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10 best tips for playing Thumper


Thumper: How to get a high score!

Thumper: How to get a high score!

Hi guys, I have had a load of questions on how to improve scores on Thumper. I put a little video together for you giving you my top 5 tips but there is so much more, so I have put it all in this description below.

Tips to get a better score in Thumper on the Nintendo Switch, these tips below can be used in any other version of the game by using the action button on your game pad. On the PS4 it would be the X button. Read below to understand the scoring system.

(Based on the Nintendo Switch gamepad)
Tap (A) over the white rectangular thumps to thump
Hold (A) and use LEFT STICK to bank left/right and survive turns
Hold (A) to slide through red bars without damage
Execute looping patterns perfectly to fire the green energy weapon and defeat bosses
Boss patterns loop until you defeat them


Thump while holding UP to jump
Hold down (A) while in the air to increase jump distance (you don't need to hold UP)
Consecutive jumps allow you to fly and maximize your jump distance

Press DOWN while in the air to pound
Pounding thumps sends out a powerful shockwave
From Level 3 on, some bosses have shields that can only be opened by a pound shockwave

From Level 4 on, switch lanes using the LEFT STICK, or bank into barriers using LEFT STICK + (A) when lanes end
From level 5 on, beware of laser sentries that attack if you miss a thump


Blue gems = points
Thump, keep holding (A), and slide through red bars to earn blue gems
Jump into blue rings to earn blue gems
Execute perfect turns by holding (A) and pressing LEFT STICK at the last moment for more points


When completing each sub-level, you will receive score bonuses based on your performance

BLUE GEMS: collect as many as possible to raise your score (see ADVANCED SCORING)
PERFECT TURNS: turn with the stick at the last moment to increase your perfect turn bonus
NO DAMAGE: this bonus is increased for every level you survive with no damage
NO MISSES: this bonus is increased for every level you complete without missing a thump
KILLS: pound whenever you see tentacles ahead for bonus points


Thump perfectly to reach 2X/3X streak multipliers and get more blue gems
Checkpoints contain bonus-thumps, hit them to collect extra blue gems
If you’re damaged, hitting a bonus-thump regains your shell
Pound thumps while in 2X/3X streak to transform upcoming thumps into bonus-thumps
Pound bonus-thumps for even more blue gems!
Hit bosses with the green weapon on the first loop to create a bonus-thump
Pound the green weapon on the first loop and get TWO bonus-thumps
Collect perfect sequences of 6+ red bars and/or blue rings and get more blue gems
Hitting turns normally stops flight, but if you perfect turn during flight you can keep flying through turns


When completing each sub-level, you will receive a Rank (C, B, A, or S) based on your accuracy and skill.

To improve your Rank:

Hit all thumps
Slide into all red bars
Jump into all blue rings
Avoid taking damage
Execute perfect turns
Hit bonus-thumps (see ADVANCED SCORING)

References-Thumper website

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Trove Getting Thumper To Lv 10 Is So OP!!!

I never knew this thing could be so OP!

Warframe Tips & Tricks 5: Tusk Thumpers & Korrudo

This is an in-depth guide and review on the Tusk Thumpers as well as the new Grineer sparring weapons, Korrudo.

This video was done in one take, no rehearsal and this is also my first time doing a weapon review and demonstration in the Simulacrum so at that I apologize for the clumsiness. LOL

I hope this video was informative and you all enjoy the tips here. See below for timestamps for specific points in the video as this is by far my longest video to date.

01:06 - Thumper Codex Summary (Weaknesses and Tips)
07:10 - Weapon Suggestions
11:08 - Demonstration and Walkthrough (Tusk Thumper Bull Lv 33)
15:58 - Korrudo Demonstration (Review and Suggestions)
23:27 - Closing Statements (Recap, tips, feedback, etc.)

Feedback is always welcome and appreciate. Thanks for watching!

Top 10 Best VR Games You Must Play On Your Oculus Go

Here's my Top 10 of the best VR games and experiences you can play on your Oculus Go headset. Most of these titles also support the Samsung Gear VR.

- Beatron 2000
As the Beatsaber of Standalone VR Headsets this rhytm based game lets you slice and bash your way through 6 unique sci-fi inspired worlds to the beat of 10 songs

- Blaze Rush
This is a third person arcade racing survival game with no health, no levelling and no brakes!

- Poker VR
Playing poker with friends around the world was never so much fun and social.

- Bat Batty Bats
In this wacky Arcade Style Pinball-Breakout-Bat-Batting mashup you have to face the most challenging gameplay ever.

- Dead and Buried
This frantic shooting game lets you grab your six shooter and fend off hordes of ghouls in the old saloon or the gold mines.

- End Space
Endspace is a simulator in where you attack targets with your gaze and blast them with your Pulse Lasers or lock on and pound them into space dust with your Meteor Missiles.

- Drop Dead
As one of the last remaining agents capable of stopping it and possibly saving the world, you’re geared with a high-tech visor, insane gadgets and an arsenal of zombie-shredding weapons.

- They Suspected Nothing
TSN is a point and click adventure title in which you play as the last human on earth. Your mission is to infiltrate into a robot-only society by completing a series of bizarre human detection tests.

- Thumper
Trust me, This rhythm violence action game takes it to the next level. In Thumper you play as a space beetle, your mission is to bravely ride the hellish void and confront a giant maniacal head from the future.

