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10 best tips for playing The Sexy Brutale





There's a little bonus ending available once you collect all of the playing cards in The Sexy Brutale. When you've collected them all, you need to pick up the Key Of Old Habits and use it to unlock a particular door in the mansion.


Title: The Sexy Brutale
Genre: Puzzle Adventure
Developer: Tequila Works & Cavalier Game Studios
Release date: April 11, 2017
Platform: PC | PlayStation® 4 | Xbox One

Set during a single, endlessly-looping day within “The Sexy Brutale” – a stately English mansion converted into a bizarre casino and named by the enigmatic Marquis – players take on the role of elderly priest Lafcadio Boone. To progress, Boone must hide, watch and learn the colorful stories of the other guests at the ball in order to save them from grisly deaths at the hands of the mansion’s staff. By discovering the key moments and methods how each guest can be saved and gaining occult-seeming powers linked to their masks, Lafcadio is able to explore deeper and deeper into the mysteries of the mansion’s past and inhabitants to uncover the truth hidden at the heart of The Sexy Brutale.

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The Sexy Brutale - All Card Locations & How to Access the Room of Old Habits

Warning: This video contains spoilers, if you don't want certain areas of the game spoilt then don't watch this until you've finished the game.

Showing where each card can be found in The Sexy Brutale and how to access the Room of Old Habits where you can trade the cards in for a secret ending.

These are roughly in the order you will find them while playing through the game.

0:00:08 - 9 of clubs - side room next to the main entrance area

0:00:25 - 7 of spades - room with locked door next to the main casino entrance

0:00:38 - ace of clubs - on top of cctv camera 2, switch it off to make it fall

0:00:54 - 8 of clubs - in the roulette room in the casino where Trinity starts her day

0:01:06 - 2 of hearts - in the blackjack room where Clay dies

0:01:10 - jack of spades - in the what's your poison bar

0:01:32 - 4 of diamonds - in the main ballroom area

0:01:46 - 10 of clubs - in a bookcase next to the locked library door

0:02:02 - 10 of spades - in a fireplace on the south end of the casino, you need the security code to get here and you need to reach it before the fireplace is lit

0:02:22 - 3 of clubs - on the ground on the way up to the guest rooms

0:02:34 - 10 of diamonds - at the top of the stairs leading to the guest rooms

0:02:48 - 5 of diamonds - under the small fish tankin the aquarium room

0:03:06 - 6 of spades - on the balcony overlooking the starting area

0:03:22 - 4 of hearts - on the walkway overlooking the main ballroom

0:03:36 - queen of spades - on the ground in the instrument room

0:03:53 - 7 of hearts - in the costume rack in the dressing room

0:04:08 - 9 of diamonds - at the back of the storage room

0:04:24 - 8 of diamonds - in this room to the left of the stage in the theatre

0:04:42 - 5 of clubs - in the corridor behind the stage in the theatre

0:05:01 - 2 of clubs - in a fireplace at the bottom left of the theatre area, you need to reach this before the firstplace is lit

0:05:18 - king of hearts - in an urn at the bottom right of the theatre area, use Tequilas ability to smash it

0:05:53 - 2 of spades - in a chest in the reception area of the theatre, use Graysons ability to open it

0:06:05 - 3 of spades - in a bookcase in the basement

0:06:16 - queen of clubs - in a chest in the room just past the cctv room, use Graysons ability to open it

0:06:37 - 8 of hearts - in an urn in the bottom left room of the casino area past the security door, use Tequilas ability to smash it

0:06:56 - jack of clubs - in the first area of the garden

0:07:14 - king of clubs - talk to the ghost you find on the way to the library

0:07:36 - 6 of clubs - in the corner of the library

0:07:52 - 9 of spades - in an upstairs room of the library

0:08:05 - 5 of spades - examine the shrine thing in the secret passage next to the library

0:08:19 - 8 of spades - examine the bookcase in the room to the left of the Heaven and Hell staircase

