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10 best tips for playing The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind


12 Beginner Tips This Game NEVER EXPLAINS! - The Elder Scrolls Online Beginner Guide 2021

These tips never made it into the game's tutorial, but they probably should have!

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A lot of people are trying Elder Scrolls Online right now, and because of that a LOT of people are coming to my Twitch stream each and every day asking for advice as a new player. Rather than answering the same questions ten million times over, I figured I'd make the first part of a new series - 10 Tips for NEW Players in Elder Scrolls Online. Let me know if you all enjoy it!

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21 Rapid Fire Tips For Starting ESO In 2021!! ???? The UPDATED Elder Scrolls Online Beginner Guide!

Updated Tips For Getting Started In ESO For 2021!

Check out the Written Guide for EVEN MORE TIPS that I couldn't fit into the video!

More GREAT Beginner Guides for ESO!

-Best Beginner Class:
-12 Tips ESO NEVER Explains:
-Top 5 EASY Buids For ESO:
-13 Things ESO NEVER Tells You:
-10 BEST Starting Gear Sets:

Hey everybody and welcome back to the channel! My name is Hack and in this video you're checking out 21 great beginner tips for starting The Elder Scrolls Online in 2021. That's right, I have updated my ultimate guide from last year based on viewer feedback and am now ready to present the absolute best beginner tips to get you into the game as soon as possible, so you can know what you're doing and get off to a great start. If you're new to the channel you should consider subscribing as well because we regularly publish ESO builds and guides right here on YouTube - you can now find even more helpful tips at my ESO focused website - - that being said, let's jump right into the list!

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20 Rapid Fire Tips For Starting ESO!! - Elder Scrolls Online Beginner Guide!

20 MUST WATCH TIPS For Starting ESO.

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Elder Scrolls Online: 25 Tips for New Players

While The Elder Scrolls Online is a very well designed game for new players, there are a number of things I wish I knew sooner while I was leveling. From time-gated activities like mount upgrades and trait research to quality of life skills like Rapid Maneuver or regen food - these are 25 of my most valuable tips for new players in ESO.




Provisioning Recipes:

Tamriel Trader Centre:




ESO Guides - The Best Story Order [Elder Scrolls Online]

If you're totally new to The Elder Scrolls Online MMORPG then you may be wondering about the best order to do the story in. There have been two expansions (Morrowind and Summerset), and multiple DLCs since ESO released in 2014, so the order in which to complete the story can be a little confusing. Hopefully this ESO guide will be able to clear up any confusion and give you a good idea of how to tackle the extensive content currently available in game.

If you enjoyed this video then you may want to check out some of my other ESO videos:

20 Tips For new Players -
Why I'm Playing ESO -


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BEGINNER'S Guide to BUILDS in ESO (Elder Scrolls Online Tips for PC, Xbox One, and PS4)

Have you ever looked at yourself in ESO and thought WOW! What a disappointment I am at level 10! I should be a MASTER by now! Well, it's time to turn everything around and realize your destiny in Elder Scrolls Online! It's time to learn about builds in ESO!

Today you will learn about ESO Armor, Weapons, sets, Glyphs, Traits, Mundus Stones, and more! This isn't about teaching you the best build, it is simply teaching you ABOUT builds in general, to help learn how you can better yourself as you level up and figure out how you want to play!


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ESO Top 10 BEGINNER Tips to get Started in the Elder Scrolls Online

This video will give you my top 10 beginner tips for getting started in the Elder Scrolls Online, as well as teach you how to level alchemy (since it's one of the tips)!  If you want to learn more past these tips, feel free to check out my complete beginner guide:

Written Version:

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ESO - 2021 Complete Beginner's Guide!

In this video I tell you EVERYTHING you need to know to get you started in Elder Scrolls Online! Start your journey with confidence!

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Written Guides:

