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10 best tips for playing The Escapists


The Escapists - Tips for Escaping!

In this video, Steve takes you through three possible escape plans for the first prison in The Escapists.

The Escapists 1 - Tutorial (Tips & Tricks)

The Escapists provides the opportunity of experiencing a light-hearted insight into everyday prison life and, as is the case with all inmates, the main objective is escape! While under the careful watch of the guards, players will need to go about their daily duties clandestinely secreting useful objects from under their captors’ noses. Potential escapees will learn how to craft seemingly innocuous items into useful tools and even weapons as well as using them to execute cunning diversionary tactics.

Players will need to learn when to keep in line, utilising their time sensibly as they develop their own personal plans of escape. Learning the prison’s daily routines and spotting opportunities are all part of life behind bars. Working out potential routes and even misdirecting guards soon become second nature.

Whilst remembering to attend roll-call, holding down their job and keeping their fellow inmates on side, players are can also benefit from advancing their character's statistics through various means including boosting their intellect and exercising regularly. Balance mundane routine with careful planning to attain your ultimate goal - escape and freedom!

The Escapists is available on steam if you want to try it yourself,

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GuruMatt's Tips and Tricks: Basic Weapons and Fighting Guide - The Escapists 2

Here I give a rundown on some of the more easily crafted/found weapons, and talk a bit about how I approach fighting.

I didn't forget the Makeshift Stun Gun (Energy Module + Duct Tape + Paper Clip, for those interested), it's just that it's often hard to find all the pieces to make it and you usually can get by with a Molten Cup of Chocolate instead.

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How To Escape Center Perks From The Escapists In 1 Day! (Very Easy!)

In this video I will be showing you how to escape the prison Center Perks from the game The Escapists in 1 day. This is a very easy way to escape and anyone can do it. You will need to know how the game works and the layout of the Center Perks Prison. Enjoy!

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The Escapists on steam not FREE- Cost cheap price WORTH IT!!!! Fantastic developers, The escapists is awesome!- PHESIRED

Hello, this is a game review under 10 minutes of The Escapists, hope this helped you decide if you want to purchase the game or helped you play it.

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The Escapists 2 100% All Prisons Speedrun (Co-op) World Record: 1:01:39.76

Ad & Cron bust out of all of the prisons in record time. #SnackStrats

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The Escapists - Center Perks Explained/Beginners Guide

In this live commentary video I will be showing (in pretty great detail) the first map of The Escapists and provided some beginners information in strategy and game mechanics. If you enjoy the video please like and if you disliked please let me know in the comments below.

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Center Perks - 60 Second Escape! | The Escapists [XBOX ONE]

Speedrun starts @2:17.

In this speed run video I guide you how to escape the first prison in under a minute. Official time 0932. It's super easy, just find a broom, mop, or rake as a weapon, attack guard #4, use a rope or duct tape to tie him up in solitary, take his baton and the purple key, then go beat up 3 more guards. Easy as pie! I also give you some of my thoughts on the game and what I hope for from Team 17 in the future (opening Tutorial section).


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‘The Escapists’ is a top-down prison break strategy game developed by Mouldy Toof Studios and published by Team17 Digital Limited.

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The Escapists: Crafting Made Simple

The player can craft items by pressing the 9 key on the keyboard or clicking the craft button on the left side of the screen after gathering the necessary ingredients. There can be several types of items ranging from weapons to tools which can aid the player in escaping, smuggling and fighting.

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The Escapists Weapons Crafting Guide


The Escapists Crafting Guide

What's Going On Guys MadeUpOfColors Here Today, and in todays video I will be showing you guys a little crafting guide I made just to help you guys out (Also For Reference) So yea This has been MadeUpOfColors and I will see you guys in the next video. Peace.

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The Escapists: Fastest & Highest Score Escape Record (Center Perks) / Outdated

This is my personal record on The Escapists, both fastest and highest score I ever got.

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The Escapist 2 : 3 tips for SURVIVING PRISON

Hello everyone, my name is Don Joe, and I'm here to give you a couple of tips for prison life.

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Please watch: Don Joe Hunts! THE HUNTER GAMEPLAY EP1!


The Escapists: How To Escape Like a BADASS!

Watch me tie up all the guards, take the main Prison Gate key, and walk my way out with a hostage untouched! I play this game a lot and im actually getting into livestreaming this game. Check me out at . It kinda sucks at the end bc i wanted to find all the different ways to escape, but once you escape once, the save gets deleted and you have to start over. So that might be a future video if you guys are interested in seeing all the different escapes. Thanks for Watching!!

The Escapists Reward 1 - Escaping Tips with Chris D!

Congratulations prisoners! 500 escapees broke out of confinement in the last 48 hours, here is your first reward - your questions answered by Chris D!

Keep on escaping, your next reward is Cake Day. Track your progress on

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The Escapists -- Custom Prison & Map Editor

Playthrough before design = better video
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TOP 10 WAYS to ESCAPE from PRISON!!!! (Escapists 2)

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TOP 10 WAYS to ESCAPE from PRISON!!! (Escapists 2)

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The Escapist how to escape the first prison in 2 mins

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The Escapists - How to escape Center Perks prison 1 Xbox One PS4

The Escapists is amazing fun but can leave you wondering what to do. Join me as I show you how I escaped the first prison, Center Perks. Freedom! This guide is for Xbox One but I believe it's still relevant for PC version too and as far as I'm aware it's the same for PS4. Note: if any of the guards don't like you they will remove the sheets from the bars

Edit: Stop posting riot! 900 other people have already posted it! We all know you can riot, this video is 3 years old! Why are you watching a guide if you know how to escape?!?!

Gamer Pauly`s Complete guide to The Escapists Part 1 - PS4 / XBOX ONE /

My complete video guide to The Escapists game, covering everything from item creation, trophies & achievements guide, tips and tricks, escaping from the prison and more ! - The Escapists game is developed by Mouldy Toof and Team 17 and the - PC versions may have some differences but the videos can still help. Playstation 4 available now to buy !

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