0:08:35 - queen of hearts - examine the open book in the room with the blonde skeleton painting to the right of the Heaven and Hell staircase

0:08:49 - 3 of hearts - on the ground next to the painting with the eyeholes cut out next to the dining room

0:09:00 - 2 of diamonds - check the dumbwaiter before the staff member puts the knights arm in it, you can check it from the basement or the dining room

0:09:11 - ace of diamonds - in a chest in the basement, use Graysons ability to open it

0:09:32 - 6 of hearts - on the ground in a room in the secret meeting room in the basement

0:09:46 - 7 of diamonds - on the ground in the mirror room in the basement

0:10:02 - 10 of hearts - use the roulette ball to play pinball in the basement

0:11:07 - queen of diamonds - run on the giant record player in the basement

0:11:35 - 4 of spades - on the ground in the portait room in the basement

0:11:47 - jack of diamonds - smash the urn in the ghost band area at the back of the bar using Tequilas ability

0:12:07 - 6 of diamonds - on the ground in the small bar next to the ghost band area

0:12:21 - king of spades - open the chest in the aquarium room using Graysons ability

0:12:38 - ace of spades - smash the urn in the piano room

0:12:59 - 5 of hearts - smash the urn at the room on the left at the top of the Heaven and Hell staircase

0:13:20 - 4 of clubs - on the ground in the northern glass corridor in the mirror hub

0:13:31 - jack of hearts - in the bottom left room of the mirror hub

0:13:43 - 7 of clubs - in the top right room of the chapel area

0:13:55 - king of diamonds - talk to the ghost playing the organ in the chapel

0:14:17 - ace of hearts - in the swirling card room in the basement, you can only access this card after collecting around 50 cards

0:14:33 - 3 of diamonds - on the ground in the room to the left of the balcony overlooking the main starting are

0:14:47 - 9 of hearts - in the fireplace in the same room as the 3 of diamonds, you need to get here before the staff member lights the fire

0:15:02 - accessing the room of old habits

The Sexy Brutale - How to Save ALL Characters Guide [1440p 60FPS]

0:00 Reginald Sixpence
1:27 Clay Rockridge & Trinity Carrington
2:24 Willow Blue
5:41 Tequila Belle
7:21 Redd Rockridge & Greyson Grayson
10:00 Aurum Runes & Thanos Gorecki - Don't forget to set the statue in the entrance hall to hearts
14:30 Lucas Bondes

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Dank bossa nova by

The Sexy Brutale Review

The Sexy Brutale reviewed by Jonathon Dornbush on PC. Also available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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WTF Is... - The Sexy Brutale ?

TotalBiscuit takes a look at the recently released puzzle/adventure from Cavalier Studios and Tequila Works.

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00:13 Intro/Preamble
02:39 Options Menu
04:51 Gameplay
18:55 Shut up and listen to the music
26:42 Conclusion

Review key was supplied by developers free of charge.

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The Sexy Brutale Character Series: The Staff

The impeccable attired and immaculately mannered staff at The Sexy Brutale are renowned for their dedication to their tasks and attention to detail. This year however, their full effort and focus appears to be dedicated to the systematic murder of the guests.

No-one appears to be safe from their peculiar brand of personalised service. But are they acting on their own now that the master of the house is away... Or is it his murderous will that they continue to follow, day in and day out?

SEXY BRUTALE: Secret Ending

Sexy Brutale secret ending.

The Sexy Brutale - Any% Speedrun in 1:10:30

This is an any% speedrun of The Sexy Brutale in 1:10:30. This route is very close to Cohobast's so many thanks to him and the other runners. I made some route changes early on and towards the middle.

I rebound left click to scroll wheel down on a free scrolling mouse to speed up dialog. Since the in-game options menu is very limited, I had to do this using x-mouse button control. However, many speedruns use free scrolling mice so hopefully this isn't a problem. For example, I think people rebind scroll wheel in Antichamber, Dishonored, Borderlands, Half Life 2, and Portal and several of them require editing ini files since this can't be in with in-game menus.

