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10 best tips for playing The Sexy Brutale


The Sexy Brutale - How to Save ALL Characters Guide [1440p 60FPS]

0:00 Reginald Sixpence
1:27 Clay Rockridge & Trinity Carrington
2:24 Willow Blue
5:41 Tequila Belle
7:21 Redd Rockridge & Greyson Grayson
10:00 Aurum Runes & Thanos Gorecki - Don't forget to set the statue in the entrance hall to hearts
14:30 Lucas Bondes

Review code was provided by developers free of charge.

Dank bossa nova by

Sexy丶WarLord - Top 2 New EST - Boosting - 2000 Totals - Legacy Of Discord - Apollyon

Sexy-warlord, Top 2 EST new server, activating new items and boasting totals TD/TDR to 2000%. Maxing out Galactic Armory Avatar upgrade and a lot more.

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Top 20 BEST OVERLOOKED Indie Games of the Decade You Should Own

With this decade drawing to a close, it is time to make a list of the top 20 best overlooked indie games of the decade you should own. With indie games more popular than ever, and the increase in the number of classic indie games coming out on the Nintendo Switch, the past decade has well and truly spoiled us in terms of giving us some of the best indie games of all time.

In making this list of the top 20 best overlooked indie games of the decade you should own, Get Indie Gaming used a subjective measure of the best indie games we admire, love and those that shifted game development forward and came up with the following list. It is by its nature a compromise and yet it is the best measure we have.

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The Top 20 Indie Games of the Decade:
0:00 - Introduction
0:20 - 20: Botanicula:
0:52 - 19: Pony Island:
1:20 - 18: Holedown:
2:00 - 17: Rain World:
2:28 - 16: VVVVVV:
3:05 - 15: To the Moon:
3:44 - 14: Thomas Was Alone:
4:28 - 13: The Unfinished Swan:
5:00 - 12: Nidhogg:
5:29 - 11: Wilmot’s Warehouse:
6:07 - 10: Dead Pixels:
6:50 - 9: Sundered:
7:34 - 8: Kingdom Two Crowns:
8:05 - 7: The Swapper:
8:41 - 6: Linelight:
9:11 - 5: Pyre:
1:12 - 4: Monolith:
11:07 - 3: Escape Goat 2:
12:12 - 2: Transistor:
13:20 - 1: The Sexy Brutale:

Song Used within the Intro and Outro
DOM3 & x.o.anne - Hit The Ground Running (Invaders Of Nine Remix) [Bass Rebels Release]
Song -
Download/Stream -

Graceful Explosion Machine Review

Graceful Explosion Machine is a smart, addictive shooter and one the best showcases of HD Rumble on Nintendo Switch so far.

The First 15 Minutes of Graceful Explosion Machine:

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April - New Game Releases!

Pretty decent month overall, what you guys getting?

Full release list:
Domina (PC) - April 3
Persona 5 (PS4, PS3) - April 4
Ira (PC, Mac) - April 5
Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition (PS4, Xbox One, PC) - April 7
Don't Think Twice (Rift, Vive) - April 7
Yooka-Laylee (PS4, Xbox One, PC) - April 11
The Sexy Brutale (PS4, Xbox One, PC) - April 11
Stardew Valley: Collector's Edition (PS4, Xbox One) - April 11
Calm Waters (PC, Mac) - April 13
Guardians of the Galaxy (PS4, Xbox One, PC, iOS, Android) - April 18
The Silver Case (PS4) - April 18
Micro Machines: World Series (PS4, Xbox One) - April 21
Dragon Quest Heroes II (PS4) - April 25
Outlast 2 (PS4, Xbox One) - April 25
Puyo Puyo Tetris (Switch, PS4) - April 25
Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 (PS4, Xbox One, PC) - April 25
Syberia 3 (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC) - April 25
Wilson's Heart (Rift) - April 25
Little Nightmares (PS4, Xbox One, PC) - April 28
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Switch) - April 28
Portal Knights (PS4, Xbox One, PC) - April 28

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Has Been Heroes Review

Has Been Heroes reviewed by Leif Johnson on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Also available on Nintendo Switch.