0:00 Start
0:35 Purchase ESO
3:00 ESO+ Is it worth it?
7:45 Crown Store
10:10 Character Creation
11:34 Factions
13:40 Classes
16:30 Questing / Zone Guide
18:35 Death and Consequences
21:20 Charging Weapons
22:10 User Interface
25:05 Craft Bag
25:55 Currency Tab
27:45 Character Stat Screen
28:40 Skill Screen
30:45 Race Guide
46:35 Addons
47:22 Minion
49:30 Roles (tanks / healer / dps(dd)
51:15 Attributes
53:15 Levels / Champion Points (scaling)
58:10 Named Buffs / Debuffs
59:20 Mundus
1:01:00 World Scaling
1:02:10 Respeccing skills, passives, attributes
1:04:35 Cleanse Vampire / Werewolf
1:05:10 Skyshards
1:06:15 NPC Guilds (fighters / mages / undaunted)
1:09:10 Player Guilds
1:10:00 Antiquities
1:12:15 Front Bar / Back Bar
1:14:15 Gear -5 pc/ 2pc / 1pc mythic
1:18:29 Mounts - training
1:20:35 Bank
1:22:15 Guild Traders (auction house)
1:23:29 Outfit Station
1:25:50 Fast Travel - Wayshrines
1:28:10 Dungeons (normal / veteran / hm) (dlc)
1:30:25 Gear Cap
1:31:32 Monster Helmet
1:32:11 Trials (Raids)
1:34:00 Find Trial Groups
1:35:17 Arenas
1:36:29 normal vs veteran (perfected gear)
1:38:10 PVP
1:38:15 Battlegrounds (pvp)
1:39:05 Cyrodiil (pvp)
1:41:17 Imperial City Sewers (pvp)
1:42:50 Telvar
1:43:50 Combat Basics
1:45:45 Synergies
1:47:08 Consumables (food / potions quickslots )
1:51:40 Transmute Station
1:51:55 Retraiting Gear
1:54:10 Reconstruct Gear
1:56:10 Transmutes
1:58:33 Crafting Stations
2:00:10 Refining Raw Materials
2:00:40 Improve Gear Quality
2:00:45 Research / Retrait
2:02:00 Crafting Passives
2:05:00 Leveling
2:07:45 Types of Content and the Builds
2:10:10 Parse - Improve your DPS
2:12:50 Light Attack Weaving
2:13:48 Animation cancelling
2:15:44 Recharging your ultimate
2:17:15 Dark Anchors / Dolmen / Geysers / Dragons / Harrowstorms
2:18:52 Justice System
2:21:28 Fencing Stolen goods
2:21:54 Force Lock Picking
2:22:45 Housing

Follow-Up Guide: Build Your Character For Success

The Best SOLO Class In ESO? A Solo PVE Tier List for The Elder Scrolls Online

Magicka Sorcerer? Stamina Sorcerer? Warden? Necro? In this List we explain the strongest options out there for Soloing in The Elder Scrolls Online!

See all Solo Classes with Skill & Builds here!

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Ultimate Sorcerer Class Guide in ESO (2021) Beginner Builds and Complete Overview

In this video I cover everything you need to know about playing the Sorcerer Class in ESO in 2021. I cover the strong suits of the Sorcerer, all the skills and passives, and give you 4 Beginner Builds you can use for Magicka DPS, Stamina DPS, Tank, and Healer.


Shoutout to Alcast for Teaching me about the Dark Exchange/Equilibrium Combo, Pogs in the chat.





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Timestamps ➤➤➤

Overview - 1:20
Strong Suits - 3:00
Things that augment the sort - 12:40
Skills and Passives - 16:11
4 starter builds/stamina sorcerer - 33:52
Mag sorcerer - 42:12
Sorcerer Healer - 47:47
Sorcerer Tank - 54:29


DK Ultimate Class Guide -
Armor Changes Coming in Update 29 -
CP System Changes coming in Update 29 -
Easy Mode Stamina Sorcerer Build -
Yennefer EASY Mode Mag Sorc -
Mages Guild Guide -


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The ULTIMATE ESO Class Guide For ESO!! Which Class Should YOU Play in The Elder Scrolls Online?

Interested in ESO? Watch this ultimate class guide before starting your first character!

NEW Written Guide now has more info on class skills and great build ideas!

Timestamps for specific class overviews below:

Necromancer - 0:50
Warden - 3:34
Nightblade - 5:45
Templar - 9:07
Dragonknight - 12:28
Sorcerer - 14:57

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Best XP Grinding Location of MORROWIND! (Elder Scrolls Online Guide)

This time I'm showing you the best XP grinding location I could find in Vvardenfell!

Top 3 BEGINNER Tips for new Players - Summerset Chapter, Elder Scrolls Online

Top 3 BEGINNER Tips for new Players - Summerset Chapter, Elder Scrolls Online. You can also find a very detailed Beginner guide which covery all aspects on my website:
3 Tips Written Article:
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ESO Bonus Experience Guide - BOOST your XP gain in the Elder Scrolls Online

Welcome to my Bonus Experience Guide for Elder Scrolls Online (ESO). Today i show you what different possibilites you have to boost your experience gain in ESO. Subscribe, like and comment if you found this Video helpful, thanks:) Check out the description for more Information.