The Sexy Brutale: Everyone Together and Happy. Part 10- Final (No Commentary)

Welcome to the Final video of The Sexy Brutale.

In this video, we find the rest of the card and all the secrets. Once that, we head to the room with chain up guy. Once you give him the cards, you are taking to the entrance.

You enter the door in front of you and you see everyone is dancing and having a good time. You can either break the glass at the far end, or you can keep relive the this moment forever.


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The Sexy Brutale Ep. 4 Tough Puzzle Help me! Murder Mystery Stealth PC Gameplay Walkthrough

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The Sexy Brutale is a 3D Puzzle & Adventure game, developed by Cavalier Game Studios and Tequila Works for PC and Next Generation consoles, a never-ending masked ball featuring intrigue, murder and the quite possibly occult.
Players must unveil the secrets of The Sexy Brutale casino mansion and its inhabitants, as they relive the same mysterious and murderous masked ball. As the story unfolds in real-time, the player must find answers to every enigma and end the loop, to save all guests’ lives as well as his own.

The Sexy Brutale Key Features:
- Never ending “Groundhog Day” looping time gameplay, creating a unique way for players to freely engage with concurrent stories.
- Spy, eavesdrop and hide in order to learn each individual narrative playing out across the mansion.
- Intriguing murder mystery puzzles to be solved through investigation and deduction.
- The mansion forms a fully interlocked “clockwork” world that ultimately tells one grand, twisting story.
- A colorful and varied cast of characters and a stylish art direction make The Sexy Brutale a unique-looking game.

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Intro Music used is from in game check credits in game for Artist and Company

Outro by cHiLLs
Music By: Dj Quads
Music Used: Back in Time
Check out DJ Quads Here:

[#10] UNLOCKING THE MANSIONS SECRETS! Gorecki’s Architect Power Pays Off ▶ The Sexy Brutale Gameplay

Let’s Play The Sexy Brutale, Part 10 ▶ UNLOCKING THE MANSIONS SECRETS! Gorecki’s Architect Power Pays Off

Let’s Play The Sexy Brutale | Time Travel Stealth Murder Prevention | The Sexy Brutale Gameplay

The Sexy Brutale Gameplay

Entire Series Playlist:


Join the never-ending masked ball at “The Sexy Brutale” casino mansion – a puzzle-and-adventure game featuring intrigue, murder and the (quite-possibly) occult!

The enigmatic Marquis – owner and maestro of the mansion – appears to be missing from his own party. In his absence, his guests are being murdered by mansion’s staff in a range of bizarre and horrifying ways.

As elderly priest Lafcadio Boone, you seem to be protected from some of the worst dangers in the mansion. It falls to you to explore deep into the mansion, saving the guests and uncovering the terrible secrets in the darkest heart of the The Sexy Brutale…


The Sexy Brutale is a stealth game about traveling back in time to prevent murders. You play as Lafciado Boone, an elderly priest with a pocketwatch that takes you back to noon on Saturday. You creep around the Sexy Brutale casino/mansion, watching as the mansion staff murders guests, and then rewinding time to foil their dastardly plans.

Peek through keyholes and hide in wardrobes to figure out what the staff is doing. But there is more than meets the eye at the Sexy Brutale. The guests wear masks that control their every action. Ghosts walk the halls, and a mysterious bloody girl gives you strange guidance. What is going on here? Only you can discover the evil that lurks… in the SEXY BRUTALE!


About Bjorn Strongndarm’s Let’s Play:

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I play a lot of RimWorld, a bit of Minecraft, and other indie games as and when I can. If you want to share these gaming experiences with me, then welcome!

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The Sexy Brutale, by Tequila Works ▶

The Sexy Brutale on Steam ▶

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“AT1”, by Synapsis

All Licensed under Creative Commons 3.0

The Sexy Brutale - Best Game of 2017 No One's Talking About

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The Sexy Brutale Character Trailer Trinity Carrington PS4 (SEO Tips For Games)

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Let's Play The Sexy Brutale - PC Gameplay Part 7 - We Got Hoodwinked!

