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10 best tips for playing The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky the 3rd


Why You SHOULD Play the Trails Games in Order

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The Legend of Heroes is a series of role-playing video games developed by Nihon Falcom Corporation. First starting as a part of the Dragon Slayer series in the late 1980s, the series evolved into its own decade-spanning, interconnected series spanning fourteen entries, encompassing multiple meta series within it as well. The most recent entry, The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV, released in Japan on September 27, 2018

The first entry of the series was released in 1989 as Dragon Slayer: The Legend of Heroes, and was part of Nihon Falcom's Dragon Slayer line of games. It was released for various computer platforms, as well as consoles such as the Mega Drive, Super Famicom, and the PC Engine. The PC Engine version would be the only version to be released in English, and the only Legend of Heroes title released in North America until 2005. Meanwhile, in Japan, the series continued with Dragon Slayer: The Legend of Heroes II, released in 1992 for a similar selection of platforms.

Subsequent games in the series dropped Dragon Slayer from the title. The Legend of Heroes III, The Legend of Heroes IV, and The Legend of Heroes V comprised the Gagharv trilogy, a set of connected games taking place in the same world.

After the conclusion of the Gagharv trilogy, a new story began with a new trilogy, the Trails in the Sky subseries. The three titles in it, First Chapter, Second Chapter and The 3rd collectively made up the sixth entry in the series.

Falcom switched to a duology for the seventh entry, consisting of The Legend of Heroes VII: Zero no Kiseki in 2010, and The Legend of Heroes VII: Ao no Kiseki in 2011. After that, the company moved on to the Trails of Cold Steel subseries, releasing the first title in 2013, the second in 2014, the third in 2017, and fourth and final title in 2018.

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What Game In The Trails of Cold Steel Series Should I Play First? | Features | Backlog Battle

The Kiseki series is slowly approaching its conclusion here in the West, but while many long time fans have been waiting in the wings for the grand finale of this story arc to close, more players are just starting to discover the wonderment and magic of the series. Trails of Cold Steel, the only series to be in fully 3D, attracts this much attention, but many newcomers are unaware of the kind of baggage the series has. In fact, the simple question of, “Can I start with Trails of Cold Steel (insert number here)?” has an answer that’s not so straightforward. This video will dispel and provide as much information to prospective players as possible, providing some much needed context as to why players advise newcomers to start in games outside of this series. Above all else, it’s a video for newcomers who want to be able to figure out how to consume this series on their own time and volition, and that’s exactly what I aim to deliver in this video! If you have a friend who’s on the fence about the series, send this video over to them, then join us in the conversation in the comments below!


Additional Trails of Cold Steel I and II B-roll
YouTube - Gammalad -

“Let's Play Trails of Azure (Ao No Kiseki) #1 - The GOOD English Translation At Last”

YouTube - davidinc -


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Ranking the Trails Series [Sky series, Crossbell arc, Cold Steel series]

I recently finished playing through the entire Trails series in just a few months. One day, I casually started Trails of Cold Steel 1, not really knowing what I was in for, then, in the blink of the eye, all 9 games were completed.

Today, I’m going to attempt the difficult task of trying to rank all of these games. This is, of course, my opinion only, and I’m sure that many of you will think differently. From what I’ve seen, I know there are many different opinions out there, so I would also really like to know how you would rank the Trails games that you’ve played, so let me know in the comments.

I’m also going to try my hardest not to specifically spoil important plot points for you, but as these games are all directly linked, just seeing gameplay footage from certain games may give some minor things away.

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.: Games Included:.
Trails in the Sky FC
Trails in the Sky SC
Trails in the Sky the 3rd
Trails from Zero (Zero no Kiseki)
Trails to Azure (Ao no Kiseki)
Trails of Cold Steel I
Trails of Cold Steel II
Trails of Cold Steel III
Trails of Cold Steel IV

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Trails in the Sky - Know the Facts [Trivia / Easter eggs you didn't know about Sky FC, SC, the 3rd]

It’s been a while since my last know the facts video, but guess what! We’re back!
Today we’re going to look into all the facts, trivia and Easter eggs that you didn’t know about the Trails in the Sky series. This video will be focusing on Sky FC, Sky SC and Sky the Third, so there will be quite a few spoilers throughout, for these three games.
Let me know which facts you found the most interesting, or if I missed anything good. Let’s get into it!