The First 10 Minutes of Has-Been Heroes

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[#10] UNLOCKING THE MANSIONS SECRETS! Gorecki’s Architect Power Pays Off ▶ The Sexy Brutale Gameplay

Let’s Play The Sexy Brutale, Part 10 ▶ UNLOCKING THE MANSIONS SECRETS! Gorecki’s Architect Power Pays Off

Let’s Play The Sexy Brutale | Time Travel Stealth Murder Prevention | The Sexy Brutale Gameplay

The Sexy Brutale Gameplay

Entire Series Playlist:


Join the never-ending masked ball at “The Sexy Brutale” casino mansion – a puzzle-and-adventure game featuring intrigue, murder and the (quite-possibly) occult!

The enigmatic Marquis – owner and maestro of the mansion – appears to be missing from his own party. In his absence, his guests are being murdered by mansion’s staff in a range of bizarre and horrifying ways.

As elderly priest Lafcadio Boone, you seem to be protected from some of the worst dangers in the mansion. It falls to you to explore deep into the mansion, saving the guests and uncovering the terrible secrets in the darkest heart of the The Sexy Brutale…


The Sexy Brutale is a stealth game about traveling back in time to prevent murders. You play as Lafciado Boone, an elderly priest with a pocketwatch that takes you back to noon on Saturday. You creep around the Sexy Brutale casino/mansion, watching as the mansion staff murders guests, and then rewinding time to foil their dastardly plans.

Peek through keyholes and hide in wardrobes to figure out what the staff is doing. But there is more than meets the eye at the Sexy Brutale. The guests wear masks that control their every action. Ghosts walk the halls, and a mysterious bloody girl gives you strange guidance. What is going on here? Only you can discover the evil that lurks… in the SEXY BRUTALE!


About Bjorn Strongndarm’s Let’s Play:

Games are fun! They’re even more fun when shared with others. I record and upload what I play in order to share these experiences with others.

I provide relaxed, family-friendly yet mature commentary while playing. Some people occasionally even find it entertaining! (Although I make no promises.) I don’t claim to be particularly good at gaming; often, the most fun comes from failing in the most spectacular of ways. Losing is Fun! (I’m looking at you, Dwarf Fortress.) But I do try to get better.

I play a lot of RimWorld, a bit of Minecraft, and other indie games as and when I can. If you want to share these gaming experiences with me, then welcome!

(Oh, and it’s pronounced “Bee-Yorn Strong-in-the-arm”, with thanks to Sir Terry Pratchett.)


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RimWorld Series 5 (RimWorld Alpha 16:)


The Sexy Brutale, by Tequila Works ▶

The Sexy Brutale on Steam ▶

The Sexy Brutale on GoG ▶



“AT1”, by Synapsis

All Licensed under Creative Commons 3.0

Shock Tactics Gameplay - Shock Tactics Let's Play - Ep 1 - Shock Tactic Walkthrough/Review/Tutorial

Shock Tactics Ep 1 - Welcome to Delgar’s Let's Play Shock Tactics Gameplay Series. Shock Tactics is a single player turn-based sci-fi strategy game with tactical combat, exploration, squad management and base building.. This Shock Tactics PC Gameplay Walkthrough will also include a Review, tutorials and helpful hints and tips. I hope you enjoy this first look at Shock Tactics and enjoy Shock Tactics episode 1 or Shock Tactics part 1.

Shock Tactics Playlist:

Interested in some other games? Here's a few you may enjoy!
▶ Oxygen Not Included:
▶ Nortgard:
▶ Rimworld Alpha 16:

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Your team are the trailblazers for the first wave of Free Space Pioneers exploring a newly discovered alien planet. While searching the hostile world for alien technology you lead your team into tactical combat against pirates, alien creatures and the troops of the Imperial Consortium. Set up outposts and dig sites to exploit the secrets that this new world holds, in order stand against the incoming invasion. Everything is out there for the taking, but nothing will come free.