Welcome to the Mansion!

All the guests are being murdered — horribly! — at this extravagant masquerade party set all across the sprawling and bizarre Sexy Brutale casino mansion.
Then at midnight, the clock re-winds and the grisly pantomime all plays out again in exactly the same way.

You awake on the floor of one of the rooms wearing a mask with a bloody handprint across it. It protects you from the worst of the evil that lays across the mansion, but you can only watch, and spy, and try to learn each guest's secrets so you can save them from their bloody fate.

10 unique and grisly murder scenarios
- Witness evisceration by arachnid! (highly creepy!)
- Observe expiration via immolation! (they burn!)
- Behold perishing through perforation! (the spike goes right through!)
...and so many more murderous mysteries to solve!

Everything in the mansion happens on a 12 hour loop, simultaneously
- What is the gunshot heard across the mansion at 3:45?
- Where is the bell that tolls after 6pm?
- Why are the lights flickering every day after noon? will not stop until you stop it!

Is everyone in this place a weirdo?
- Clockmaster Sixpence - a genius mechanic who cannot outsmart a bullet?
- Blind artist Trinity - so beautiful and talented, but gets into a sticky situation?
- Brutish bouncer Clay - not strong enough to stomach a shot of pure spider venom?
...they just won't stop being murdered by staff in gas-masks!

Every life you save grants you a new ability!
- Not a second to lose? The Clockwork Mask grants control over time!
- Murderers whispering their secrets? The Moth Mask picks up the quietest of sounds!
- Ghostly goings-on? The Voodoo Mask opens your eyes to beyond the grave!
...but for every new power comes new responsibilites!

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The Sexy Brutale: Full House Edition - Trailer (PS4) (Puzzle Murder Mystery Adventure) (2017)


The Sexy Brutale will arrive as a physical PlayStation 4 release on April 11, 2017.

Key Features:

Unique ‘Groundhog Day’ puzzle concept: Spend hours upon hours exploring a single day from different perspectives and locations.
Watch, listen, and learn: Attention to detail is a must if you intend to save each guest from an early grave.

Multiple areas to explore: Each includes its own scenario, characters and puzzles.

A mansion of possibilities: Plenty of room to experience a darkly humorous murder mystery that takes place within a huge manor.
Exotic cast of characters: Nine guests from all walks of life have put their lives in your hands.

Acquire special powers: Each victim you save grants you special powers on your quest to uncover the secret at the heart of The Sexy Brutale.

The Sexy Brutale: Full House Edition PlayStation 4 physical release features:

The Sexy Brutale game.
Official soundtrack CD.
Exclusive full-color studio manual highlighting the inspirations behind the game.

Pre-Order Details:

Pre-order items are retailer-dependent and will be either a unique comic book by Enrique Fernandez OR an exclusive game artbook. Further details to be announced.

BadLand Games has signed a deal with Spanish developer Tequila Works to publish adventure game The Sexy Brutale as a physical release on April 11 for the PlayStation 4. The Sexy Brutale was co-developed by Tequila Works and the UK-based Cavalier Game Studios. The physical release is entitled The Sexy Brutale: Full House Edition.

Fans who pre-order the game will receive an exclusive six-page comic book penned by renowned comic artist Enrique Fernandez or an exclusive artbook featuring unseen images and concepts from the game’s development. The physical version of the game will also include a CD of the official soundtrack and a full-color manual on the game and development background.

Developed over three years between Cavalier Game Studios and Tequila Works, The Sexy Brutale is the name of the grand casino mansion where a series of horrifying murders take place during the annual masked ball. Players take on the role of elderly priest Lafcadio Boone, and must hide and spy on guests and staff alike to solve and prevent each murder before the clock strikes midnight, during a never-ending Groundhog Day that will not stop until all the mansion’s dark secrets are revealed.

“The Sexy Brutale is one of the most remarkable games we have seen, and we’re absolutely delighted to be bringing it to physical retail,” says BadLand Games CEO Luis Quintans. “Solving murders by reliving an unending cycle of death is a great concept on its own — and a worthy addition to the adventure genre.”

