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10 best tips for playing Vignettes


9 CAVING HACKS That Will Make You Better at Minecraft!

I go through a list of nine caving tips that will make caving a breeze! These can help you get more ore, diamonds, not get lost, and prevent you from dying!



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Vignettes: Complete Walkthrough Guide With All Secrets (by Armel Gibson & Pol Clarissou)

This is a complete walkthrough guide for the iOS game Vignettes. It is meant to help you if you get stuck, not as gameplay video!

See more of my walkthrough here:

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Download link:

Making use of vignettes in your games

***The audio is a bit loud here. I'm trying a new set up, and I obviously need to turn the gain down!***

A video that allows you to justify to yourself reasons to buy all those cool extras you keep looking at! Let me know what you think of the rules and let me know if there're any vignettes that I missed!
Manufacturers are:
Casting Room miniatures:

How to get the best FPS and Visibility in Valorant

I highly recommend you all to follow all the steps I show in the video for best results at getting best FPS and Visibility in your Valorant game. If you liked this video then check out my other Valorant guides!

00:00 Intro
00:37 Windows Settings
04:11 Nvidia
06:08 In-Game

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Foxy's Resource Packs for MCPE 1.16+ | Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Lots of new packs available to download...
Pocket Edition | Windows 10 | Android | iOS | Console | Switch

#Minecraft #MinecraftBedrock #BedrockEdition #MCPE

Download from

Add-on Bug Report:

Resource Packs:
+ Netherite Tools, Weapons & Armor
+ Better Leather Armor
+ Chunk Lines
+ Light Levels
+ Server List UI
+ Smaller Shield
+ No Vignette
+ No Potion Particles
+ Transparent Pumpkin Blur
+ Fog Remover
+ Better Rain
+ Better Doors



Hello and welcome to yet another Minecraft video!
Want to know a few tricks to get the most FPS out of Minecraft? Make sure to watch this video and all of the other (upcoming) videos!
In this video I'll teach you set your settings to the best settings for Optifine for Minecraft. Optifine will increase your FPS and make gameplay more smooth, only just by installing it. But tweaking the settings is the thing that will ACTUALLY give you a huge FPS boost! In a future video we might take a look at tweaking Minecraft settings without Optifine. Stay tuned!

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─ Download Optifine for Minecraft version 1.12.2:
How to install:

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Spoiler alert: #1 is NOT Turbo Kart (Don't know what I was thinking, tbh)

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Got all the way down here? Well, you might as well...

50 Features That Are ONLY in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Today I bring you 50 features that are only in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. How many of the 50 exclusive features in Minecraft Pocket Edition do you know? Can we SMASH 15,000 Likes?! ^_^ Leave a LIKE Rating if you enjoy and comment your video ideas below! :D

#minecraft #features #things #update

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How To Get MORE FPS in Minecraft 2020 BEST Minecraft Settings

How To Get MORE FPS in Minecraft 2020 BEST Minecraft Settings Tutorial
How To Get MORE FPS in Minecraft 2020 Fps boost Guide BEST Minecraft Video Settings for fps Increase, fps Boost and improve fps frames all versions Tutorial

Hey guys Today i am going to be showing you guys How To Get MORE FPS in Minecraft 2020 fps boost Guide BEST Minecraft Video Settings for fps Increase, fps Boost and improve fps frames all versions Tutorial. And comment Fps you had before and after this video :D. If you guys were searching for how to reduce lag in Minecraft then this is the perfect video. This video was rendered in 1440p 60fps so its smooth and has motion blur. ♥ Don't forget to rate the video like or dislike, if you dislike then comment what i could improve!♥ every comment counts ♥.
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►Another default edit which i use alot :
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►My 1k Pack :
►Villajah's Default Edit Pack :
▬►Music used in the video
►Music by HoobeZa
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0:00 How i got 3800 fps in mincraft
0:14 Intro
0:28 How to record minecraft with 1020 fps
1:10 Best minecraft fps boost client Lunar client 350 likes for Lunar client settings release
1:38 Download Optifine for minecraft
2:00 Best minecraft settings for fps, minecraft fps boost guide
12:50 outtro
13:09 How to download the pack that im using
13:30 How To Get MORE FPS in Minecraft 2020 Fps boost Guide BEST Minecraft Video Settings for fps Increase, fps Boost and improve fps frames all versions Tutorial

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Warframe: How to get FREE Decorations for your Orbiter

Heyy Everyone!
Are you looking to spruce up your Orbiter? Impress all your friends with how awesome it is? Look no further! I've got some places for you to check out for some Orbiter Decorations that don't cost any plat!

Happy Decorating!