Challenging squad tactics combat:Lead your strike team against smart enemies that employ a large array of tactics. Know your enemy, build a strategy, rule the battlefield.
Strike team progression: Harness the power of the alien artifacts to upgrade your base, built new weapons and armor and train your soldiers with different abilities to fit your playstyle.
Full Control: Action Points allow you to move your soldiers with full control and the interrupt system enables long sprints, that are stopped when new enemies are spotted, so you can assess the situation and spend your remaining Action Points accordingly.
Aggressive Tactics: Always drop right into the action and bring the fight to the enemy before he can reinforce his positions. Play fast tactical assaults on time sensitive objectives and stay in full control.
Hostile Planet: The procedurally generated world map leads to different strategic situations in each game session. Fight in three different environments of Hephæst to claim the alien artifacts.
Fate of Hephæst: Experience a story revealing the secrets of the planet while the great factions steer towards a final battle deciding their fate in the galaxy.

Best 10 Nintendo Switch Indie Games

Welcome to our top 10 best of list for indie games currently out on the Nintendo Switch. All of these titles are available via the Nintendo eShop with full links below. From Golf Story, to Sexy Brutale and Celetse, it’s been a wonderful first year on the console. As more indie games come onto the Nintendo Switch over the months and years, we will be sure to update this list as times go by.


About Us:- Twitter:

Game featured in the intro:

Top 10 Indie Games on the Nintendo Switch:

10) Golf Story:
9) Floor Kids:
8) NITW:
7) Fast RMX:
6) Sexy Brutale:
5) Steamworld Dig 2:
4) Stardew Valley:
3) Gorogoa:
2) Owlboy:
1) Celeste:

The Sexy Brutale Gameplay on nVidia Quadro 2000M

This game does seem interesting but I don't really think I'm gonna be playing it - this is more of a one-time demonstration - it doesn't seem like a very relaxed game that follows my pace, rather I should follow its. And that's not happening :)

System specs:

nVidia Quadro 2000M @ 750/1500/1024MHz
Intel i5-2540M @2.6@3.1GHz
Windows 8.1
DualShock3 via DS3Tool

Reigns Game - We Discovered A New World! | Reigns Gameplay (New Update)

Reigns Gameplay Part 7 - Best Exploring King Ever. Welcome back to Reigns! Sit on the throne as the King of the modern age and swipe your royal controller either left or right to impose your reign upon the kingdom. Let's Play Reigns!

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● Wordpress -

Extend your reign as long as possible, forge alliances, make enemies, and find new ways to die as your dynasty marches along through the ages. Some events will span on centuries, with an intrigue involving burning witches, scientific enlightenment, wicked politics and, maybe, the Devil himself. #Reigns #CardGame

● Reigns Game Download:
● Reigns Game Site:
● Reigns Card Game Updates:

The Sexy Brutale Time Traveling Clock and the Secrets within Finding Lucas Ep12

The Sexy Brutale a never-ending masked ball featuring intrigue, murder and the (quite possibly) occult! Relive the same mysterious day where the guests at the casino mansion are being murdered by the staff over and over again.
All the guests are being murdered horribly! at this extravagant masquerade party set all across the sprawling and bizarre Sexy Brutale casino mansion.
Then at midnight, the clock re-winds and the grisly pantomime all plays out again in exactly the same way.

You awake on the floor of one of the rooms wearing a mask with a bloody handprint across it. It protects you from the worst of the evil that lays across the mansion, but you can only watch, and spy, and try to learn each guest's secrets so you can save them from their bloody fate.

I'd love to know what you thought of the game, the video or anything else you'd like to share, so leave a comment below and let's chat!