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0:00 Introduction
0:13 Gear with Training Trait
0:27 How much Bonus XP can you earn with Training Armor?
0:42 How much Bonus XP can you gain with Training Weapons?
1:23 Example of how much you can boost your XP gain with Training Gear
1:47 Group Bonus
2:09 Marriage - Pledge of Mara
2:29 ESO Plus
2:37 Example of how much you can boost your XP Gain with all metioned Bonus XP ressources
2:48 Overview of craftable Experience Potions - Ambrosias
3:10 Tip! Provisioning Passive Connoisseur
3:23 Tip! You can buy the Ambrosias via the Guild Traders
3:39 Crown Store - Crown Experience Scroll
3:58 Crown Crates - Crown Crate Experience Scrolls
4:24 Overview of all Experience Bonus possibilities
4:36 Alliance War - Home Keep Bonus
4:52 Champion Points - Enlightenment
5:15 Event Bonus XP

Bethesda Video Policy:

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Genre: Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game
Author: Tianlein

Morrowind vs Morrowind ESO - Side By Side Comparison


Welcome back Ladies & Gentlemen to both The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind and to The Elder Scrolls Online's next chapter: Morrowind. This video is a side by side comparison of various locations found around Vvardenfell. I have done my best to match up shots but it's impossible, I did my best :D

Time Stamps:
00:07 - Sadrith Mora
00:43 - Seyda Neen
02:25 - Bitter Coast
02:59 - Samarys Ancestral Tomb
03:16 - Bitter Coast
03:33 - Balmora
05:32 - West Gash
06:23 - Dushariran
06:40 - Bitter Coast
07:31 - Aleft
07:48 - Addadshashanammu
08:05 - Ashalmimilkala
08:22 - Bitter Coast
08:39 - Ald'ruhn
09:13 - Randas Ancestral Tomb
09:47 - West Gash
10:04 - Gnisis
11:12 - West Gash
11:46 - Arkngthunch-Sturdumz
12:03 - Assurnabitashpi
12:20 - Drath Ancestral Tomb
12:54 - Ashlands
13:11 - Bthuand
13:28 - Valley Of The Wind
13:45 - Cavern Of The Incarnate
14:02 - Grazelands
14:53 - Hanud
15:10 - Vos
16:18 - Tel Mora
16:52 - Indoranyon
17:09 - Azura's Coast
17:43 - Sadrith Mora
19:25 - Azura's Coast
19:42 - Tel Fyr
19:59 - Grazelands
20:16 - Falensarano
21:07 - Mababi
21:24 - Molag Amur
22:15 - Erabenimsun Camp
22:32 - Mzanchend
22:49 - Galom Daeus
23:06 - Molag Amur
23:23 - Holamayan Monastery
23:40 - Azura's Coast
23:57 - Shrine Of Azura
24:14 - Azura's Coast
24:31 - Tel Branora
25:39 - Molag Mar
26:13 - Molag Amur
26:30 - Helan Ancestral Tomb
26:47 - Ald Sotha
27:04 - Suran
27:38 - Ascadian Isles
27:55 - Dren Plantation
28:12 - Fields Of Kummu
28:29 - Ascadian Isles
29:20 - Vivec

Morrowind Survival Guide

A simple tutorial for beginners starting out in Morrowind, containing some basic tips to keep any outlander alive in Vvardenfell.

#elderscrolls #morrowind #guide

ESO Simplified: Improve ESO PC Performance (2019)

This is my straight forward advice about what to do to improve performance. Links are below to specific sections and video mentions.

*CPU Power Plan - 2:25
Threadripper Specific Optimization - 3:18
UserSettings.txt Editing - 4:25
Nvidia Control Panel - 6:00
**In Game Settings - 6:46
CPU/GPU Usage - 8:32

*The recent Windows 10 update (1903) includes a lot of improvements for all Zen CPUs. I highly recommend getting that update along with the latest chipset drivers.

**There's some video artifacting that appeared in the render, first time I've recorded directly to my NAS and seemed to cause some quality loss.

AMD Drivers:
nVidia Drivers:
Intel Chipset Drivers:

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10 Useful Addons for Elder Scrolls Online (ESO Guide)

Another 10 useful addon for Elder Scrolls Online!
You can watch my first compilation here:

Link to the addons:
Kill Counter

Dolgubon's Lazy Writ Crafter

Loot Log


Potion Maker

Lost Treasure


No, thank you!


Morrowind Style UI

Oblivion Style UI

Skyrim Style UI

Make sure to support the creators of these addons by leaving some nice words in their comment sections and adding them to your favorites! :)

IMPORTANT Add Ons I use in ESO Morrowind - The Elder Scrolls Online

All the Add Ons I use in ESO Morrowind - The Elder Scrolls Online

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• The Elder Scrolls Online Builds & Guides Playlist

The Elder Scrolls Online is a massively multiplayer online role-playing video game developed by ZeniMax Online Studios. It is a part of The Elder Scrolls action fantasy video game franchise, of which it is the first open-ended multiplayer installment. As with other games in The Elder Scrolls franchise, the game is set in the continent of Tamriel and features a storyline indirectly connected with the other games. The Elder Scrolls Online had been in development for 7 years before its release in 2014.



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