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10 best tips for playing The End Is Nigh


The End is Nigh and Completion

The spiritual sequel to Super Meat Boy is much more than just an improvement. The End is Nigh is a brilliantly-designed title that makes completing a game fun for everyone.

We also discuss evaluation-focused design, player-established completion metrics, and some other fun game design stuff.

tl;dr: I love this game and you should too :)

Mvmt I: Andante - 5:42
Mvmt II: Fugue - 13:24
Mvmt III: Rondo - 24:07
Da Capo al Fine - 36:21

This video is completely spoiler-free up through Mvmt I.



Points of disclosure...
-I'm playing this game on a MacBook Pro, and it doesn't always handle games particularly well. Any frame skips which may appear in this video aren't representative of how the game will run on your computer.
-A few clips in this video may appear slightly discolored. This is due to a recording error and is not representative of the product itself.

I'm expecting to get this question, so here's my answer...
Q: Hey Matt, why do you use the words execution and evaluation when you could just use words like skill and strategy?
A: My first draft of this script actually used those terms, but I chose to find better words which (hopefully) made the argument easier to digest. I'd argue that evaluation is a sort of skill and that the terms skill and execution don't exactly refer to the same ideas. Hopefully this explains why I used these terms.


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The End is Nigh: Cowardice (My mod for The End is Nigh)

Hello! This has been a project I have been working on for quite a while now and I am happy to show a glimpse of what is to come soon. I know its not the best mod out there, and I am not a very creative person but I take pride in everything I make, enjoy!


Title scren (in game ver.) (P.S sorry I forgot this one, and I know its unnecessary to credit these songs but still.)

The End (in game ver.)

The End (ost ver.)

So bellow... (in game ver.)

As above (in game ver.)

The hollows (in game ver.)

The End future (in game ver.)

SS Exodus (ost ver.)

All these songs are owned by the original owners and were extended by Marty Fly mac, his channel is found right here: I do NOT own any of the songs used in the video and no copyright infringement is intended!

My Steam Profile (If you wanna add me)

My Twitter (If you wanna follow me)

My Discord server (if you wanna chat with me and stay updated)

You can buy The End is Nigh right here for steam! Its pretty cheap and very worth it, I would heavily recommend it and maybe even get into modding yourself, its a lot of fun and isn't to bad, especially if an idiot like me can do it. Find out how to mod the game here: everything else you should be able to find out yourself. Thanks for reading and have a good one! And uh, get me a hamburger pls I'm hungry :3

The End is Nigh ~ Any% Deathless (Iron God! Achievement)

Twitch version with chat:
I also saved the entire stream that contains the successful attempt, and from the time of this upload, all of the streams showing the grind from start to finish should be up for at least another month.

My greatest gaming achievement. Also, the greatest feeling of victory I have ever experienced.
It took 60 hours of game time from the start of practice until the successful attempt.

3 runs to Ruin, and around 10 (give or take a couple) Future attempts.

Although I thought this would take me a month, this still took longer than I expected once I fully grasped the difficulty of the challenge; it wasn't *as* bad as I thought.
My 2nd run ever made it to Blight 12, which gave me the false confidence that this wouldn't take even nearly as long as it actually. Boy was I wrong.

The stress you feel during The Future is the worst I have felt ever playing a video game before.
Unlike other runs in the past where I could purposely choose to do the hardest things first, I couldn't do that here.

My hands were so numb during Acceptance, and my heart rate just gradually increased throughout The Future.
I'm shocked I was able to play adequately during those last moments.

I literally lost sleep over thinking about how I would recover from a death on Acceptance if it happened, or how great the feeling of victory would be.
But it happened. It actually happened.

I have to thank everyone for their support throughout my grind. Without you I don't know if I could pushed through and achieved this, you all really brought me back from those devastating deaths.

This will likely be the best and most insane thing I will realistically do in this game. The stress from this was bad enough, I don't think it should be legal to attempt to do any further category deathless in this game to be honest with you.