Find the game on Steam:

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* Twitch:
* YouTube:
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Outro song is Ourobooros by Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

It's a dangerous journey, where everyday is an adventure! If you are looking for some high adventure, a good few jump scares and friendship along the way, then you are definitely in the right place. I hope you enjoy these videos and if you do be sure to give that like button a little flick and a swish! and be sure to subscribe and/or follow so you don't miss any of the action here in The Sexy Brutale or any of the other fun games I am playing here on my channel. Thanks for being here! I enjoy making these videos just for you! ~ Ariyanna Moon :D

The Sexy Brutale [Part 3/13] [Saving Willow Blue 1/2]

The Sexy Brutale is a groundhog day/puzzle game jointly developed by Tequila Works and Cavalier Game Studios. The Sexy Brutale is a lavish and ostentatious casino mansion owned by the Marquis, who throws every year a masked ball for a very exclusive list of attendees. This year, however, something lurks under the extravagant façade. Something deadly.

Lafcadio Boone, an old preacher, is the first life to be reaped. However, this is not the end for him. Blessed by a mysterious, bloody girl, Lafcadio receives both a boon and a burden: he's aware of the neverending nature of this fatal day, thus he's the only one who can save the other guests and solve the mystery of the Sexy Brutale.

The game is available on Steam (and GOG), Xbox ONE, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.

Link to Steam page →
Link to GOG page →
Link to Tequila Work's website →


This game is currently embroiled with a very personal mystery: during rendering, I have to make sure every single time that the mp4 format is chosen. Somehow, the settings automatically select the m4v one for some blasted reason, even custom settings.

My computer better not be haunted, damnit.

The other peculiar thing with this game is that, well, I constantly have to check the gamepad to make sure I'm pressing the right buttons. Eavesdropping while hidden in very spacious wardrobes? Accidentally select the pocket watch instead.

Willow's section is... More difficult than Clay & Trinity's, without a single doubt. Bloody Girl isn't around to conveniently give Lafcadio the winding key for this portion of the mansion, and when I do finally find it, _I forget to synchronise the pocket watch with the clock_. That was one waste of a loop.

Once Lafcadio is where he's supposed to be, discovering Willow's final day is not easy. First, there's a secret passage you have to see her use. Then the passage is blocked by some giant skull, so the player has to discover how to get past this other obstacle _too_.

Turns out, you can't save Willow on your first loop anyway. She has to die so that Lafcadio can access her personal desk.

(That's one way to ring a bell, alright... So, who is the one who gets electrocuted at around 10PM?)

So there we go, 25 minutes of swiping invitations off dead bodies and getting to the correct location, forgetting to synchronise the pocket watch and having to reach the location again, and having troubles tracking Willow's movements. Moreover, I still have little idea of what the hell happens in that room, so that's another loop that will be spent on gathering information.

I should be able to save* Willow in the next video though.

*Bloody Girl said that the mansion is doing its best to undo Lafcadio's actions, so that's possibly why I can still hear Reginald getting shot and witnessed Trinity's death despite having completed their scenarios. Still...

Recorded on the 11th of September 2019




Monsters in the yard. Monsters in the house. Monsters in the hall, beating on your door. Your brother's trapped in his treehouse, so he’s not gonna be much help. You're going to have to get yourself out of this. But where did they come from? How are you supposed to deal with this? Well, certainly not by cowering in your room. That's for, uh, cowards.

First things first. You need to open the door.


...without the accompanying frustration. As fun and well-paced as you generously remember them being. No dream-logic solutions, no hearing the same “those items don’t work together” message over and over. HIVESWAP has unique responses for everything you can try. Spend hours trying everything on everything, if you want to -- but not because you have to. Learn about the characters by exploring their homes! But like, in a good way! No audio logs split up and scattered around -- GUARANTEED.


Strange homes to explore, every room brimming with secrets. The world of HIVESWAP is beautiful and alive, from its hyper-detailed environments to its gorgeous fully-rendered animations. Come take a look!


