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10 best tips for playing VOEZ


HARDEST SONG in VOEZ - PUPA - Lv.16 (SPECIAL) - Full Combo !!!

Player: Eugene Kua

5 Ways To Improve Your Accuracy In Rhythm Games

Hey, everyone! Sorry for not getting another vid out until now. Was a bit stressed/busy this week. I tried to include as many rhythm games as possible but I also needed to use games I knew well enough to exemplify, so hopefully I did an okay job at that haha.

I've been really wanting to do some kind of video about accuracy, so hopefully, you will find this video helpful and I wish you all the best of luck!

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Song: Limes - Hooplah (Looped)


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How to Get Better at Rhythm Games

This week's vlog, I talk about ways to help improve on rhythm games. This is both suggestions from me and other experts.

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Voez Review - Switch (Includes Docked Mode) - Tarks Gauntlet

Voez is the popular rhythm game by rayark that took the world by the quietest storm i've ever seen.

By this I mean the game has over 10 million downloads to its name yet few people are talking about it. When it made it's way to switch the game did not support docked mode or controller support, and now that it's in there it's high time somebody take a look at it!

Consider buying the game through my amazon affiliate link!

To anybody wondering why I didn't use the games music in the video.. it is all licensed music. If I use it and try to avoid copyright claims that means slowing down or speeding up the tracks, or changing the music every 10 seconds. If the gameplay looks fun youtube/google can find you examples of the songs in the game.

Lastly, apologies if it looks like I'm playing like an ape. It's just hard to play through and around a camera.


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Is This Still the HARDEST SONG in Cytus II? - Floor of Lava [CHAOS 15]

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Cytus Parody - Cyanine by Jioyi - Lv.10 (HARD) - Million Master (?)

Song: Cyanine
Source: Lanota
Artist: Jioyi
Note Designer: Bluepill
Demo Player: Eugene Kua

Chart Preview:

【VOEZ】Gigantic Saga - Paul Bazooka [Nintendo Switch/Special Lv14]

Another one of my scrubby videos. I had a good streak going but choked at the end ;-; Thanks for watching! xD

[VOEZ] Drop Special All Perfect

Player : Espresso

Kotaku Plays Voez On The Nintendo Switch

You don’t need Joy-Cons are a plastic dock to have fun with the Switch. Lately I’ve been playing a whole lot of Voez, a rhythm game that shows off how good a gaming table the Switch can be.

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[VOEZ] Ancient Rose SPECIAL LVL 12 MAX ALL PERFECT (1000000)

Player: Ritxman

Song: Ancient Rose
Artist: Suu
Difficulty: Special lvl 12
All Max Perfect 1000000

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Voez - 30 Minute Playthrough [Switch]

Playing 30 minutes of Voez on the Nintendo Switch. Checking out a few songs on various difficulties. Game is only playable in handheld mode.

Game: Voez
Platform: Nintendo Switch (eShop)
Release Date: March 9, 2017
Price: $25.00

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Voez - 24 Minute (Controller) Playthrough [Switch]

Playing 24 minutes of Voez on the Nintendo Switch. Completing a few songs using the new button control scheme. Thanks to the 1.3.1 update, playing with a controller and in docked mode is now possible.

Voez (Touch) Playthrough -

Game: Voez
Platform: Nintendo Switch (eShop)
Release Date: March 9, 2017
Price: $25.00

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The Rayark Problem (Or Why I'm Done With Cytus II and Its Bullshit)

- This video was uploaded sometime after Cytus II 1.7's release. At the time of writing the script I had lost interest in the game after the 1.4 release. Thoughts on the 2.0 update in the Pinned Comment below
- The video contains very light spoilers for Cytus II which go over two minor events early into Paff and Xenon's stories at 19:40 (With narration warning) and can be skipped by jumping to 20:06.)

Heyo, it's everyone's favourite hat-wearing pissbaby back with another video essay ( ' v ')
So I'm super into rhythm games and some of my all time favourites are from Rayark Games, a company with a...unique track record that makes me a bit miffed sometimes, to the point of where I'm just done with their latest game, let's have a look :3c

This one's been an absolute pain to put together, mostly because I'm still really, really bad with audio, I think I really messed up on a fair bit of my delivery (Any points in the video where I sound upset I'm just really out of breath from an elongated sentence haha), I put off recording for a while because I was ill for a few weeks (because I only ever choose to record when ill and my voice sounds buggered for some reason), I even thought I'd try a new way of keyframing Dough Guru so sorry if he's looking a little buzzed today BUT IT'S DONE NOW, here we are, thanks for your patience~

Writing and Editing - Joe AKA JOEZCafe (Formerly StrangeGuru)

Artwork - Jessie AKA Jessie Teamom

Branding and Additional VFX - Rob AKA PrimeHylian

Music Used: (I do not own the rights to any music used in this video unless stated)

0:00 - King, Queen and Slave - Persona 5
1:21 - Pulses - Sta (Deemo)
1:46 - Boys in Kaleidosphere - Mili
2:28 - Dream - Rabpit (Deemo)
4:22 - Imp - Sakuzyo (Deemo)
6:14 - Reasoning - Persona 4
9:07 - Lookin' Fresh (Shrimp Kicks) - Splatoon
13:19 - Sins of the Fathers - Metal Gear Solid V
14:30 - Secret Base - Persona 4
17:50 - Airhead (Galando) - Picon
22:21 - Old Town - Gravity Rush
26:34 - PrayStation (HiTECH NINJA Remix) - HiTECH NINJA (Original by Ras)
27:28 - Brain Power - NOMA
Outro - Masquerade (VIP) - M2U

[Cytus II] CHAOS - CHAOS - Million Master TP100 Thumb Play

Player: Yeow

Reference Videos:
Hard Landing from 阿哲:

Saika from EK:
Music: CHAOS
Composer: Æsir
Difficulty: CHAOS (14)
Gameplay device: iPhone 6S
Webcam for recording: Logitech C922
Video Editing Software: HitFilm Express 2017
Game: Cytus II
Developer: Rayark Inc.

Available ($1.99) on


VOEZ - tutorial and level [ COLORFUL VOICE ] (Lv1)

I just play a new game: u

Can't play mobile rhythm games (VOEZ)

click the circles.. wait. wrong game.

The end music is Best FriendS by ClariS.. please dont copyright strike me i credited the song

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VOEZ Android Version:

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VOEZ - Revival (Special, Speed 6x)

Discovered another app from Rayark that took a song from Deemo and made it better/harder.

I do not own the song (Revival by TQ) or the game (TOEZ) or the app used to record this (Mobizen), only the gameplay.

HARDEST SONG in Lanota - Frey's Philosophy - Lv.15 (Master) - All Combo !!

Player: Eugene Kua



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