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10 best tips for playing The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky the 3rd


Dont Skip - The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky

The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky offers an inviting world filled with depth and imagination.

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The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky Review

Darren takes a looks at the recent re-release of Trails in the Sky, originally released in the West for the PSP back in 2011, and comes back liking the enhancements.

Kotaku Played: Trails in the Sky (with Tim Rogers!)

IS THIS VIDEO PART ONE OF AN ONGOING SERIES? Only *YOUR* contribution toward the view count can determine that!

I played The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky! (I'm Tim Rogers, by the way.)

We got about halfway through the tutorial. I know it's halfway because all the way through the tutorial is how far I got the last time I tried to play the game. (I was too busy with Work Stuff at the time. Well, now Work Stuff = playing video games, so.)

Trails In The Sky FC - Review - Tarks Gauntlet

Artwork used in the thumbnail is from the EVO version of the game and not present in the version I played. I decided on this simply because it's some of the only good, hi-res and clean full body images of the main characters out there, and could save me from having a thumbnail identical to everybody elses.

I played and loved both entries in the Legend of Heroes Trails of Cold steel, and have been told non-stop to give this series a go as well.

Before I get told any more and risk the game feeling like it's been over-hyped, it's time I finally start. Falcoms magnum opus series, The Legend of Heroes.


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OBS Test: Trails in the Sky The 3rd

Finally got the new laptop set up, and it can record PC games with OBS lag-free! Just testing to see how this looks. My computer can probably handle even better settings.

Trails in the Sky the 3rd Chapter 5: Renne【Nightmare NG】


Legend of Heroes Trails in The Sky The Third Part 24: Schera's New Look

C'mon, I can't be the only one thinking her haircut makes her look a bit motherly. Perhaps mature would be a better word

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Let's Play Trails in the Sky the 3rd (Blind) Part 1: A Luxury Cruise Airship

What better way to start a Trails in the Sky game than by cruising in the skies of Liberl. Let's watch how to pull off a heist in a not-so-smooth manner.

Note: Apologies for baby crying noises!

Trails in The Sky the 3rd (PC - Nightmare Mode) : Chapter 8-10 Phantasmagoria Boss Rush

Please see the playlist description for more details...

5:00 Left Gate
17:10 Main Gate
35:30 Right Gate

All boss shares similar strategy, only differs in how you anticipate each boss moves. Again, they are not best or fast party formations so you should able to divide all 16 party members for better strategy.... Because Tita hold Zemurian Weapon, I can live without Clock Up EX on Loli Team.

Trails in The Sky the 3rd (PC - Nightmare Mode) : Chapter 8-4 Nightmare Arena First Win

Please see the playlist description for more details...

My first win in Nightmare Arena, which is the end game grinding for this game along with the Abyss. I'm doing this grind for getting 400 battles (Star Door 13 and 14). This video is obviously not at best performance. For the first win, you'll get Soul Quartz and Anelace's final weapon so this video is like hardest time of this arena... The next video will be only like 40 minutes with better setup and it can be cakewalk once you understand how this arena works...

Basically I will re-do this arena a lot (sometimes with the Abyss from video 8-1 to 8-3) by cycling all 16 party members. Kevin and Richard are your ace and will be 100% here, while Kloe is needed for the Abyss...

Since people are not aware or not really grind this arena (because they get 400 battles from normal battles), there are many neat rewards that can heavily help final dungeon and New Game Plus file later:
- Tear All Balm, Zeram Powders/Capsules (common/unlucky drops)
- Proxy/Emergency Puppets
- Onyx/Silver/Gold Gem

NOTE: In XSEED version, there is a bug with Mirror Quartz in Cassius battle causing softlock when he's using Armor Rend. Avoid to use this Quartz even if this one is extremely useful

Time Stamps:
2:20 Old Toughies
Basically buff and debuff strategy. Philip is vulnerable to Confuse that I didn't realize for this video. So for next chance, confuse him and leave him last alive.

21:20 Orguille Tank
Not really much strategy, except it is a tank so be careful with AoE

34:10 Duo Taito
This is where battles can go a bit difficult (but not as hard as last battle of course). This is the reason why Tita and Renne can't initially join this party, because S-Craft will oneshot them (you'll need revive Puppets). For the battle itself, Kilika is more dangerous than Walter even if he is an enforcer. So aim Kilika first and Walter alone is pretty much just Earth Guard status all day...

54:20 Cassius and Loewe
The most WTF pair for Sky Trilogy of course... Similar to Walter, Loewe is pushover once he's alone, so take out Cassius first. It's not an easy task of course, Schera is here for stealing turn reason.

1:11:00 The Almost Cheap Kill moment
I'll leave it here to take notes, even at decent level and your strategy goes well, you can die in Nightmare Difficulty with this cheap Armor Rend. I lose like 4 times with similar situation but now I can win with both luck and decision...

