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10 best tips for playing The Disney Afternoon Collection


10 Things You Didn't Know Your PS1 Could Do (Sony PlayStation 1)

PS1 - EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR OLD SONY PLAYSTATION 1. 10 Things You Had No Idea Your SONY PS1 / Playstation One Could Do. 10 Sony PS1 Secrets and Facts. Playstation Things You Didn't Know.

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THE HISTORY OF THE PS1. The PS1 may lack in features when compared to modern consoles, but there are many hidden things you never knew the classic Sony device could do.

This is TheGamer's list of 10 Things You Didn't Know Your PS1 Could Do.

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The release of the PS1 completely changed home gaming consoles, incited the console wars and made Sony a major player in the video game industry. Even though the PS1 seems really outdated compared to today’s standards, the console was capable of doing a lot more than gamers at the time realized. Look back on the console and learn all the surprising things the PS1 could do!

When the PS1 slim was introduced, the console improved on more than just it’s size. A connection allowed people to use their cell phones and even browse the internet. Long before games like Skylanders and LEGO Dimensions, the PS1 had a game where players would build models and see them come to life in video game form. Long before the PSP or Vita was the Pockstation, a PS1 portable device with small games and personal organizer tools. A special Transformer PS1 could transform from a gaming console into Optimus Prime. A special release of the PS1 allowed players to turn into their own video game developers and create all types of different titles. Instead of purchasing a memory card, games could be expanded onto a cheaper form of media known as the floppy disc. Playing multiplayer games was made a lot easier with the special PS1 link cable. Nintendo and Sony may have had a falling out, but a third-party company made it possible to play Game Boy games right on the PS1. The PS2 introduced the ability to play DVDs, but there was a special PS1 model made specifically for streaming movies on a different type of media format. Watch to see all the things you didn’t know your PS1 could do!


Script by: Alan Donahue

Voice Over by: Michael Neeb

Edited by: Kyle West

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Hey everyone for this review I take on the Disney Afternoon Collection for the Playstation 4 its also out on PC and Xbox One. This is a solid collection especially considering how much some of these games go for now but its not percect.

My reviews are 100% unbiased and I will never do one unless I am confident enough to do so. I use a scale of 1 - 10 with 5 being a average game. Many professional reviewers use 7 as a average game which I find is more of a trick to convince you the consumer that a game is better then it really is.

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The Disney Afternoon Collection - REVIEW (PS4)

Is this collection of Disney games a wave of nostalgic fun? Or are the good old days just stale? Find out in our review of The Disney Afternoon Collection!

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Do the Games in The Disney Afternoon Collection Hold Up? [SSFF]

The couch is back, it's the HVGN again!! Digital Eclipse's set of Disney/Capcom games has Derek in the hot seat looking back at the Happy Video Game Nerd reviews of the past. Do these games hold up?

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The Disney Afternoon Collection is a 90s Kid's Dream Come True - Up At Noon Live!

Capcom's bringing back all the racecars, lasers, and aeroplanes in your favorite Disney Afternoon NES games.

Watch the full episode here!

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Review:

Watch our Breath of the Wild Tips & Tricks!

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Disney Afternoon Collection Review

Capcom and Disney worked out a deal to package 6 classic games from the Nintendo Entertainment System and bring them over to PS4, xbox1, and PC. Each of the games are 2D platformers where you make your way through different environments taking out enemies and avoiding obstacles. Games like Ducktales and Darkwing Duck are non linear and you can choose which level you want to visit. Rescue Rangers let's you team up with a buddy for some couch co-op. And Talespin puts you in a plane that you can upgrade. The controls for each game are a bit different but still pretty simple for anyone to pick up an enjoy. Ducktales let's you pogo around by holding shoot and pressing down, RescueRangers let's you pick up and throw blocks, and you can even carry each other. Darkwing Duck has different items you can select. And Talespin is just odd. You can reconfigure the controls if you'd like, and there's even a rewind feature in case you screw up. The Disney Afternoon Collection includes time attack and boss rush modes, complete with split times and everything. You can even watch other playthroughs or race along with them, for each of the games. These are must have features in any retro re-release and they've been executed beautifully. There's also your usual remastering features like screen filters, border, concept and commercial art. My only real gripe is that the achievements list could have been more rewarding, and Rescue Rangers is local multiplayer only. The games themselves range from good to excellent, with Ducktales and Rescue Rangers standing out. Be sure to check out my retro reviews for more details on the individual titles.. Overall, The Disney Afternoon collection is an excellent example of how retro remasters should be packaged. In case you haven't realized, these game aren't just for children. In fact I bet kids today would struggle to beat these games if they didn't have a rewind feature. You think your kids are better at games than you were back in the day? Start a dialogue in the comments section. And share this video with the retrogamers.
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The Disney Afternoon Collection, Rescue Rangers 2 Gameplay

The Disney Afternoon Collection, Rescue Rangers 2 Gameplay

The Disney Afternoon Collection-Ducktales Any 100% speedrun personal best in 11:20.10

My personal best ducktales any 100% speedrun on the disney afternoon collection for the ps4 in 11:20.10,It is not however the best since i believe i could do allot better.