The joy of The Sexy Brutale is experiencing each individual story and death and learning how to prevent each murder before it happens every day,” says Tequila Works CEO and creative director Raúl Rubio. Such a special occasion demands the appropriate dress code — a fancy physical release in partnership with BadLand Games!

Nasty's Take with gameplay on The Sexy Brutale - Xbox One - REVIEW

The Sexy Brutale is out now on Xbox One for $19.99 or your regional equivalent. This is a murder mystery puzzle solving game. It can be quite tricky. The music is nicely done to put you in that 20's mind frame. Achievements will be simple once a guide is posted. I enjoyed it until I got stuck which is never any fun and without any guides written to help me out of the situation. So keep on your toes and pay close attention with this one. 6.5/10

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The Sexy Brutale: The Sexy Brutale Game Walkthrough Part 9 No Commentary

This is the The Sexy Brutale Part 9

The Sexy Brutale Part 1

The Sexy Brutale Part 2

The Sexy Brutale Part 3

The Sexy Brutale Part 4

The Sexy Brutale Part 5

The Sexy Brutale Part 6

The Sexy Brutale Part 7

The Sexy Brutale Part 8

The Sexy Brutale Part 10

The Sexy Brutale Part 11

The Sexy Brutale Part 12

The Sexy Brutale Part 13

The Sexy Brutale Deck Guide / All 52 Cards Part 1

The Sexy Brutale Deck Guide / All 52 Cards Part 2

► The Sexy Brutale, developed by Cavalier Game Studios and Tequila is a Murder-Mystery Adventure.

► About this game
The Sexy Brutale — a never-ending masked ball featuring intrigue, murder and the (quite possibly) occult! Relive the same mysterious day where the guests at the casino mansion are being murdered by the staff over and over again.

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15 Best PlayStation 4 Hidden Indie Gems

The PlayStation 4 is home to a ton of great indie games. The PS4 used to be the best console to play indie games before the release of the Switch, and as a result, the PS4 is swimming in great indie titles. That can make it hard to find some games, that's why I'm here to show you the best hidden indie game gems on the PS4!

???? 0:35 Graveyard Keeper

???? 1:18 Snake Pass

???? 1:58 Oxenfree

???? 2:40 The Invisible Hours

???? 3:25 Mystik Belle

???? 4:05 Serial Cleaner

???? 4:45 The Sexy Brutale

???? 5:40 Blood Bowl 2

???? 6:25 Mekorama

???? 7:01 Worse Than Death

???? 7:42 Battle Chef Brigade

???? 8:30 Death Coming

???? 9:13 Wartile

???? 9:55 Desert Child

???? 10:37 The Gardens Between

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The Sexy Brutale Game - Can YOU Prevent The Murders? | The Sexy Brutale Gameplay

The Sexy Brutale Gameplay Part 1? - I am the hero the city deserves. Welcome to The Sexy Brutale! The Sexy Brutale is a never-ending masked ball featuring intrigue, murder and the occult. Let's Play The Sexy Brutale!

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Players must slowly discover the truth behind the secrets of The Sexy Brutale and its inhabitants, who are reliving the same day over and over again - trapped in a nightmare loop from which they cannot escape! #TheSexyBrutale #Gameplay

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Hell in the Sexy Brutale #10 | The Sexy Brutale

The Sexy Brutale is a neat little pont and click adventure and one of the good examples for Unity engine games. Although there is not much pointing and clicking, because you control the main character directly, ideally with a Game Pad. The story, that you piece together by sneaking about and spying on people is sad and very good, especially on it's climax.

The main feature is the reset day function, wich lets you explore the mansion and record the movements and knowledge of the protagonists and villians.With some derping it's about 7 hours long.

One would have expected a smoother door interaction, because that's what you do 80% of the time. A little bit more polish on that would have been benificial.

All-in-all a nice experience for the in-between worth about 10 Eur.


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