An eclectic, ambitious, genre-spanning soundtrack, featuring contributions from Undertale’s Toby Fox and, regrettably, at least one third-wave ska song. Also featuring at least one pseudo-revolutionary garage rock duo, with regrets of their own.


Play as JOEY CLAIRE, EXTRAORDINAIRE, a teen trapped in her room *and* in 1994. Play as JUDE HARLEY, BIZARRELY, her kid brother, trapped in his treehouse. Play as XEFROS TRITOH, ALIEN REBEL, wait. Aliens?


HIVESWAP: Act 1 is the first of a four-part series set in Andrew Hussie’s Homestuck universe, with a companion series, Hauntswitch, to follow. Continue your save from chapter to chapter, then from game to game, to carry your story, choices, friendships and frenemies across them all--then do it again! Once released, HIVESWAP and Hauntswitch will be playable in either order. Haven’t read Homestuck? That’s fine! This game is set in 1994! Homestuck hasn’t even been invented yet!


HIVESWAP on Steam:

HIVESWAP on Humble Store:


About Bjorn Strongndarm’s Let’s Play:

Games are fun! They’re even more fun when shared with others. I record and upload what I play in order to share these experiences with others.

I provide relaxed, family-friendly yet mature commentary while playing. Some people occasionally even find it entertaining! (Although I make no promises.) I don’t claim to be particularly good at gaming; often, the most fun comes from failing in the most spectacular of ways. Losing is Fun! (I’m looking at you, Dwarf Fortress.) But I do try to get better.


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RimWorld Alpha 17:



“AT1”, by Synapsis

All Licensed under Creative Commons 3.0

[5][BLIND] Let’s Go Fly a Kite ▶ What Remains of Edith Finch Blind Gameplay

Let’s Play Edith Finch [Blind] | Part 5: Let’s Go Fly a Kite


Let’s Play What Remains of Edith Finch.

Series Playlist:


What Remains of Edith Finch is a collection of short stories about a cursed family in Washington State.

Each story offers a chance to experience the life of a different family member with stories ranging from the early 1900s to the present day. The gameplay and tone of the stories are as varied as the family members themselves. The only constants are that each is played from a first-person perspective and that each story ends with that family member's death. It's a game about what it feels like to be humbled and astonished by the vast and unknowable world around us.

You'll follow Edith Finch as she explores the history of her family and tries to figure out why she's the last Finch left alive.


Praise for What Remains of Edith Finch:

...a game that succeeds in recreating the childhood joy of reading a book and being utterly transported into its pages.
5/5 - The Guardian

It reminded me why I play video games... why I love this medium so much. It reminded me that life ends, and life can be tragic, but life can be meaningful and joyous. I think it may be my favourite game ever, and certainly the most powerful.
5/5 - The Telegraph

I expected What Remains of Edith Finch to be weird and vaguely menacing, but instead found it to be heartbreakingly sweet.
9/10 - Polygon

My Favorite Game of E3 2015 Was What Remains of Edith Finch?
Kotaku, June 26, 2015


What Remains of Edith Finch on Steam:


About Bjorn Strongndarm’s Let’s Play:

Games are fun! They’re even more fun when shared with others. I record and upload what I play in order to share these experiences with others.

I provide relaxed, family-friendly yet mature commentary while playing. Some people occasionally even find it entertaining! (Although I make no promises.) I don’t claim to be particularly good at gaming; often, the most fun comes from failing in the most spectacular of ways. Losing is Fun! (I’m looking at you, Dwarf Fortress.) But I do try to get better.

I play a lot of RimWorld, a bit of Minecraft, and other games as and when I can. If you want to share these gaming experiences with me, then welcome!

(Oh, and it’s pronounced “Bee-Yorn Strong-in-the-arm”, with thanks to Sir Terry Pratchett.)


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The Darkside Detective:

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And RimWorld!

