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10 best tips for playing Thumper


THUMPER - Level 9 S Rank (925,550)

*WARNING* This video may cause seizures
Played with a keyboard
(Most levels are segmented)

Uncompressed video 11GB:

9-1 (0:00)
9-2 (0:35)
9-3 (1:13)
9-4 (2:32)
9-5 (3:03)
9-6 (4:27)
9-7 (5:28)
9-8: BOSS (7:02)
9-9 (8:10)
9-10 (9:03)
9-11 (10:06)
9-12 (10:58)
9-13 (11:25)
9-14 (13:16)
9-15 (13:50)
9-16 (14:23)
9-17 (15:03)
9-18 (16:00)
9-19 (16:48)
9-20 (17:26)
9-21 (17:58)
9-22 (18:35)
9-23 (19:13)
9-24 (20:30)
9-25 (22:04)
9-Ω: FINAL BOSS (23:30)
9-27 (25:30)
9-∞ (26:26)

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Thumper: How to get a high score!

Thumper: How to get a high score!

Hi guys, I have had a load of questions on how to improve scores on Thumper. I put a little video together for you giving you my top 5 tips but there is so much more, so I have put it all in this description below.

Tips to get a better score in Thumper on the Nintendo Switch, these tips below can be used in any other version of the game by using the action button on your game pad. On the PS4 it would be the X button. Read below to understand the scoring system.

(Based on the Nintendo Switch gamepad)
Tap (A) over the white rectangular thumps to thump
Hold (A) and use LEFT STICK to bank left/right and survive turns
Hold (A) to slide through red bars without damage
Execute looping patterns perfectly to fire the green energy weapon and defeat bosses
Boss patterns loop until you defeat them


Thump while holding UP to jump
Hold down (A) while in the air to increase jump distance (you don't need to hold UP)
Consecutive jumps allow you to fly and maximize your jump distance

Press DOWN while in the air to pound
Pounding thumps sends out a powerful shockwave
From Level 3 on, some bosses have shields that can only be opened by a pound shockwave

From Level 4 on, switch lanes using the LEFT STICK, or bank into barriers using LEFT STICK + (A) when lanes end
From level 5 on, beware of laser sentries that attack if you miss a thump


Blue gems = points
Thump, keep holding (A), and slide through red bars to earn blue gems
Jump into blue rings to earn blue gems
Execute perfect turns by holding (A) and pressing LEFT STICK at the last moment for more points


When completing each sub-level, you will receive score bonuses based on your performance

BLUE GEMS: collect as many as possible to raise your score (see ADVANCED SCORING)
PERFECT TURNS: turn with the stick at the last moment to increase your perfect turn bonus
NO DAMAGE: this bonus is increased for every level you survive with no damage
NO MISSES: this bonus is increased for every level you complete without missing a thump
KILLS: pound whenever you see tentacles ahead for bonus points


Thump perfectly to reach 2X/3X streak multipliers and get more blue gems
Checkpoints contain bonus-thumps, hit them to collect extra blue gems
If you’re damaged, hitting a bonus-thump regains your shell
Pound thumps while in 2X/3X streak to transform upcoming thumps into bonus-thumps
Pound bonus-thumps for even more blue gems!
Hit bosses with the green weapon on the first loop to create a bonus-thump
Pound the green weapon on the first loop and get TWO bonus-thumps
Collect perfect sequences of 6+ red bars and/or blue rings and get more blue gems
Hitting turns normally stops flight, but if you perfect turn during flight you can keep flying through turns


When completing each sub-level, you will receive a Rank (C, B, A, or S) based on your accuracy and skill.

To improve your Rank:

Hit all thumps
Slide into all red bars
Jump into all blue rings
Avoid taking damage
Execute perfect turns
Hit bonus-thumps (see ADVANCED SCORING)

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EASY How To Destroy 3 Scorestreaks Or Vehicles In One Game M79! Easy M79 Science Camo!

In this video we take a look at how to destroy 3 scorestreaks or enemy vehicles in one game easily! This will make getting the m79 gold easy! This will make the science camo for the M79 a lot easier to get!

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Thumper tips

Soiler,Learn how to use the thumping ability to get more points.Its easy to do i wont tell how to do it, but you can thump at the start of game.

Thumper - Play+ Speedrun (2:43:00) [WR]

PSN: Georgia_O_Kief
Switch: woof

The run starts at 0:06 and ends at 2:43:06 when the screen flashes white. Not quite as good as my previous run in December, but the video quality is so much better! This might be a 2:42:59, but it's too close for me to tell, so I'm gonna go with 2:43:00. Level 2 was terrible, and I missed a very long boss cycle in Level 9-Omega, so I'll probably try to improve this soon.

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Why THUMPER Is The Best Rhythm Game Ever (Game Music Discussion)

Yes, it really is. My opinion is fact.
Also Known As: I've made a horrible shirt choice!


Trove Getting Thumper To Lv 10 Is So OP!!!

I never knew this thing could be so OP!

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Clash of Clans TH9 Base Design Thumper

Clash of Clans TH9 Base Design Thumper. First video in Base Building series for Clash of Clans.This series will give you a tested base and show you why the base works and give you tips on how to defend against the current meta for Clash of Clans Clan Wars.

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Mun Flyby | KSP Live Stream with Kerbalism (1.11)

Target Mun! The KSC is shooting for the Mun, but will bad financial management scuttle the mission?

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47:25 - Design & Launch the Cheaper HECS 2
58:25 - Launch of the HECS 1
1:09:10 - Designing a Mun Flyby
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Full List of Mods:
► Chatterer
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Let's Talk About: Thumper


I waited two years to play a rhythm game about space beetles slamming into walls at breakneck speeds. You damn well better believe it was worth the wait.

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Should You Buy It? Let's Play Thumper on Nintendo Switch (TV & Tabletop Mode Gameplay)

Thumper, the critically acclaimed rhythm violence game, launches worldwide in the Nintendo Switch eShop today! Join me as we ride through fantastic worlds on our space beetle and figure out if you should buy Thumper for your Switch!

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Thumper - Hardest Game On Switch! - Let's Play

Do you like challenging games? Do you like rhythm games? Do you like new Switch games? Then check out Thumper from the Nintendo eShop! It's so intense, but fun. It will leave you sweaty and a good way! Thumper is $19.99 in the eShop available now!

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Hey guys I hope you enjoy this and learn some new tricks. It certainly helped me learn how to find better thumping spots and it doesn't seem to be well known. Hope you enjoy! :)



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