- Virtual Virtual Reality
V VR is a narrative driven comedy adventure game about VR and AI. In this game you have to follow the instructions of an AI overlord called Chaz who owns activitude, a service that lets humans hire AI clients in increasingly curious ways.

► About me

Hey there! My name is Nathie and I am the one that runs this very awesome and unique VR channel where I review games, experiences, apps & hardware. If you are an admirer of Virtual Reality yourself then you found the right place. I want to show everyone the power of VR by preaching on YouTube.

Thumper tips

Soiler,Learn how to use the thumping ability to get more points.Its easy to do i wont tell how to do it, but you can thump at the start of game.

Thumper "The Most Hypnotic Game Ever?"

Thumper Initial thoughts and early game review.
Thumper is a Hypnotic, fast paced and visually intense Rhythm Action game in which you play as a space beetle braving a hellish void to confront a mechanical giant head from the future at blistering speed, This game came to Steam on the 10th October 2016 and was made and published by an indie studio known as Drool, In terms of Gameplay Thumper controls purely with the WASD keys and Spacebar yet manages to introduce an impressive amount of mechanics that will take you a lot of practice to overcome

What are your thoughts so far on Thumper so far based on what you've seen in this video or experienced in game? Is it a game you'd actually play or does it look awful? let me know in the comments below!


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---Thumper Description On Steam---

Thumper is rhythm violence: classic rhythm-action, blistering speed, and brutal physicality. You are a space beetle. Brave the hellish void and confront a maniacal giant head from the future.

Scream down the endless track and crash through punishing obstacles with simple, airtight controls. Hurtle forward, master new moves, reach overwhelming velocities, and survive epic boss battles. Every crushing impact is interwoven with a pounding original soundtrack. To reach synesthetic bliss, you must go through rhythm hell.

- Nine levels of Rhythm Hell

- Adrenalizing Boss Battles, including the terrifying Crakhed

- Simple Controls: one stick and one button

- Psychedelic Visuals

- Original Soundtrack by Brian Gibson of noise-rock band Lightning Bolt

---User Defined Tags---
Indie, Action, Music, Rhythm, Dark, Great Soundtrack, Singleplayer, Horror, Arcade, Atmospheric, Fantasy, Psychedelic, Music Game

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Thumper The Most Hypnotic Game Ever?

How to Play Planetside 2 | 30 Essential Tips and Tricks

Planetside 2 is a massive game, with lots of elements all coming together to produce a truly one of-a-kind FPS experience. It can be difficult to wrap your head around it all, so today, we are going to go over 30 tips and tricks for getting into and enjoying Planetside 2! If you enjoyed the video backhand that like button! Feedback is always appreciated.


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Thumper - Hardest Game On Switch! - Let's Play

Do you like challenging games? Do you like rhythm games? Do you like new Switch games? Then check out Thumper from the Nintendo eShop! It's so intense, but fun. It will leave you sweaty and a good way! Thumper is $19.99 in the eShop available now!

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Modern Warfare 2- Thumper Tactical Nuke Challenge!

sorry for the horrible upload schedule lately guys ill do my best to keep a better balance :)

PlanetSide 2 - NS-03 Thumper First Impression (Gameplay)

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Thumper Review

Thumper is an abstract horror game couched in the high-speed intensity of rhythm action.

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Warframe Farming - Tusk Thumpers

Want my glyph ?

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Recruiting Ninjas! Sign up, suit up and help me take back the Solar System in Warframe! Click this link to sign up for this awesome Free-to-Play game and we’ll both receive cool rewards!

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7 Great Tips to Improve at Frostpunk - Tips & Tricks Strategy Guide

Tips & Guides Playlist!►

In this Tips & Tricks strategy video, I teach you 7 of the best strategies I've used to succeed in Frostpunk in 2019! If you have any tips you want to share, be sure to let me know in the comment section down below! Enjoy!

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Why THUMPER Is The Best Rhythm Game Ever (Game Music Discussion)

Yes, it really is. My opinion is fact.
Also Known As: I've made a horrible shirt choice!
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Thumper Is Pure Catharsis

Audio levels are a bit messy at times, and some parts were accidentally recorded at 30fps, but other than that I'm pretty happy with this one. The world needs to know how good this game is.


NS-03 Thumper Review | Planetside 2 Gameplay

When the Thumper was announced, people were concerned about the impact it was going to have on the game. Now that it has released, and has seen some tuning, is it a menace? Or is it really not worth your time? Let's discuss! If you enjoyed the video backhand that like button! Feedback is always appreciated.


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Planetside 2: News Updates (NEW Thumper Weapon, PS4 News & MORE!)

Holy THUMPER do I have a PACKED Planetside 2 News show today. Let’s talk new weapons, the latest PS4 DirectX 11 news (!!) and even some talk about the new continent Oshur too. I’ve been on the PTS as well so I can give you some 1st-hand impressions on that new Thumper grenade launcher weapon for the Heavy Assault!

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Let's Play THUMPER Gameplay part 1 - MUST DASH!

Let's Play THUMPER! An incredibly fast paced rhythm with heavy beats and freaky faced boss monsters. The THUMPER gameplay is all about perfect timing and feeling the best as you dodge series of awesome looking obstacles.
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