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RimWorld Series 5 (RimWorld Alpha 16:)

Series 6 (RimWorld Alpha 16, Tribal, Planetkiller):

Series 7 (RimWorld Alpha 16, Cassandra Classic Extreme):

Series 8 (RimWorld Alpha 17):



“AT1”, by Synapsis

All Licensed under Creative Commons 3.0

Finishing Children of Morta (SPOILER WARNING) | Ending and Final Boss

This is a recording of the final fight and ending of Children of Morta. This was played with a press key provided by the developer.
20 Essential Games to Study: --


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Nightly at 10 est I have my regular streaming of a video game. Saturday nights we do our grab bag stream where I'll play games voted on by the fans.

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Sunday: Around 2:30 est we do a live show here on the channel with the recording available to watch in a few days.

Mondays: A Dissecting Game Design will be posted. My video series examining a game's design.


I'm Josh Bycer and I run the site Game-Wisdom, where I examine the art and science of games. Here on Youtube, I put out a variety of videos that consists of let's plays, examinations and more.

#177 ★ Für diese Höhle zieh ich mich nicht aus - Daily Dose: MINECRAFT [Deutsch] [HD]

► Let's Play - MINECRAFT Version 1.7.10
● Sandbox Game von Mojang Specifications (2012) -
DER GAST: Mein Schatten

Deine tägliche Dosis Minecraft. Jeden Tag eine neue Aufgabe, neue Abenteuer und neue Herausforderungen. Täglich grüßt der Creepermann und so bringt uns das neue Minecraft LP Format wieder ein wenig zurück an die Anfänge. Vanilla Minecraft ohne Mods fühlt sich einfach richtig an. Halb blind geht es in die neuste Minecraft Version auf einem Server, dessen Möglichkeiten endlos sind. Gäste, Kollegen, Spiele und viele bunte Gesprächsthemen warten auf euch.
Und das alles ist noch nicht genug, mein Gesicht gibt es gratis dazu!

- Besuchen lohnt!


