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10 best tips for playing The End Is Nigh


this cursed Minecraft video will make you cry...

this cursed Minecraft series will trigger you...
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The End is Nigh - Nevermore + Alternate Ending

I finally reached the final area of the game and thought I'd record my winning playthrough of it. Far from optimal run, but hopefully that should give you a good idea.

Also making your lives such a limited resource for this world was kind of a pain. Took me about 5 tries to win, but why having lives to begin with?

Also included is the ending. Who knows what it's about. As a reward, you finally retrieve your End is Nigh game cartridge! Albeit a bit glitched up.

To get there, you need to go to Acceptance and jump into the nuclear light at the start of the escape with 450 tumors or more. That imply getting almost every mega tumor of the game as well than play the game cartridges to get extra tumors.

Friday Night Funkin' but Daddy Dearest & Mommy Get Divorce Full Week 2 Update + Cutscenes (FNF Mod)

Friday Night Funkin' Mommy Mearest Vs Daddy Dearest Week 2 (FULL WEEK) for the PC in 2160p Ultra HD, but it's Friday Night Divorcin. The mod creator has included 4 more songs and a true ending to friday night divorcing. I will showcase it in this video, and we'll be playing it in HARD mode. Make sure to follow the creator! Will Daddy Dearest and Mommy mearest get back together & make girlfriend cry or will the divorce be final? Maybe BF and GF will find a way to solve this problem!

Game: This is 2 weeks after the divorce became official. As a drunk Daddy Dearest is taking a stroll, he spots Mommy Mearest with their daughter and her boyfriend. Out of desperation and loneliness, he does not hesitate to approach them and sparking an argument with his former wife. However, he does realize this could be his last chance in convincing her to come back to him. He challenges her to a few rap battles to try and sway her once again as he had so long ago, but things are not turning out so great for him...will Daddy Dearest lose this battle and his family for good? Or will he win her over and bring his family back together again? Find out in Friday Night Divorcin'! MOD Showcase.

This mod now contains:

FNF Daddy Dearest & Mommy Get Divorce Week 1:

All Songs from Friday Night Divorcin' VS Mommy Mearest Full Week Mod Timestamp:
00:00 FNF Animation Preview
00:08 FNF Divorce Intro
00:44 Cutscenes Dialogue 1
01:31 Smug Song (Mommy Mearest VS Daddy Dearest)
03:22 Cutscenes Dialogue 2
03:46 Grieving Song (Mommy Mearest VS Daddy Dearest)
05:49 Cutscenes Dialogue 3
06:41 I Care Song (Mommy Mearest VS Daddy Dearest)
08:47 Cutscenes Dialogue 3
10:26 Final Funk Song (Daddy Dearest & Mommy Mearest VS Boyfriend)
12:41 True Ending (Good)

Mod Creators for Friday Night Divorcin' Below:
VS Friday Night Divorcin' FULL WEEK (Cutscenes!) Mod Download link:
Coder, Vocals, Charting by JayJay7:

Music, Sprites, icons, Backgrounds, Other art by PastelLights:

Special Thanks to:
coding tips by Pugsly L. Pugsworth:
coding tips 2 by Grizzle:
coding tips 3 by cyanned:
KadeDev for Kade Engine:

Get the game and support the creators of the game:

Friday Night Funkin': The Full Ass Game:

Friday Night Funkin' - WEEK 7 All Tankman Death Quotes & Game Over Screens:

Friday Night Funkin' - Pico's School Edition Mod:

Friday Night Funkin' - VS Sketchy Remastered:

FNF Daddy Dearest & Mommy Get Divorce Week 1:

Friday Night Funkin' gameplay @ 1080p 60fps & 4k HD by CommunityGame (2021)

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The End Is Nigh | Nevermore + Secret Ending

50k views, ok this is epic

Top 10 Underrated Indie Games of the DECADE

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I had too much fun counting down the best and worst games of the decade so I had to make another one on underrated indie games! Hopefully you'll find some hidden gems you haven't played yet! Enjoy.


0:00 Intro
1:22 #10
2:25 #9
3:25 #8
4:22 #7
5:46 #6
6:55 #5
7:53 #4
8:58 #3
9:58 #2
11:11 #1
12:16 Outro

Minecraft, But its so Realistic that its unplayable...

Minecraft, But its so Realistic that its unplayable... w/ Doni Bobes - Minecraft



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Little Nightmares II - Nightmares Explained with Derren Brown

How powerful are bad dreams? Are they simply tricks of the mind, or is something more sinister at play? Who better to teach us about them than the master of mentalism, Derren Brown?

Listen closely to his story little ones and then sleep tight.

Little Nightmares II releases 11 February. Play the demo on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC today, and explore the Wilderness for yourself, for free.

Little Nightmares II is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch on February 11, 2021, and also to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S later in 2021. Pre-orders are open for all platforms:

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Top 5 Girlfriend in Danger Mods #3 - Friday Night Funkin’

Friday Night Funkin’ is where girlfriend suffers a lot. That's why we decided to show you our third compilation of TOP 5 mods where the Girlfriend is in danger. We hope you will enjoy watching this video!

