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10 best tips for playing The Disney Afternoon Collection


Do the Games in The Disney Afternoon Collection Hold Up? [SSFF]

The couch is back, it's the HVGN again!! Digital Eclipse's set of Disney/Capcom games has Derek in the hot seat looking back at the Happy Video Game Nerd reviews of the past. Do these games hold up?

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Special thanks to Alex Cater for helping with the edit

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The Disney Afternoon Collection - REVIEW (PS4)

Is this collection of Disney games a wave of nostalgic fun? Or are the good old days just stale? Find out in our review of The Disney Afternoon Collection!

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The Disney Afternoon Collection is a 90s Kid's Dream Come True - Up At Noon Live!

Capcom's bringing back all the racecars, lasers, and aeroplanes in your favorite Disney Afternoon NES games.

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Review:

Watch our Breath of the Wild Tips & Tricks!

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Hey everyone for this review I take on the Disney Afternoon Collection for the Playstation 4 its also out on PC and Xbox One. This is a solid collection especially considering how much some of these games go for now but its not percect.

My reviews are 100% unbiased and I will never do one unless I am confident enough to do so. I use a scale of 1 - 10 with 5 being a average game. Many professional reviewers use 7 as a average game which I find is more of a trick to convince you the consumer that a game is better then it really is.

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Disney Afternoon Collection Review

Capcom and Disney worked out a deal to package 6 classic games from the Nintendo Entertainment System and bring them over to PS4, xbox1, and PC. Each of the games are 2D platformers where you make your way through different environments taking out enemies and avoiding obstacles. Games like Ducktales and Darkwing Duck are non linear and you can choose which level you want to visit. Rescue Rangers let's you team up with a buddy for some couch co-op. And Talespin puts you in a plane that you can upgrade. The controls for each game are a bit different but still pretty simple for anyone to pick up an enjoy. Ducktales let's you pogo around by holding shoot and pressing down, RescueRangers let's you pick up and throw blocks, and you can even carry each other. Darkwing Duck has different items you can select. And Talespin is just odd. You can reconfigure the controls if you'd like, and there's even a rewind feature in case you screw up. The Disney Afternoon Collection includes time attack and boss rush modes, complete with split times and everything. You can even watch other playthroughs or race along with them, for each of the games. These are must have features in any retro re-release and they've been executed beautifully. There's also your usual remastering features like screen filters, border, concept and commercial art. My only real gripe is that the achievements list could have been more rewarding, and Rescue Rangers is local multiplayer only. The games themselves range from good to excellent, with Ducktales and Rescue Rangers standing out. Be sure to check out my retro reviews for more details on the individual titles.. Overall, The Disney Afternoon collection is an excellent example of how retro remasters should be packaged. In case you haven't realized, these game aren't just for children. In fact I bet kids today would struggle to beat these games if they didn't have a rewind feature. You think your kids are better at games than you were back in the day? Start a dialogue in the comments section. And share this video with the retrogamers.
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The Disney Afternoon Collection - TaleSpin Retrospective

Join us as we look back at Baloo's origins, appearances and what makes the game 1991 game TaleSpin truly special!

TaleSpin is just one of the six games featured in The Disney Afternoon Collection, available now for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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Top 5 Platformer Games

Check out our list of the to 5 Platformer games that you need to try out!

Disney Afternoon Collection Tips and Tricks:

Yooka Laylee recently came out and brought back the iconic 90s platforming gameplay. There is something truly enjoyable about jumping from platforming platforms and collecting collectables in unique and vibrant environments. After playing through Yooka-Laylee you may want to keep going on a platforming binge. Here are the Top 5 platforming games that will keep your nostalgia train going.

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Picking Up Retro Disney Games Tips

In this episode, Roger and James talk about classic Disney retro video games and what tips they have for gamers wanting to pick them up.

For all the latest Disney, Marvel & Star Wars Video Game news, check us out on the links below:




My ratings:
Music: 3/5 (Average) – 8 Bit nostalgia.
Story: 3/5 (Average) – Classic Disney.
Visual: 4/5 (Above Average) – For the time when these were released, these were some decent graphics.
Controls: 3/5 (Average) – Could be better.
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Outro Music: “Zelda Ending”

Disney Emoji Blitz - Opening All 3 Rounds in Enchanted Skies Minigame

Here's a look at all 3 Rounds (Morning, Afternoon & Night) opened in the Enchanted Skies Minigame inside Disney Emoji Blitz. Available from the V38.1.0 update available now.

In order to play the Enchanted Skies Minigame, you must collect 200 items to activate the game. You'll also need to spend gems in order to continue to open all 3 Chests, but you're not required to do so.

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Secrets Nintendo Doesn't Want You To Know

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Nintendo has created some of the most beloved characters in video game history. However the company itself has been around way longer than Mario. Any company that was founded back in the 1800s is bound to have lot of skeletons in their closet. Here's a look at some secrets Nintendo probably doesn't want you to know...