Top VGM Decennial Collection

1 Earthbound–Onett
2 Splatoon 2–Fly Octo Fly
3 Awesomenauts–Ksenia Spree
4 She Wants Me Dead–Theme
5 Pokémon Sun/Moon–Red & Blue Battle
6 Cave Story+–Running Hell
7 Mario & Luigi: SS 3DS–Popple Battle
8 NieR: Automata–End of the Unknown
9 Just Shapes & Beats–Long Live the New Fresh
10 Necrodancer: AMPLIFIED–Six Feet Thunder
11 Shantae 3–Boss Battle
12 Nex Machina–Cosmic Hero
13 Umineko–Liberated Liberator
14 Rolling Sky–Dance of The Violins
15 Kingdom Hearts: BBS–Enter the Darkness
16 Rhythm Thief–Flight from the Gardens
17 Trails of Cold Steel II–To Gamble All or Nothing
18 Wonderful 101–Tables Turn
19 Bloodborne–Ludwig, the Holy Blade
20 Child of Light–Metal Gleamed in the Twilight
21 Darkest Dungeon–The Senescence
22 Nioh–White Tiger & Ishida Mitsunari
23 Legend of Grimrock II–Theme
24 Kirby: Planet Robobot–Mind in a PROGRAM
25 The Witcher 3–Steel for Humans
26 The End Is Nigh–THE END
27 Bloodstained–Luxurious Overture
28 Catherine–Babel ~ Stage 3
29 LISA the Joyful–Homeland Hustle
30 Nefarious–This is your End
31 The Messenger–Bamboo Boogaloo
32 Celeste–Reach for the Summit
33 Tales of Zestiria–Rising Up
34 Vanguard Valkyrie–Turn Around
35 SSBU–Lifelight
36 Xenoblade Chronicles X–Uncontrollable
37 Stella Glow–Hikari no Metamorphosis
38 Devil May Cry 5–Devil Trigger
39 Sonic Forces–Fist Bump
40 Blue Dragon–Eternity
41 God Eater–No Way Back
42 Persona 5–Life Will Change
43 A Hat in Time–The Battle of Award 42
44 Gurumin–To Make the End of Digging
45 Etrian Odyssey V–Life or Death Struggle
46 Miitopia–Ultra Demon Lord
47 Liberation Maiden–Liberation Day
48 Rhythm Heaven Megamix–I'm a lady now
49 No More Heroes 2–It's Kill or Be Killed
50 Bayonetta 2–Tomorrow is Mine
51 Tokyo Mirage Sessions–Drama of Light
52 Tekken Tag Tournament 2–High School Love!
53 NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams–Cruising Together
54 Cat Girl Without Salad–Radical Galaxy
55 Crawl–Toccata
56 Double Dragon Neon–City Streets 2
57 Tokyo 42–Go Go Go
58 1bitHeart–ys066
59 Lethal League–Ordinary Days
60 Risk of Rain–Surface Tension
61 Elebits–Me & My Little War
62 Ace Attorney: SoJ–Mr Reus
63 Plants vs. Zombies–Watery Graves (Fast)
64 Lego Dimensions–You Wouldn't Know
65 Owlboy–Strato
66 DKC 2–Stickerbush Symphony
67 Chrono Trigger–Schala's Theme
68 Hollow Knight–White Palace
69 Zero Time Dilemma–Interminable Dilemma
70 Root Double–Double Bible
71 Steins;Gate–Gate of Steiner
72 Furi–My Only Chance
73 Binding of Isaac: Antibirth–Innocence Glitched
74 Final Fantasy X HD–Decisive Battle
75 Epic Battle Fantasy IV–Fallen Blood
76 Monster Girl Quest–The Four Heavenly Knights
77 Ys Seven–Vacant Interference
78 Figment–Spider Queen's Song
79 Mario + Rabbids–Phantom of the Bwahpera
80 Anarchy Reigns–Days of Old
81 Jackbox 3–Trivia Murder Party
82 Crash Bandicoot Trilogy–Title
83 Gex 3–Clueless in Seattle
84 Cuphead–Aviary Action
85 Grim Fandango–Casino Calavera
86 Street Fighter IV–Zangief
87 Warriors All-Stars–All-In!
88 Yakuza 0–La Di Da
89 VA-11 HALL-A–Every Day is Night
90 The Sexy Brutale–Theme
91 Danganronpa–BOX 15
92 Yooka-Laylee–Armed & Dangerous
93 Snatcher–One Night in Neo Kobe City
94 Layton's Mystery Journey–Theme
95 Fable–Witchwood
96 Gravity Rush 2–A Red Apple Fell from the Sky
97 AC: Syndicate–Underground
98 Transistor–In Circles
99 Where the Water Tastes Like Wine–Vagrant Song (Appalachia)
100 West of Loathing–The Wild White Yonder
101 Metal Slug 5–Windy Day
102 God Hand–Smoking Roll
103 Wonder Boy: TDT–Desert Zone
104 Zelda Symphony–Hyrule Castle
105 DQXI–Overworld
106 Hearthstone–League of Explorers
107 Valkyria Chronicles–Theme
108 Eternal Sonata–Between Light & Darkness
109 Divinity: OS 2–The Queen's High Seas
110 Fire Emblem Fates–Dusk Falls (Fire)
111 Minit–Sabasaba Desert
112 Slime-san–Mighty Mama (Ear)Worm
113 Tobu Tobu Girl–Party in the Catmosphere
114 CrossCode–The Path of Justice
115 Super Bomberman R–Dastardly Bomber
116 Ōkami–Ida Race
117 Deltarune–Field of Hopes & Dreams
118 Battle Chef Brigade–The Chef's Resolve
119 Blue Reflection–Overdose
120 Indivisible–Crucial Fixture
121 Code Name STEAM–Me vs. You
122 Skullgirls–Going Nowhere Fast
123 Prey–Everything Is Going To Be Okay
124 Spyro Reignited–Fireworks Factory
125 2064–Theme
126 Sound Shapes–Cities
127 I Am Setsuna–No Turning Back
128 Atelier Shallie–Alchemist on a Ship
129 Doki Doki Literature Club–Your Reality
130 Rakuen–Build a little world with me
131 What Remains of Edith Finch–Milton's Tower
132 Halo 3 ODST–Bits & Pieces
133 WoW–Ulduar
134 MGSV–Sins of the Father
135 Bravely Default–Ba'al Theme
136 Silent Hill: Homecoming–One More Soul to the Call
137 Cytus–Scherzo
138 Night in the Woods–Die Anywhere Else
139 Rayman Legends–Castle Rock
140 Disgaea 4–You Go Girl
141 Arms–Main Theme
142 Vib-Ribbon–Roll Along
143 TWEWY–Long Dream
144 Conception II–Dungeon Battle
145 Deemo–Nine Point Eight
146 Heroes of the Storm–D.Va Theme
147 MegaTagmension Blanc–Jabberwocky
148 Under Night In-Birth–Scraper Sky High
149 Broforce–Theme
150 Super Mario Odyssey–Break Free

