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10 best tips for playing The Elder Scrolls Legends


The Elder Scrolls: Legends - 10 Tips for the New Player

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The Elder Scrolls Legends - Everything You Need To Know

Everything you need to know about the upcoming Elder Scrolls card game.

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(TES: Legends) The Basics of Aggro, Midrange, and Control

In this video, I discuss the general strategies of Aggro, Midrange, and Control decks, what kind of cards they typically use, how they win, and some sample deck lists!
1:00 Aggro
4:22 Control
6:54 Midrange
9:09 Matchups and Summary

CVH's stream:

Five Common Mistakes in The Elder Scrolls: Legends

(TIME STAMPS BELOW) Talking about five types of mistakes I see fairly often and what can be done to fix them! Follow the stream at
2:00 Drawing last
5:40 Playing things before breaking runes
9:45 Not trading before breaking runes
12:20 Playing things in the wrong lane
18:40 Not identifying the aggressor

5 Tips for Building a Collection| New Player Series| Elder Scrolls Legends

This a quick video with 5 tips for building a collection in Tes Legends. This is geared toward helping new Players start out in The Elder Scrolls Legends card game. Hope you enjoy and the video and don't forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE!

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Runes and Prophecies: Elder Scrolls Legends Tips! (Sensei Romanesque - TESL)

The Elder Scrolls: Legends has so many advanced game mechanics to explore! Runes and Prophecies make every decision count, so Sensei Romanesque explains how to think about when to break Runes in every matchup. Check it out!

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The Elder Scrolls Legends - Tips to Succeed - IGN Plays Live

Pete Hines from Bethesda runs through his top five tips to succeed in the upcoming free to play collectible card game, The Elder Scrolls Legends

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Elder Scrolls Legends: VS Arena Tips and Guide

I would also like to add, I have had 2 7 win matches as monk and 2 0 win matches as monk so, take that as you will.

Elder Scrolls Legends: New Player Decks and Tips

Story Mode Playthrough :

Band of Survivors Tutorial:

Black Marsh Smugglers Tutorial:

Dunmer Avengers Tutorial:

Imperial Might Tutorial:

Warriors of Hammerfell Tutorial:

This video is intended both for brand new players and those with experience in other tcgs, such as Heathstone, Magic, etc. The main purpose is to illuminate the wealth of different deck options avaible to you and explain the 5 base options for decks you have at the very start. Of course, you have total freedom to use whatever color combination you desire, but if you are looking for a point of entry to jump in and get familiar with the game, or a good base deck to build your own ideas off of, these decks with do perfectly. I then follow this up with a quick tutorial battle talking about a few main points I think every player should know about before starting out in Ranked.

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Deckbuilding Tips: How to Build An Elder Scrolls Deck! (Sensei Romanesque - TESL)

Building your own deck is a serious challenge in just about any card game! You'll have to juggle creature counts and Magicka curves, plus make sure you're staying on-theme! Sensei Romanesque shares some tips that will make your next brew a success when you hit the ladder. Check it out!

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The Elder Scrolls Legends | Mid Covenant Grand Melee Edition

It's time for a more serious #TESLegends video, and there's no better moment than a Grand Melee to prove ourselves! This time, I went with a Mid Covenant build that takes the best of Midrange Warrior and Blue Midrange. The deck is capable of handling a wide variety of archetypes, but keep in mind that every match is unique, thus the need to adapt your gameplan with the current situation.

Deck code: SPAGaAuGgRigsZwQASnHbYsmhUakkAxcvKsHqhrkbdbKdEfvpDdYcAALoMoRrQpebDvDjHrCoerWkN

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0:00 Deck intro and explanation
3:10 Don't despair against invade
8:23 Burn and Pillage to the rescue
11:31 Goblins Everywhere

TES Legends Crafting Guide - Top 10 Epics

With the way the current metagame stands and how the cards are balanced, I give you my list of the top 10 must have Epics in Legends! Enjoy and follow the stream at

The Fastest Way to Get Cards in Elder Scrolls: Legends

Edit: Sorry guys, the first video was me with the original audio, ranting and screaming, so I swapped it to the correct one! I can be salty.

Especially if you are a brand new player looking to quickly expand your card collection, there is no faster way than to play in the solo arena. I collected the clips of my rewards in my last few arena runs to demonstrate just how great the rewards can be.

Unlike other arenas, you break about even if you can lock in about 3 to 4 wins, and once you go past that you really start to rake in the loot. Not only that, but you gain experience as you play, unlocking stronger cards in your inventory win or lose. Plus you get to play around and see a great deal of cards, giving you a nice preview of where to spend the soul gems you will be accumulating!

Don't be shy, get in the arena and start busting some skulls.

25 beginner tips and tricks to Elder scrolls legends!

Just some answers to questions i always hear.

How Good Is The Elder Scrolls: Legends?

Thoughts & gameplay of my initial experiences playing The Elder Scrolls: Legends.
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The Elder Scrolls Legends | Funny and lucky moments #10

Links to twitch clips :





7 Win Arena Run - Every Pick Explained - The Elder Scrolls: Legends

Some people suggested making some videos about The Elder Scrolls: Legends, so this is my first attempt at some content. I'm interested in creating more videos like this, so let me know if there is something you want to see.

Since the video is long, here are some shortcuts:

Video Start: 0:00
My boring talking: 0:06
The draft: 1:40
First game: 21:55
Final win: 34:38

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TES Legends Crafting Guide - Top 10 Legendaries

A follow-up to my crafting guide on Epics. Enjoy and check out the stream at!

Valdal14 Control Spellsword - The Elder Scrolls Legends Asia

On this week of Wednesday Showcase we are playing Valdal14 Control Spellsword deck on The Elder Scrolls Legends Asia Client. The deck preformed very solid in both these matches as I stated in the video I have also struggled with it but also comes with me not having much time trying to pilot this deck. I love this series as I have stated before because I think trying to pilot many different decks it really helps in becoming a better player.


Hopefully your adventures are always satisfying!

Elder Scrolls Legends On Mobile!! & More Tips On Aggro Decks!! [Elder Scrolls: Legends]

Hey everyone sorry for the short video, but I am planning on making them longer! However if you did enjoy this video be sure to like and subscribe to my channel but clicking those buttons!!

Deck List:
3 - Firebolt
3 - Rapid Shot
3 - sharpshooter Scout
3 - Afflicted Alit
3 - Graystone Ravager
3 - Lurking Crocodile
3 - Orc Clan Captain
3 - Shrieking Harpy
3 - Spider Worker
3 - Camlorn Hero
3 - Camlorn Sentinel
3 - Cast Out
3 - Crushing Blow
3 - Morkul Gatekeeper
2 - Stone Throw
3 - Lightning Bolt
3 - Fate Weaver




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