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10 best tips for playing TowerFall Ascension


Towerfall Ascension Ultimate Unlock Guide (Stages/Archers)

Quick links below in description.

The only video you will ever need to unlock the four extra stages and archers. If you haven't picked this game up yet do so because its intense and fond memories are made of this.

00:27 - Towerforge
01:02 - Sunken City
01:47 - Moonstone
02:34 - Ascension

03:44 - Ancient Exile [White Archer]
04:39 - Vicious Vessel [Purple Archer]
05:55 - Prancing Puppet [Cyan Archer]
06:30 - Forgotten Master [Yellow Archer]


Celeste - How to get the Gold Winged Strawberry without Assist

There's no music because Lena Raine has started making content ID claims on the music for the game. I tried recording the music at the softest setting - 1/10 - so you could barely hear it, and it still got flagged for content ID. So I removed the music. Sadly, any further Celeste videos will have to be made with no music.

The Top 10 BEST Indie Co-op Games in Early 2020

Put your friendships and relationships to the test with the best indie co-op games you can play on PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch and the Xbox One. From meeting new friends in Stardew Valley, a spot of bomb disposal and going up against the hard as nails Cuphead, here are the Get Indie Gaming team’s part 1 picks of the top 10 best co-op games to play in 2020. Part 2 will follow later in the year.
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Timestamps and featured games:
0:24 - 10: Towerfall Ascension:
1:16 - 9: Trine 2:
2:16 - 8: A Way Out:
3:30 - 7: Heave Ho:
4:19 - 6: Enter the Gungeon:
5:10 - 5: Cup Head:
6:05 - 4: Divinity Original Sin 2:
7:19 - 3: Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes:
8:35 - 2: Star Dew Valley:
9:55 - 1: Overcooked:
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#IndieGames #GetIndieGaming

♫Music By♫ ●DOM3 & x.o.anne - Hit The Ground Running (Invaders Of Nine Remix) [Bass Rebels Release] ●Song - ●Download/Stream -

How Party Games Design for Everyone to Have Fun | Game Bites

How Party Games Design for Everyone to Have Fun! Multiplayer game design can be tough when not everyone is at the same skill level, so party games have to do design for everybody to enjoy the game. With these 7 different party game mechanics and systems, let's talk about how the genre designs for fun across the board - in this episode of Game Bites!

Footage Used:
/ KokiriGaming
/ spllitz
/ Rayque3
/ The Killer Bits
/ Nintendo
/ Stumpt
/ Stumpt
/ PowerhoofTV
/ Yongs Yuzzan
/ Nintendo World Report TV
/ Nintendo UK
/ Rocket League
/ NintendoMovies
/ Zephiel810

Music Used:
[0:00] “Menu” / Super Smash Bros Ultimate
[0:49] “Main Menu” / Super Mario Party
[2:08] “Online Practice Stage” / Super Smash Bros Wii U
[3:35] “Summer” / Rocket League
[5:00] “Below” / Crawl
[6:41] “Title” / TowerFall Ascension
[7:56] “Main Menu” / Mario Kart 8
[9:31] “Global Testpunch Switch Menu” / ARMS
[11:17] “Character Select” / Super Smash Bros

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Towerfall Ascension Top 10 plays #1

Top 10 towerfall ascension plays by me and my friend.


Towerfall Top 10 Kills (Sort of...)

Towerfall Ascension on Steam:

About this game:
TowerFall Ascension is the definitive version of the hit archery combat game. Inspired by classics from the golden age of couch multiplayer, it's a 4-player local party game centering around hilarious, intense versus matches. The core mechanics are simple and accessible, but hard to master and combat is fierce.


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How to Catch Arrows With Your Face! - Towerfall Ascension

In this Hex19 playdate we dive into some more Towerfall Ascension on Steam. We warm up with a round of FFA vanilla Towerfall, and then follow it up with an intense laser arrow team matchup! Thanks for watching!

Celeste - ALL GOLD STRAWBERRIES 【 World first 100% Deathless】

Celeste is the perfect precision platformer:
✔ Tight controls.
✔ Proper difficulty scaling.
✔ Interesting concept and mechanics that work in harmony.
✔ Cute and detailed graphics, with good contrast.
✔ Secrets everywhere.
✔ Assist mode for disabled players.
✔ Non-intrusive Neat little story for those interested.

Get it if you didn't already. As a huge platformers fan, I have 0 complaints about this one

This was quite the ride for me. But first and foremost I'd like to thank my wife that was a huge help to get this done, so thanks again love!!

* This is NOT a one segment video for all chapters in one run.

* Same goes for the last part.

* You might notice that ch3~7 have lower total strawberries count (and assist mode). I had an unfortunate case of soundless recording for these chapters A-sides, so I had to redo them all over again on a different save file in order keep the gold berries un-ghosted for a more proper footage. Same case for Core C, but there I just forgot to record the first time.

* Summit B was recorded without music, was getting too distracting (along with missing some sound cues) in an already extremely brutal chapter. I did compensate and edited in the music for better viewing experience though.
In addition, there is a cut for a long (forced) break in that stage just before the final bit, which returns exactly to the same screen after the pause.

------------- Timestamps ---------------

Chapter 1:
A-side: 00:18
B-side: 01:07:28
C-side: 01:58:30

Chapter 2:
A-side: 02:58
B-side: 01:10:42
C-side: 01:59:41

Chapter 3:
A-side: 07:02
B-side: 01:14:33
C-side: 02:00:51

Chapter 4:
A-side: 16:57
B-side: 01:19:43
C-side: 02:02:14

Chapter 5:
A-side: 23:20
B-side: 01:25:27
C-side: 02:03:24

Chapter 6:
A-side: 34:13
B-side: 01:32:51
C-side: 02:04:22

Chapter 7:
A-side: 44:03
B-side: 01:41:19
C-side: 02:05:52

Chapter 8:
A-side: 59:54
B-side: 01:52:49
C-side: 02:07:33

#200th Strawberry: 02:09:12
Song used -




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TowerFall for the Switch 6 Player mode: Best Multiplayer Ever?