So, a new achievement may or may not be added to the game due to this, I will update the description if it happens.
UPDATE: It has been added! The achievement is called Iron God!

If it does, I wish any and all of you only the best of luck and good fortune.
This was very painful to get through but it IS possible. I hope none of you have worse chokes than I did.

Zero Tumor WR too btw c:

The End is Nigh for Switch - Hardest Nintendo Switch Game? | RGT 85

The End is Nigh recently released on the Switch, and Nicalis sent me a review copy to check out. How is The End is Nigh for the Nintendo Switch? Let's review it and find out!

RGT 85 - Po Box 5161 - Pinehurst NC 28374

Twitter: @ShawnLong85

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SCP Song | SCP Containment Breach Song | Lyrahel - The End is Nigh (Remastered)

This Song has been featured in Episode 3 of SCP Foundation Radio Midnight!
Check out their Radio Show! A must for SCP Foundation Fans. :D


I once lived my life as a D-Class Personnel /
and I can assure you it was a living hell /
Supernatural objects and creatures were contained /
and Inmates used to test their strength /

I was there when it happened, when it escaped /
the SCP 173 and Bitch was it's name /
It's lonely and it will try to hug you all the time /
but since it's out of stone, it will break you f***ing spine/

Ohhh one certain day those creatures broke free /
trying to kill everyone on sight, including me /

Soon it will be over /
try to survive don't wait and just die /
Soon you will be a soldier /
be brave and don't cry and fight for your life /
'cause the end is nigh/

Bodies lying everywhere and some come back to life /
reason for that's the grasp of 049 /
Don't believe what he says, he won't let you survive /
He might be Dr.Death, but at least he is polite /

There is a cry when you hear it, please avert your eyes /
else this drama queen might be your demise /
096 is tall and has a face filled with disgust /
run away or else he's the thing you see at last /

Ohhh one certain day those creatures broke free /
trying to kill everyone on sight, including me /

Soon it will be over /
try to survive don't wait and just die /
Soon you will be a soldier /
be brave and don't cry and fight for your life /
'cause the end is nigh/

If you ever see a naked man crawling through the walls /
don't approach him, except you got the balls /
You'll recognize him by his breath and his creepy grin /
he will trap you in his prison, if you touch his skin /

One big monstrosity i haven't encountered yet /
is a reptile-like creature supposed to be undead /
It's roar can shake the earth and it quickly changes size /
If he was Godzilla as a Zombie I wouldn't be surprised /

Ohhh one certain day those creatures broke free /
trying to kill everyone on sight, including me /

Soon it will be over /
try to survive don't wait and just die /
Soon you will be a soldier /
be brave and don't cry and fight for your life /
'cause the end is nigh/


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The End Is Nigh Switch Review

The End Is Nigh Switch Review - Check out our written review is this game any good and is it worth your hard earned cash?
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The BEST Stage Builder stages in Smash Ultimate

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Clock Town - F6Y9C358
Sky Pillar - F55KN318
Spiral Mountain - NQRRSTKJ
The End Is Nigh - HSD3M3FT
Fallout Vault - 0N1LHTXG
Galaxy Generator - BHW5VVJW
Canadian Flag - G9QV9671
Pumpkin Hill - 85SV2RFK
Pac-Maze 03CR7B8L
Undertale Battle - K9B6SYW5
Slapshot Final - P71RPRTK

Don't Starve Tutorials | Wickerbottom's Books - Remastered

Heeeeeello everybody! Welcome to my version of the Wickerbottom's books tutorial. This will teach you all you need to know about her books in just about 5 minutes. You'll learn what they do, and a few strategies on how to use them well.

I have to say, this is definitely the most edited video I have ever published. It took me 2-3 weeks to make, mostly due to the fact that I was busy with college. But now that it's out, I can finally rest assured that it's finished. I'm quite happy with they way it turned out.

If you have any other questions about Don't Starve that you would like answered, or if there is a topic you'd like explained, please leave a comment in the comment section below, and I'll try as hard as I can to make a simple and easily understandable tutorial.