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This One Kinda Broke Me... - Let's Talk About It: Trails in the Sky the 3rd (Review)

Here it is! The Trails in the Sky the 3rd review! Unlike Trails in the Sky SC, it's less so the third portion of the Sky trilogy and more of an epilogue to the two Sky games. I genuinely believe that if Trails in the Sky was a modern game released today, FC and SC would've been one big game, and the third probably would've been a DLC episode, since most of it is just dungeon crawling. The main story is also surprisingly darker than the first two.

It tends to be a polarizing entry in the series. That's not to say it's a bad game by any means, but this game seemed to have been met with a collective shrug at worst, while most of the other games got overwhelming praise. Still a very good game, and it gives proper closure to the Sky cast; both major and minor. As salty as I am about that final boss, the hardest fight in this game was actually saying goodbye to all of these characters.

0:00 - Introduction
1:49 - Setting
3:53 - The Battle System
5:49 - Sidequests vs Doors
8:10 - Must See Doors
9:57 - Story Time (spoilers)
11:06 - Kevin's Past (spoilers)
14:56 - The Family Reunion That Was Chapter 6 (spoilers)
16:43 - Welcome to Hell (spoilers)
17:47 - The Final Dungeon (spoilers)
20:02 - The Final Boss (spoilers)
21:53 - Everyone Says Their Goodbyes (spoilers)
23:49 - Star Door 8 and Chancellor Osborne (spoilers)
24:38 - Star Door 14 (spoilers)
25:08 - Star Door 15 (spoilers)
26:47 - The Music
27:35 - Evo Voice Mods and Concluding Comments

Trails in the Sky FC Review:

Trails in the Sky SC Review:

I own none of the music used in this video. All credit goes to the Falcom Sound Team JDK.

Sora no Kiseki 3rd (Nightmare Mode) Vs Ouroboros PSP

Fighting 3 of the at once, but their damage are not as high as Cassius (thank god ~_~) Nightmare Mode trade off is that gaining CP is higher but you will die faster (much better if having +10%CP and +3CP per turn)

Equipment: (all weapons/armor are chapter based)
Estelle: 10% and +3(per turn) CP gladiator acces
Joshua:10% and +3(per turn) CP gladiator acces
Kevin: 10%(SC bonus) and +3(per turn) CP gladiator acces
Allan Richard: random acces to increase SPD

wondering why I have 99 balm, because since chapter 1 I don't use any balms nor throw-able, only EP items (it became a collection D:) all of my heal are arts based so EP deplete quickly, my party have La-TearAll (all map heal) except Richard and Joshua D:

Richard quarts combination is a trade secret :D

If I have some time I will make this again

10 Things You Didn't Know About Trails of Cold Steel 1 & 2

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel I & II are two of the most memorable JRPGs nowadays, gaining more and more fans every year. Let's have a look into 10 things you may not know about them.
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Gameplay footage:
TOCS 1&2 PS Vita: Reviews 2 Go

TOCS 1&2 PS4: Gammalad

5 Things You need to know before Cold Steel 3

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III is a role-playing video game developed by Nihon Falcom for the PlayStation 4. It is a part of the long-running The Legend of Heroes series, and a direct sequel to Trails of Cold Steel II.

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Trails In The Sky FC - Review - Tarks Gauntlet

Artwork used in the thumbnail is from the EVO version of the game and not present in the version I played. I decided on this simply because it's some of the only good, hi-res and clean full body images of the main characters out there, and could save me from having a thumbnail identical to everybody elses.

I played and loved both entries in the Legend of Heroes Trails of Cold steel, and have been told non-stop to give this series a go as well.

Before I get told any more and risk the game feeling like it's been over-hyped, it's time I finally start. Falcoms magnum opus series, The Legend of Heroes.