FINAL FANTASY XII THE ZODIAC AGE - Tokyo Game Show Trailer 2016 | PS4

The trailer further showcases some of the newly re-mastered visuals and environments as well as gameplay in action. Experience the world of Ivalice like never before.

FINAL FANTASY XII THE ZODIAC AGE brings enhancements to the classic FINAL FANTASY® XII, now more beautiful and easier to play than ever. The high-definition release introduces several modern advancements, and will be the first time for western audiences to experience the Zodiac Job System.  

Coming to Playstation 4 in 2017

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Our Nintendo Switch Launch Year Awards | Pandas' Picks

We celebrate the 1st Year Anniversary of the Nintendo Switch with our Panda's Picks of our favorite games! We call it the Nintendo Switch Launch Year Awards! Share your picks in the comments!
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0:48 -- Best On-the-Go Game
1:51 -- Most Nostalgic
2:43 -- Most Surprising
3:51 -- Hardest Game
4:41 -- Best Story
6:12 -- Best Music
7:33 -- Most Novel Experience
8:53 -- Best Spinoff
10:12 -- Best Competitive Multiplayer
11:56 -- Best Cooperative Multiplayer
13:43 -- Best Nintendo Switch Launch Year Game

►►Footage from the following games are used in the video - Follow the links for my reviews!
-Death Squared ►
-Dragon Quest Builders►
-Fire Emblem Warriors
-I Am Setsuna ►
-The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild ►
-Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle
-Mario Kart 8 Deluxe ►
-Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition ►
-Nine Parchments ►
-Overcooked: Special Edition
-Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 Plus
-Pokken Tournament
-Rocket League
-The Sexy Brutale
-Snake Pass
-Snipperclips: Cut it out, together! ►
-Sonic Mania ►
-Splatoon 2 ►
-Stardew Valley
-SteamWorld Heist: Ultimate Edition ►
-Super Mario Odyssey ►
-Thimbleweed Park -
-Xenoblade Chronicles 2 ►
-Yooka-Laylee ►

►►Music Used:
-Fossil Falls (Super Mario Odyssey)
-Mario Kart Stadium (Mario Kart 8 Deluxe)
-Grand Opening (Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle)
-Thimbleweed Park Theme
-The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Main Theme
-Jump Up, Super Star! (Super Mario Odyssey)
-Gormott Province - Day (Xenoblade Chronicles 2)
-Fire Emblem Theme (Fire Emblem Warriors)
-Inkoming! (Splatoon 2)
-ARMS Main Theme
-New Donk City - Daytime (Super Mario Odyssey)

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Our Nintendo Switch Launch Year Awards | Pandas' Picks
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