Thank you very much once again for watching, and I hope this helped you. Until then!

Mods used: N Tools, Always on Status.


This can't be good for the heart.

The End is Nigh - 'Iron God' Achievement (w/ Commentary)


Okay, so first things first.
This has been an insane journey and I will probably take a break from hardcore gaming until I can settle some IRL stuff. Not only the challenge was extremely tedious, but it got in conflict with some personal issues that I wish I had addressed better. Overall it just made the run even more mentally pressing to me :^(

As for the run itself:
I am explaining this at the beginning of the video but I basically lost the audio file because it was not recorded due to OBS being dogshit. I have spoken with my friends on 0.1% (who have also experienced the same problem before) and they all told me to still upload the video since there's many ways to prove that it is a legit run. Yet I admit that it leaves me with a sour taste.

Regardless of that, I tried to make the video as 'watchable' as possible by adding music tracks by myself.

I completely understand that I left the benefit of doubt by not having the audio, but feel free to join my streams, or ask me anything. I just wish I had known about this beforehand. Thankfully, I recorded by using the which should help people to trust me.

I am sorry for the unexpected loss of quality in the run but hopefully it is still impressive to your eyes!

Total number of hours: ~130h
Number of attempts: +200
Grind started at: 11th February

Commentary: 0:00
The Ruin 20 Choke: 3:24

The End: 3:55
Arid Flats: 5:52
Overflow: 8:41
The Hollows: 11:03
Golgotha: 12:51
Retrograde: 15:33
The Machine: 18:03
Wall of Sorrow: 22:47
Exodus SS: 25:59

Anguish: 30:03
Gloom: 33:28
Blight: 37:24
Ruin: 42:31
Acceptance: 47:48

There are few times that I exit to title screen to avoid death and grant me a second chance. First one is in Retrograde 7 (16:29), I was completely distracted by something and I knew the jump was dogshit even before doing it. The second one was at Ruin 12 (44:30), where I accidentally did a length ledgejump instead of a height one, and I still can't believe I could react to that mistake considering how scared I was at that point in the run. The final one is at Ruin 20 (46:19), by using the MegariderVACation (the third Iron God clearer in the world) strat, where I also took a short pause to relax and cry to my friend.


Hey everyone for this first play I take on End is Nigh for the PC. This is a platformer from the creators of Binding of Isaac and Super Meat Boy. Full disclosure this is a sponsored video by Jump a cool new service that is all about independent gaming for one low price you get unlimited access to a lot of great indy game titles.

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The End is Nigh Switch Review

The Flannel Fox reviews The End is Nigh on Nintendo Switch, the platformer from Edmund McMillen and Tyler Glaiel

Also watch my Review for The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth +

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Read my video script below
When Ash, the only survivor after the apocalypse and YouTuber begins a live stream, Oh no! A tragic error breaks his gear. Without anything else to do he decides it’s time to make a friend from scratch, which in true Ed McMillen macabre fashion, means he will be collecting body parts in order to do so. Grab a heart, a head, and a body to frankenstein yourself a brand new amigo.

With that in mind grab that pro controller because you have quite the platforming challenge ahead of you. Leaving the nest, you walk through a tutorial showing you the basic mechanics of the game. In that time meeting some funny little characters, which actually made me laugh out loud.

Dying to play
Each screen is a contained scene, unlike most platformers where the camera follows you, it lays out your challenge and you have to break it down into little micro moments in order to venture to the next screen. In each new screen you collect a tumor, which can be used later to open up new parts of the game. After you get the tumor you, make it off screen which saves the tumor capture, because if you die, the challenge restarts. All of the enemies are back to their original position, the tumor must be recaptured, and you still must hook hop your way to victory.

