.

I'd be happy to answer all your questions in the comments.

RagnoTech Low Spec:

Music by Nicholas Taylor:

Tekken 7 all characters rage arts (with hit buttons)

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------------THESE VIDEO IS RECORDED FROM PS4-----------

Master Raven - 00:10
Miguel - 00:25
Nina - 00:41
Bob - 00:55
Yoshimitsu - 01:09
Bryan fury - 01:19
Dragunov - 01:29
King - 01:45
Hwoarang - 01:56
Steve - 02:07
Law - 02:20
Paul - 02:31
Shaheen - 02:41
Josie - 02:52
Akuma - 03:04
Katarina - 03:16
Kazuya - 03:26
Jin - 03:35
Heihachi - 03:45
Devil jin - 03:55
Kazumi - 04:08
Claudio - 04:17
Lucky chloe - 04:28
Gigas - 04:39
Lili - 04:49
Asuka - 05:01
Lars - 05:11
Alisa - 05:22
Xiaoyu - 05:34
Leo - 05:44
Jack7 - 05:55
Feng - 06:06
Lee - 06:16
Eddy - 06:29
Kuma - 06:43
Panda - 06:55



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Tekken 7 Android Gameplay 2020 | Play Tekken 7 on Android Phone

Now you can play Tekken 7 on Android. Watch this Tekken 7 Android Gameplay video and play Tekken 7 on your Android phone. It doesn't require you to download games. You don't need to purchase the games or controller.

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JDCR Beginner Guide to Tekken : Combo System

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Yoshimitsu Beginner's Guide - Tekken 7 - All You Need To Know!

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Yoshimitsu is one of the most unique characters in fighting game history. Completely unpredictable and deceivingly fast, but very complex in nature with one of the largest move-lists in Tekken 7. This tutorial will cover Yoshimitsu's best pokes, his best launchers and bounds, as well as some basic combos that deal a surprising amount of damage. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, you'll learn all you need to know about this mix-up master!

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TEKKEN 7 Ending

Tekken 7 Ending


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Doom Eternal: 10 Things The Game DOESN'T TELL YOU

Doom Eternal (PC, PS4, Xbox One), is full of nuances and things to learn, despite it's brute-force appearance. Here are some things to get caught up on before playing.
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TEKKEN 7 Story Mode - Kazuya vs Akuma Full Fight (1080p 60fps) PS4 Pro

Tekken 7 Story Mode Mishima Saga EPIC battle between Kazuya vs Akuma full fight gameplay in g-corp Helipad, and cinematic cutscenes. Full HD 60fps.

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Kunimitsu Starter Guide // Tekken 7 Season 4


Kunimitsu combo spreadsheet from the kunimitsu discord:



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