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Trails in the Sky The 3rd - Easy/Turbo in 3:19:29.37

This run is trash.
Long rant incoming below, you've been warned

Good first, chapters 3, 4 and 5 had better execution on map movement, more so in ch5 that I properly learned it.
Final chapter was very good, menuing didn't take long since half my characters were already set up.

The bad now, and there's a lot.
Chapter 2 was horrible. Horrible movement, trash boss fight.
Menuing in general was awful, I forgot to equip better weapons for example.

I forgot a couple of really important equipment, like the 15+ SPD boots for Anelace, and it had a big effect throughout the run.

Some bosses had trash execution on my part. Ch2 boss, fake Anelace, I forgot to CP recharge for ch5 boss, Ravens went bad because of bad turn order and lack of speed, Grant, Schwarzritter, and that 1 death in ch7.

Overall, still a lot to improve. I need to properly route menus and quartz setups and fully learn maps. Best I can see is sub 3:10 for now.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky - Sepith farming in Ch.3 with Agate

One of the most easiest times to collect all sepith you need is during Chapter 3 when you get access to Agate's AoE S-Break craft attack. Charge CP during normal battle with Agate's Wild Rage craft (50 CP per use at cost of 30% health), two times will get CP to 100 or higher which is enough.

For spawning Shining Poms you can walk to north (to outside of tower) and repeat until it spawns, then save just in case before battle. If you see Critical turn bonus coming soon (Preemptive attack! & waiting allows you to have few extra turns) then wait for that moment and catch turn bonus with Agate. If Criticals aren't available then Run, wait for few seconds and try again. And repeat.

I had done quite good recording with this, or at least I believe I may have been recording, but had problems with laptop and had to restart it so I lost that recording session if I was recording it.. It was much better than this was and I even made stupid mistake near end of this video when I used S-Break when Critical bonus wasn't available and had to waste Tita's S-Break too.

Joshua can also kill these Shining Poms with his second S-Break during Critical turn bonus but it takes longer time for him to charge up enough CP. Agate can get it during two turns.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky the 3rd Preview

Brittany shows off progress on the upcoming PC release of The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky the 3rd!

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Half a year after Trails in the Sky SC, Father Kevin Graham takes on a routine mission on behalf of the Septian Church. He and his partner are then plunged into a realm that follows an unnaturally strict set of rules and is as intent to open old wounds as it is to keep them behind closed doors.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky Hard Mode Is No Joke

I'm 1 hour into the game on Hard, and I get wrecked in the first non-tutorial battle. Time to restart Normal...

[ The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC / NG+ Nightmare ] Boss 25: Royal Avenue Monster

Buy it here:
Developed by Nihon Falcom
Localized by XSeed



Eveningmare Restrictions:
-Reset level
-Keep money, sepith, and items
-Free to equip any accessory or quartz
-Weapon/body armor/shoes can only be equipped if at least one copy is obtained or bought normally.
-Once one ultimate weapon is obtained normally, the others can be equipped as well.

If you want strategies for a pure NG run instead, try HunterRassius's guide:

Trails in the Sky the 3rd - Star Door 5 Boss: Richard (Nightmare Mode)


Fight: 0:09

Difficulties apply to doors and this particular door is import since it gives Jinu, a super strong weapon for Anelace that can be upgraded by doing the Nightmare Arena (it probably won't be upgraded cause the Nightmare Arena is already pretty brutal with a good party). Even without the upgrades, its stats are insanely good for this point in the game and its the reason why I use Anelace in the next few bosses.

Trails in the Sky the 3rd - Cassius Bright

The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky Review

Darren takes a looks at the recent re-release of Trails in the Sky, originally released in the West for the PSP back in 2011, and comes back liking the enhancements.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky Playthrough| Rolent Sewers

Playlist -
The enemies are hard as hell to see on the field its ridiculous.
Better Ds3

33 Trails to Azure – Story Walkthrough + EVO Voiceacting [Final Chapter 1/10]

-Ao no Kiseki-
Playthrough of the chinese PC version with the english fan translation patch.



[PC Version – max settings]




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