Towerfall for the Nintendo Switch is the definitive edition. Includes all the expansion content of Ascension, Dark World, and exclusive Switch content. The real bonus here is the inclusion of a 6 player mode which hands down is the best. In this video, I showcase a 5 player match in this mode and show why I think TowerFall is hands down the best retro multiplayer game. $19.99 and can be purchased on Nintnedo eShop right now.
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TowerFall Ascension Highlights - Multiple Players

Arrows everywhere! Maxwell, Carolyn, Max, and Erick battle it out with their bows and arrows.

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Speedrunner Finishes Celeste In 43 Minutes

Watch as speedrunner Magolor9000 hops and dashes his way through Celeste's main story in an amazing world record breaking time. Note: Hosting of this video was allowed by its original owner.

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TowerFall Ascension ► Best PSN Indie Game On The Market

TowerFall Ascension is a fun free psn game and it is hard! Especially when playing on Hardcore mode. This indie game is a PSN classic!

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If you like old school games like contra and Mega man X you will enjoy Towerfall Ascension. The game takes place in a 2d world were you are forced to protect yourself against monsters with a Bow and arrow. Towerfall Ascension might look easy but once you dive into it thats when the true magic happens. If you're looking for a free PSN game to play I recommend you download TowerFall Ascension.

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Towerfall: Ascension (PS4): REVIEW - Download To Play

James reviews Towerfall for the Playstation 4. Also available on PC and Ouya.

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Let's Play Tower Fall Ascension: Trick Shots

Today, the Where'd the Time Go? Crew is back playing Towerfall Ascension by Matt Makes Games, Inc. Jason, Jeff and Dave continue their jumping and fighting to the death, but this time we start getting a little tricky with their shots...or lucky...mostly just really lucky.


Intro Music: OctoEntendre (

[TAS] Sat_howtoadventure in 1:19,808s

This TAS showcases a new vectorial strafing mode, “velocity_lock”, which completely removes the camera shaking while still following the velocity angle on turns. It works so well in fact that I was finally able to use sampling (64 frames per frame), which wasn't feasible even for kz_summercliff2 due to the small camera shaking of the previous best mode, “velocity_avg”.

Additionally, for the first time I've done camera cleanup work, starting from the long room at 0:23. I've removed a number of short camera angle “snaps”: when the player turns towards an angle for a short time and then turns a little further for a longer segment, I made the player continue turning all the way without stopping for the intermediate angle. I've also removed a few very quick camera turns (similar to the one left over at 0:09). All this results in a more pleasing viewing experience.

I've used ESKIYA's 2:14 segmented run ( as a reference while making this TAS. I did not expect to save so much time over that run, but I kept finding major shortcuts in practically every room, adding up to almost a minute worth of saved time.

The TAS uses HLKZ settings:
• sv_maxspeed 300
• 250 FPS

Potential improvements:
• The very first room (with the start button) could be done slightly faster with a simpler strat (just going around in a circle). I went for the speed-entertainment trade-off with the health boost since it wasn't much slower.
• The second room (right after the start button) could be done slightly faster by getting a diagonal boost rather than a straight forward one follower by a launch off of the rope on the left, which allows to keep 2000 forward speed throughout the whole room (whereas the strat I used loses some forward speed on the vertical launch in the middle of the room). This is extremely precise though, and I was unable to reproduce the boost more than once. I went for the strat in the video because I remade the start button room and because I think it looks better.
• I used two use-taps in the long back and forth room at 0:23 since I had way too much speed to turn around; maybe it's possible to manage the speed better to avoid the use-taps. I don't know if that would be faster overall though.

Download this video in higher quality (4K60, 15 CRF):
Slow-motion version with HUDs:

Making of this TAS:
• Part 1:
• Part 2:
• Part 3:
• Part 4:
• Part 4.1:
• Part 5:
• Part 6:

Done on Linux on latest Steam Half-Life (build 8308) running under FlatHub Steam with the org.freedesktop.Platform/x86_64/19.08 runtime using this Bunnymod XT:
Captured with hl-capture:

ARMS Nintendo Switch - EVERYTHING We Know

ARMS Nintendo Switch - EVERYTHING We Know
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How Processors Work | What's A Computer?

DARREN continues his look into the world of computers and what makes them tick! This week, he looks at the brains of computers, their processors!


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Towerfall Ascension w JuicyLemon123 EP 7 More trick shots

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Adventures in Minecraft 1.12 - Trimming Bush

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Let's Play Celeste Gameplay Walkthrough Part 5 Golden Ridge 1080p HD 60FPS Full Game

Let's Play Celeste Gameplay Walkthrough Part 5 Golden Ridge [1080p HD 60FPS] (Full Game) From the creator of TowerFall Ascension Help Madeline survive her inner demons on her journey to the top of Celeste Mountain, in this super-tight platformer from the creators of TowerFall. Brave hundreds of hand-crafted challenges, uncover devious secrets, and piece together the mystery of the mountain. Actionbaby gamer will be playing Celeste Walkthrough Part 5 we will uncover the mystery behind the dark side.

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Initial release date: January 25, 2018
DEVELOPER: Matt Makes Games Inc.
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