Shady Start | 0:17
Fumbling towards success | 1:25
Accidental hit | 1:57
The Virtual Boy was doomed | 2:45
Nintendo created their archenemy | 3:34
Nintendo knew Wii straps would break | 4:28
The Nintendo Hotline boondoggle | 5:06

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Things You Didn't Know Your Nintendo Switch Could Do

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The Messed Up Part Of Punch Out That No One Ever Talks About

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Video games are more than just a hobby — they're a way of life. SVG dives into the ever-expanding gaming industry to give you the stories behind your favorite franchises. Can't figure out why we never got that missing sequel? Want to know the best PlayStation 4 games you've never heard of? And what's up with Super Mario's mustache, anyway? SVG has you covered.

Nintendo Switch Framerate FIX + Xbox One Accessory Recall + Working Hoverboard BANNED - The Know

There may be a temporary fix for Nintendo Switch frame drops, with a permanent solution coming soon. A popular third party charging accessory for Xbox One is under recall. A working hoverboard has been banned in France over safety concerns. Plus, Blizzard's going after a cheat maker for millions, Starbreeze is publishing System Shock 3 and bringing it to consoles, Disney Afternoon Collection is announced, an unreleased Dreamcast has been found and made playable, Beauty and the Beast is expected to do well, The Matrix is getting a reboot no one asked for, and a Vibrator manufacturer owes millions after invading customers' privacy.

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Disney Emoji Blitz Unboxing Prizes - Disney Classics Item Card Event (11/2020)

Opening boxes / prizes from the Disney Classics Item Event (11/19 - 11/23/20). There are 4 Cards to complete. Please note that the prizes may vary for each player and their emoji collection.


CARD 1 - Sleeping Beauty:
Lucky Emojis: Fauna, Flora
Card Prize: 12000 Tokens

CARD 2 - Sword in the Stone:
Lucky Emojis: Arthur, Archimedes
Card Prize: Gold Chest

CARD 3 - Robin Hood:
Lucky Emojis: Little John, Robin Hood
Card Prize: 20000 Tokens

CARD 4 - Alice in Wonderland:
Lucky Emojis: Alice, Cheshire Cat
Card Prize: One of Alice (15%), Cheshire Cat (10%), Fauna (15%), Flora (10%), Arthur (15%), Archimedes (10%), Little John (15%), or Robin Hood (10%)

The Disney Afternoon Collection, Rescue Rangers 2 Gameplay

The Disney Afternoon Collection, Rescue Rangers 2 Gameplay

Ducktales + Ducktales 2 Review [NES]

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I'm finally doing what I wanted to do with this channel. I'm reviewing games in my back catelog. I have over 700 physical titles in my collection and a lot of those I haven't played yet! So in an effort to play more games this year, I'm playing games and telling you my thoughts!

The first review is actually 3 games - Ducktales, Ducktales 2, and Ducktales Remastered. All similar games. I suppose I could have made 3 separate videos, but I want to keep things interesting.

I would love to hear your feedback on this video? What more could I be doing to make these better? Thanks for watching!

New Update Pimp My House Patch | Drug Dealer Simulator | Tips & Tricks

Here are the full patch notes:

- Changed mouse input sensitivity range and settings. (Your saved sensitivity will be reset to default and will need you to set it to your preference using the new range
- Changed max capacity for all workstation containers, mixers, fluid mixers and dryers to more realistic. This also enabled the player to pack larger amounts at once

- Additional hideout products added for the downtown shop (Standing and hanging plants, standing and hanging lamps)

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed weed seed, pitcoin and other item pocket free buyout exploit
- Fixed a bug, where the virus upload progress was being added even when the action key was released
- Fixed a but where assigned quick slot items disappeared after reloading the game
- Fixed a bug where at some specific situations the player could end up being stuck in work station UI
- Fixed a bug, where you could put paintings in front of light switches and block them from interaction
- Fixed a bug where sometimes LSD effects would disappear after reloading a save
- Fixed a bug where picking up a water bottle in the furniture mode would add it as a blank white square to the apartment inventory
- Fixed a bug where interior doors were being locked during a raid, making the player unable to reach some parts of the hideout
- Fixed a bug where in specific situations the furniture shop task could not be completed (fix is not retroactive)

- Made additional optimization work with multiple level textures, to improve performance and decrease memory usage

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PlayStation Now — Disney Games Trailer

17 Disney games, including Disney's Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two and Tron: Evolution join the PlayStation Now catalog.

Watch more trailers here!

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How to Make a Good Remake - 16 Bit Review

In a recent trend which I've seen with video game is remaking classic titles. But the quality of these remakes varies so much, but is there a way to know how to make a good one. Well stroll with me through my game collection to see what to do, and not to do when making a video game remake.


16 Bit Viewer Special Voting

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Chip 'N Dale: Rescue Rangers Any% Speedrun in 9:59.534

This is my first sub 10 speedrun of Chip 'N Dale: Rescue Rangers on the NES! This is the one player any% category which is slower than 2 player but still pretty fast. Rescue Rangers is a classic Capcom Disney platformer with very responsive controls and nuance.

Watch live at

Top 10 Tips & Tricks ✿ Love Nikki-Dress Up Queen

Love Nikki Dress Up Queen is a beast when it comes to crafting certain things and some events-- let me show you 10 tips and tricks that will help you stay ahead of the curve! Don't make the same mistakes I did! T^T

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Journey through Miraland with Nikki and her friends as you play through a dynamic and charming story. Fashions of the world's past, present, and future are all at the tips of your fingers as you battle for fashion dominance!
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♡ ✧Like & Comment✧ it helps others discover my channel



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