Το πρωσοπικο μου καλυτερο ρεκορ στο ducktales 100% στο the disney afternoon collection για το ps4 σε 11:20.10,δεν ειναι βεβαια το καλυτερο μιας που πιστευω μπορουσα και καλυτερα.

Here i am for you as well to join folks:

【The Disney Afternoon Collection】TaleSpin Boss Rush

The Disney Afternoon Collection - Chip 'n Dale Retrospective

No case too big. No case too small. It's time for a look at the origins and history of everyone's favorite chipmunk detective duo: Chip 'n Dale!

Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers and Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers 2 are part of a collection of six games featured in The Disney Afternoon Collection, available now for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers 2 - The Disney Afternoon Collection - Mike & Ryan

Get Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers on DVD
Mike and Ryan play Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers 2 from The Disney Afternoon Collection.
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Retro Bytes:Disney Afternoon Collection PS4/XboxOne/PC

A new section for my channel & site is the imaginatively titled Retro Bytes that will cover older games from 8/16/32/PC and more era. But unlike my long-running RetroPerspective videos that will continue, these will be shorter, less in-depth and more focused on specific areas.

A good way to start is with a brand new old title in Capcom's re-release collection in the Disney Afternoon collection.

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The Disney Afternoon Collection Gameplay

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Disney Afternoon Collection - Darkwing Duck

Ducktales Boss Rush Challenge In The Disney Afternoon Collection

Starring a cast of beloved Disney characters, The Disney Afternoon Collection takes you back to a golden era of gaming and afternoons filled with adventure. All six classic games feature new and improved visuals and include filtering options that replicate a retro look and feel.

I noticed this game came out yesterday, and it just appeared to be a small collection of Disney games from the NES. The 6 games included are all good games, so I figured why not check it out.

Once I opened Ducktales in the game I was surprised to see the Boss Rush feature. I didn't really read the game description at first. This puts a new spin on things.

I'll admit it. I'm super rusty with all of these games. The original Ducktales game is definitely my favorite of the 6 games included. It took me a minute to get the cane-pogo down, but I did better than I expected.

So why not turn it into a challenge. It took me under 4 minutes to beat the Ducktales Boss Rush mode with no practice. If you pick up the game, let us know your total time in the comments below.

About This Game

Starring a cast of beloved Disney characters, The Disney Afternoon Collection takes you back to a golden era of gaming and afternoons filled with adventure. Hunt for treasure around the globe as Scrooge McDuck, fight crime as the hero Darkwing Duck, take to the skies as ace pilot Baloo the bear, and enjoy co-op as Chip and Dale to take down Fat Cat.

The collection includes the following six games:
1. Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers
2. Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers 2
3. DuckTales
4. DuckTales 2
5. Darkwing Duck
6. TaleSpin

All six classic games feature new and improved visuals and include filtering options that replicate a retro look and feel.

This collection also offers new ways to play with Boss Rush and Time Attack modes, each of which encourages time-based gameplay and features online leaderboards. Additionally, a new “Rewind” feature makes these challenging titles more accessible for newcomers, with the option to rewind time and enjoy a swift recovery from blunders. Best of all, the in-game Museum will provide history buffs with a wealth of extras to celebrate the era of the original releases, such as concept art, and music – all lovingly preserved.

Get The Disney Afternoon Collection On Steam Here:

Video By - Phil Williams

The Disney Afternoon Collection - Chip 'n Dale Retrospective

When they're around, the chips are never down! Let’s take a closer look at the Rescue Rangers!

The Disney Afternoon Collection classic multi Splitscreen co op

Splitscreen co op multi - classic Multiplayer 1-2players from NES and PS1 , today is multiplayer as Solo Online no good pc style on Consoles as PlayStation - Wher Is splitscreen vs Multi as from ps1 Duke Nukem Time To Kill, Crash CTR, Bash.ps2 Crash Nitro Kart Medal Of Honour , NFS UNDERGROUND 1 ,2,NFS Most Wanted 2005 , Carbon ,PRO STREET , Undercover, ps3 on ps3 begin end normal multiplayer splitscreen multi ! Last Good NFS with splitscreen Multi NFS Carbon and Pro Street , NFS Undercover ps3 END Multiplayer ON NFS and Medal Of Honor EA, today are normal games for 1-2players only for 1 and solo Online multi ... Actuall best From Racing and splitscreen + Online is Gran Turismo, From Shooter game Call Of Duty Are best games with splitscreen and Online 1player multi pc style i hate on PlayStation... End Splitscreen on PlayStation and i End with PlayStation and go to XBox , but im fan PlayStation from psx ps1 begin have toomuch original gameson discDVDbRay

The Disney Afternoon Collection

DuckTales (Disney Afternoon Collection)

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My ratings:
Music: 3/5 (Average) – 8 Bit nostalgia.
Story: 3/5 (Average) – Classic Disney.
Visual: 4/5 (Above Average) – For the time when these were released, these were some decent graphics.
Controls: 3/5 (Average) – Could be better.
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[PS4] Disney Afternoon Collection (Chip N Dale/Darkwing Duck) Playthrough



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