Meating Expectations
A Lot of people have been comparing The End is Nigh to Super Meat Boy. While it does have quite a bit of similarities. Like the Fast re-entry after death, the incredible difficulty, and the cute yet creepy aesthetic...which feels like it takes place in the same universe as Meatboy. Mechanically the games are quite different. Ash, like meatboy feels great to control and his movements are very finely tuned, as they must be for such a precisely difficult platformer, however he cannot wall slide or wall jump. Instead he can hang on to little hooks on the wall, jump out from them, or pull them down to reveal new sections of each level. Furthermore, pressing RZ, propels Ash downward which is used swimming quickly through toxic water or plummeting at hawk like speeds to smash through stone barriers, opening new areas to explore. Having some amazing secrets to discover The End is Nigh is a bit of a metroidvania. Learning new abilities, using new objects, and collecting enough souls, opens up new creepy caverns to explore.

We’re in RETRO-grade
Throughout the game you collect NES-Like cartridges that contain mini games, which you can warp back to the beginning stage, which ironically is named the end. In order to play them on your little tube television. These little 8-bit challenges are punny throw backs to classics. However, the gameplay of The End is Nigh is retro by it’s very nature...this is not a game that you will beat in two hours or casually play through while also catching up on some netflix series. Each challenge brings with it many lives lost. Each life getting a little further and further, learning how to solve each gruesome puzzle. Eventually you will reach a light bulb moment, when you figure out how to reach that level’s tumor and get to the exit. Followed by the realization that now you actually have to do it.

If you are a fan of Edmund’s games such as I am, then you already are aware of the extreme difficulty. Well The End is Nigh will certainly not disappoint you. Like Super Meatboy and The Binding of Issac, there are moments when you want to pull your hair out, followed by immense satisfaction when getting past a difficult challenge. If this doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, then maybe this isn’t for you, because this is a high difficulty twitch response adventure that requires everything you’ve got. However, if looking back on the number of deaths you've died and watching that number grow exponentially makes you laugh and jump back into action. Then The End is Nigh is certainly the game for you. Already tried and testing platforming mechanics mixed with new and innovative puzzles. Make a fresh, funny, and fantastic addition to your Switch library.

The End is Nigh (Switch) Review

The End is Nigh is here on the Switch! PushDustIn reviews.

Thanks to the Nicalis Inc for sending us a review copy.


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The End is Nigh - The best cutscene in any video game ever. [Spoilers]


THE END IS NIGH | Outlast 2 - Part 6 (END)

The end of Outlast 2 is nigh! Pray for salvation and learn the dark truth!

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Crash Bandicoot & The Importance of Good Controls

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Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy and The End Is Nigh are similar in a lot of ways, but their CONTROLS is what sets them apart. Let's talk about their differences and the importance of having good control of your character.

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Talking with Edmund McMillen [Creator of the Binding of Isaac, Super Meat Boy, the End is Nigh]

Listen to me and Edmund Mcmillen, creator of the Binding of Isaac, Super Meat Boy and the End is Nigh talking about games, art and life !


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THE PLATFORMING OF ISAAC (Warning: LOUD) | The End Is Nigh Gameplay

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The End Is Nigh is a game partially created by Edmund Mcmillen, the man who birthed The Binding of Isaac series, Rebirth and Afterbirth PLUS included. This game is a challenging platformer with hidden collectables, rage inducing secret levels and impossibly hard Game Cartridge levels that push you far past a reasonable point of frustration. It also has a hell of a sense of humour with some arguably iffy lines of dialogue commenting on current day...situations. Either way, long story short, this is a solid platformer that provides challenge in a fair, if not ridiculously demanding, way.

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RockLeeSmile Live! - The End is Nigh (Part 10)

In The End is Nigh, we take the role of Ash, a charred sack of skin who just wants to find a friend. Essentially the spiritual sequel to Super Meat Boy, we'll encounter all manner of difficult obstacles and treacherous level design on our way to the end of the end.

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The End is Nigh: Not Super Meat Boy 2

The End is Nigh, a new game by Super Meat Boy and The Binding of Isaac developer Edmund McMillen, was not what I expected...

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