We used a bot to perfectly sync all recordings for this video.

Friday Night Funkin’ game:
FNF bot:

▼ Mods used in this video:
00:00 The Full-Ass Tricky Mod -
03:18 Horror Night Funkin: vs Pico -
05:06 Tree Full Week -
07:32 The Gore History -
08:57 Friday Night Funkin' Minus -

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???? Outro Song:
Arp Bounce - Geographer

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I Made A 30 Foot Player In NBA 2K21... And Broke The Game

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I created a 30 foot player in NBA 2K21 and broke the entire game! Every year I make a 7’7 player in NBA 2K and dominate with him. But this time, I wanted to make a 30 foot player and see if I can break the game even more. I gave him the highest overall and best animations in the game to make him unstoppable!

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I Made A 30 Foot Player In NBA 2K21... And Broke The Game

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the final minutes of hivemc.. ???? | minecraft

The Hive Minecraft Server closed it doors for Java Minecraft after almost 8 years! It's the first Minecraft server I ever played on, so I wanted to pay tribute to it! LIKES = GOOD MEMORIES.
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➡ Music
Intro - Provided By Monstercat - Safe & Sound by Nitro Fun
Outro - Sugar High By Approaching Nirvana

Hey everyone, it's your friend #Thinknoodles and welcome to my YouTube channel! Join me, my dogs Kopi & Kloï and my idiot friends on our adventures in Minecraft.

Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, Minecraft Think's Lab or any other but challenge like that. This is a speed run / speed runner of Minecraft against a killer / assassin but me and old Minecraft YouTubers on the Hive Minecraft Server!

Noodle on, Noodlers!

#minecraft #server #thinknoodles

The End is Nigh vs Super Meat Boy - Which is Harder?

The End is Nigh is difficult Super Meat Boy is difficult. But if you had to pick which one is MORE difficult, which would you choose? That's what I try to answer in this video, Super Meat Boy vs The End is Nigh!

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The End is Nigh for Switch - Hardest Nintendo Switch Game? | RGT 85

The End is Nigh recently released on the Switch, and Nicalis sent me a review copy to check out. How is The End is Nigh for the Nintendo Switch? Let's review it and find out!

RGT 85 - Po Box 5161 - Pinehurst NC 28374

Twitter: @ShawnLong85

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The End is Nigh: SMC 1000 Rings Deathless

Astounding xp
Twitch version with chat:

Seriously one of - if not the best accomplishment of mine in this game. So much knowledge, practice, skill, endurance, patience, disappointments, learning, determination, and ability to play through massive nerves went into this.
I got really consistent at 6-10, honestly one can get pretty good at it with enough practice and repetition.

My real life friends happened to be in the stream which was awesome since they got to see me do one of my best achievements live for the first time.

Thank you everyone for the support and belief in me as always; never quit.

Next stop: any% deathless

-- Watch live at

(WR) The End Is Nigh 100% Speedrun - 1:49:29

Speedrun was really good until The End Is Nigh! Cartridge. How could I die numerous times on last three screens? Despite this, I'm pretty satisfied with Sub 1:50:00! (─‿‿─)

The End Is Nigh is a sprawling adventure platformer where you die a lot, but thats ok because you are probably already dead anyway.
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The End Is Nigh —
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The End Is Nigh - Nintendo Switch

It's not the end of the long as you're still in it! In The End Is Nigh from Nicalis for Nintendo Switch, you play as Ash, the survivor of a global catastrophe who is doggedly determined to find a friend in the post-apocalyptic wasteland. Loaded with challenging platform action, hidden collectible tumors and mini-game cartridges, it's the new game from the makers of The Binding of Isaac. Available now from the Nintendo eShop or in a physical retail edition with bonus goodies inside. Ask for The End Is Nigh at your favorite game shop!

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All Glitch Cards Unbreakable | The End is Nigh

I recorded this 2.5 years ago but never uploaded it. Better late than never I guess.

00:00 -- Scab or Die
03:54 -- Pus-Man
05:03 -- Ghosts 'n' Grieving
06:41 -- Tombs & Torture
08:10 -- Dead Racer
10:21 -- Spike Tales
12:00 -- The End is Nigh

The End Is Nigh Switch Review

The End Is Nigh Switch Review - Check out our written review is this game any good and is it worth your hard earned cash?
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Thanks to Nicalis for providing us this review copy
Instagram: switchwatchtv

Many thanks to the publisher Digitari for this review copy of the game.

Have you got the game? What are your thoughts? Pop us a comment and let us know!

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The End is Nigh OST - THE ARID FLATS (In Game Ver.) Extended

I like this one better than the OST version tbh

Original Composition by Antonin Dvorak -

The End is Nigh and the soundtrack are made by Edmund McMillen and Ridiculon respectively. These videos are made to showcase the soundtrack.

Crash Bandicoot & The Importance of Good Controls

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Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy and The End Is Nigh are similar in a lot of ways, but their CONTROLS is what sets them apart. Let's talk about their differences and the importance of having good control of your character.

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