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10 best tips for playing Tekken 7


Top 7 Mistakes Made By Beginners in Tekken 7!

Here's a list of common beginner mistakes I see in Tekken 7, and some tips on how to avoid making them yourself!


Learning Tekken 7? Check out these videos!

1. Beginner Guide:
2. Picking/Learning Your Character:
3. Throws - Buffering/Breaking:
4. Getting Off The Floor:
5. Parry, Low Parry And Reversing Parry:
6. Using Practice Mode Effectively:
7. How To Fight MASHERS:
8. 'Flip Over' Mechanic:
9. Button Configuration:
10. Wall Splat/Combo And Floor Break:
11: Using Rage Art/Drive Effectively:
12. Stage Mentality:
13.Crouch Cancelling:
14. How To Get Better At TEKKEN 7:

15. KI Charge:
16. Low Parry Or Block Lows:
17. 10 Hit Combos:
18. Tech Rollable (Ukemi) Throws:
19. Explaining Clean Hit:
20. Maths/Frames Explained:
21. Wavedash/Backdash:
22. Invincible Moves (Akuma/Eliza):

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LUYG - 10 Tips to Get Started with TEKKEN 7

In this quick video, Rip shows you 10 things that will help you get started in Tekken 7. If this video was helpful, give a like or comment! CLICK HERE FOR THE LINKS!

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Tekken 7 - Secret Tricks that Pros Use (and You Probably Don't)

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Secret Tackles!

King Throw Chart (How to Break them)!

Tekken 7 - Secret Moves

Top 5 Plays for Street Fighter V
See Leo's secret moves in combos in my slick combo video:
Stylish Lee Chaolan combos in my video:
Geese Howard in Tekken 7?! Watch the trailer!
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Most of these are in previous games. Was only able to find 1 that was new to Tekken 7. Oh and I didn't include the electric god fists this time since there are tutorials and stuff out there for them.

Top Ten Moves in TEKKEN 7!

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Tekken 7 Tips for Beginners -There's a Wrong Way to Start Learning Tekken

Knowing the combos and okazumi might seem like the obvious first step, but Aris thinks otherwise.

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Tekken 7 Stick, Pad, Keyboard, What Do They Do Well?


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Tekken 7 Beginner's Guide with UYU | YUYU


Pro Tekken player UYU | YUYU teaches how to play Tekken 7. Good for beginners and those who want to understand the game to better enjoy spectating.

0:00 - Introduction
0:22 - Buttons
0:52 - High Mid Low
3:05 - Movelist
4:21 - Movement
6:25 - Combos
7:30 - Power Crush
8:15 - Rage
9:32 - Punishing
10:25 - Example Match
16:15 - Conclusion

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Tekken 7 Quick Tips #2: "Dealing with Spamming"

Tekken Quick Tips: Series of short tutorials on general tips that are good to learn when it comes to Tekken.

This episode: covers: Defense against Spamming
-What is Spamming
-Why spamming can be effective
-How to approach learning how to defend against a move
-Examples: How to Punish several common moves spammed by bad Law players
-General Defensive Mindset

-Tutorial: It Doesn't Matter Instrumental Ver. - Crush 40, Sonic Adventure OST.
-Ending: Carry on my way - SPEED

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Tekken 7 Tips For Beginners - Getting Off The Ground

Aris covers some of the many options you have once you hit the deck. Finer details are omitted, but this should be enough to get you started!

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Tekken 7 Essentials - King

00:15 Overview / 02:09 Top Moves / 18:31 Combos / 22:18 Punishment
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Video containing all of King's best moves with break-downs on what makes them so good

Big thanks to rbnorway for the frame data information and drunkardshade for putting together a small list of King's best moves for me to get started with!


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Tekken 7 Tips For New Xiaoyu Players - Fewer Moves, More Art Of Phoenix

Aris gives a new Ling Player a few tips to get started! I think it's pretty cool that people are still picking up the game this late into its lifespan.

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Quick Start Guide for Picking up Tekken 7 - Beginner Tips and Tricks

In this video I go over a bunch of different things that helped me transition into playing Tekken 7 after playing a bunch of traditional 2D Fighters. Hopefully these things help out new players who are just getting into Tekken or are thinking about picking it up!

If you have more questions about this Tekken or character specific stuff let me know!

Tekken Zaibatsu -
Frame Data For Tekken 7 -
Top 15 Moves For Each Character -

How to Make Tekken a Lot Easier | Proper Defense Tutorial [TEKKEN 7]

Defense tutorial for new players, and anyone who wants to know the most effective method to defend yourself.

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Tekken 7 Tips for Beginners: Exploring Your Strings/Combos, Using Backdash

Aris shows how to get started in practice mode, by teaching you how to verify your strings to find natural combos. He also touches upon some of the basic movement and relates it to 2d games.

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Tekken 7 Anna - Beginner Guide (Top Moves)

A Tekken 7 Anna beginner guide for Season 2- with some of her basic moves and key moves explained.

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