Why You Should Play Trails in the Sky

My new video! Like and subscribe for hopefully more in the future. Also I know I change the pronunciation of Zemuria, I think the second one is better than my first attempt.

Music (in order):
Gin no Ishi Kin no Tsubasa (Trails SC)
This is Our Real Power (Trails the Third) for all the transitions
Trails in the Skies (Trails FC)
Origins of the Earth (Third)
Fateful Confrontation (SC)
Silver Will (FC)
A Wish's Whereabouts (SC)
Cry for Me, Cry for You (Third)

BEST JRPG IN YEARS! - Trails of Cold Steel Review

Welcome back to another deliciously bad editing job courtesy of Tarks gauntlet. Edited so badly that I spelt Editing wrong in the video and only notice now as I type the description. You win some, you lose some, enjoy the vid!


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Trails in the Sky the 3rd - Cassius Bright

Legend of Heroes Trails in The Sky The Third Part 33: Our Favorite Little Angel

It's too bad she's so stubborn.

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Rumination Analysis on: The Legend of Heroes Trails In The Sky

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Sora no Kiseki 3rd (Nightmare Mode) Vs Ouroboros PSP

Fighting 3 of the at once, but their damage are not as high as Cassius (thank god ~_~) Nightmare Mode trade off is that gaining CP is higher but you will die faster (much better if having +10%CP and +3CP per turn)

Equipment: (all weapons/armor are chapter based)
Estelle: 10% and +3(per turn) CP gladiator acces
Joshua:10% and +3(per turn) CP gladiator acces
Kevin: 10%(SC bonus) and +3(per turn) CP gladiator acces
Allan Richard: random acces to increase SPD

wondering why I have 99 balm, because since chapter 1 I don't use any balms nor throw-able, only EP items (it became a collection D:) all of my heal are arts based so EP deplete quickly, my party have La-TearAll (all map heal) except Richard and Joshua D:

Richard quarts combination is a trade secret :D

If I have some time I will make this again

Let's Play Trails in the Sky the 3rd #69 - Who's the Boss

Welcome to Let's Play The Legend of Heroes Trails in the Sky the 3rd for the PC! This concludes the Trails in the Sky series and oddly, does not follow Estelle or Joshua, instead this time we turn our attention this time to Father Kevin. This game is unique in the series in that it's more of a dungeon crawler than a traditional JRPG and it's also known as one of the hardest games in the series. I hope that you enjoy and come and join me for the finale of this great series!

Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky 3rd - Part 35 Chapter 7

Kevin's backstory is completely revealed here as he takes us down the memory lane of his life. In doing so, we learn more about Phantasma itself and the final pieces of the puzzle fall into place. The only thing left after this one is to start making preparations before we set out to end this.

As for this segment, I can go into a little more detail about what I didn't like about it. The first part is that the entire area is basically just repeated segments with nothing special in it. By having a somewhat generic area, we don't really get any information about Kevin's victims other than their crime and name. They are a generic enemy sprite without any special moves to really set them apart. I get the impression this segment was supposed to have a little gravity to it, but other than the final boss, everything here was pretty much disposable. As for the area itself and the fights within, it was essentially the same thing as every other area where more of the danger seems to reside with the number of enemies rather than the enemies themselves. Even though the area was billed as a place of punishment, the only thing that really stood out to me was just the lack of healing areas until you get to the end. There was no transition in tile sets, lighting, or anything to make one area different from the next even though we're ascending, and the whole thing just feels like a mass of missed opportunity. To make things even worse, we've reverted back to our starting composition, which annoys me since I think this whole revelation was pretty predictable, and I think it might have fit better earlier in the game rather than here. The only part I think really feeling proper would be the area boss as that one does meet expectations with a unique tile set leading up to it and a unique enemy with two others we've only seen once. Since we don't return to this area, I really think it was hastily thrown together without much thought or effort put into it compared to almost any other area to date.

Playing Legend Of Heroes: Trails in the sky 3rd Evolution (PSVITA)

A proper test of recording psvita,sound, and MIC audio at once,

Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky 3rd - Part 17 Star Door #3

Just a heads up, I was considering delaying this video, but due to a power outage yesterday, I was unable to record anything else, and I was not able to set this up to release at its usual time. As a result, here we are, somewhat late, but you get to see another door before I return to the normal gameplay.

As for this door, it is the aftermath of the Aureole incident, and we get to see a lot of our old friends. By this stage of the game, we have already unlocked all but one of the characters you see here, but had I done this earlier, you could have seen most of the crew before we could play as them.

Overall, I'd say this is a bit of a fluff piece to inspire some nostalgia as there isn't really anything groundbreaking you find here (beyond Nial's cruelty). If nothing else, this might help newcomers to the series understand that Joshua and Estelle are being crushed on by their teammates.



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