Orbiter Decorations Wiki Page:
Social Media:

End Screen Music:
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TheFatRat, Slaydit & Anjulie - Stronger

DISCLAIMER: The gameplay and images associated with these games are taken from their respective games or game trailers or images from social media. All trademarks and registered trademarks present in the gameplay + images associated with the games are proprietary to their development studios and/or publishers. The use of the gameplay and associated content of the games in this video and any present in the thumbnail are believed to fall under the “fair use” clause of the United States of America copyright law.

#Warframe #WarframeOrbiter #OrbiterDecorations

Create A 2D Platformer - Cycle 09a - Adding Post Processing

Download the assets to follow along using Unity 2018.3.1f1:

Learn how to make a 2D platformer game in Unity by following along with recording of a live training from Unite Berlin. The project is tested with Unity 2018.31f1. You’ll explore powerful new tools and workflows using real game assets provided by Pixel Reign Studios. If exploring dungeons for treasure and avoiding spike traps of death sounds fun, or you’re just hungry to learn, then this workshop is for you.

Help us caption & translate this video!

10 EPIC Ways To Make Bells In Animal Crossing New Horizons

We're were all placed into to debt by tom nOok the second we start plane animal crossing new horizons. To day I are gonna show you 10 EPIC ways to make infinte bells in animal crossing new horzions! Happy Blanca day everyone!! Or April 1th

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Upcoming Extreme Demons in 2021

I hope 2020 was ok for everyone, hopefully 2021 will be better! This is also my first commentary video that I spent time making and researching! I’ll try to get better at commentating in future videos!
In this video I show 25 extreme demons that will most likely come out in 2021! I put them in 2 categories, one category are the levels that are not completed and the other categories are the levels that are completed but not verified. There may be some errors in this video, but I hope you enjoy it!
My goal for the next year is to reach 1000 subs and 4000 typical views! It would make me so happy if I can reach that goal in a year so let’s see how it goes!
(If there are any that I missed, feel free to comment them, if they are decent, I’ll add them to the link of this document below)

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GD Profile: ForcedWhistle75
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Everything About the New Barrels in Minecraft

There is a new storage block in town, the barrel! With the new barrels, you can store the same amount as chests but this block looks way different!

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???? MINECRAFT 1.15: Dramatically increase performance / FPS with any setup! 2020

Minecraft FPS increase guide, 1.15 New Improvements, HUGE 2020 Update,✔️ better fps, boost fps
Lets try for 5000+ Likes! ???? For this Extremely helpful tutorial?! Do your part and hit Like now! Lag Fix + FPS Drop fix included! and feel free to suggest more & Subscribe! ✔️

This video will teach you guys how to optimize minecraft 1.15 / 1.15.X update for the best increases possible to boost fps reduce lag stop stuttering fix spikes and improve visuals within Minecraft JAVA.

????Optifine Info: Some MODS might conflict with Optifine, if this is the case you can STILL follow the rest of the guide for major FPS improvements the complete core game!????

???? All links to follow along with this video are below ????
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???? Latest Versions of Optifine here:
???? PANJ Ultimate FPS increase Pack -
Download not working? try this:

GPU Drivers:
nVidia / Geforce:
AMD / Radeon:

Still getting low fps ? try lowering the resolution ingame i.e Using the Resolution Scale option, Start at 100% then work downwards until viable results are found.

Other extremely helpful & Effective Optimization guides to follow

Ultimate GPU Overclocking Guide:

How To Optimize Windows 10 For Gaming:

How To Optimize nVidia Control panel for best FPS:

How To Enable Windows Ultimate Performance power plan:

Play Here:

Other Helpful / Cool Tutorials:

System Specs
High end:
i7 9700k @ 5.1Ghz
RTX 2080 @ 2050Mhz
4100Mhz CL17 DDR4
2x SDD + 4 HDDs

Low End / Older:
AMD Ryzen 2400G
RX570 4GB (Mostly disabled for testing)
2 x 500GB HDD

Due to factors beyond the control of Panjno/Panjnotutorials, I cannot guarantee against improper use or unauthorized modifications of this information. Panjno / Panjnotutorials assumes no liability for property damage or loss of data as a result of any of the information contained in this video. Use this information at your own risk. Due to factors beyond the control of Panjno, no information contained in this video shall create any expressed or implied warranty or guarantee of any particular result. Any injury, damage, or loss that may result from improper use of these tools, programs, or from the information contained in this video is the sole responsibility of the user and not Panjno.

Top 25 BEST Relaxing Indie Games of ALL TIME (Chill, Wholesome, Stress Free games!)

Chilling out to some relaxing games can certainly take your mind off your troubles, at least temporarily, so here's my pick of the Top 25 best indie games that can do so!

Yono and the Celestial Elephants ►
House Flipper ►
Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles ►
Fugl ►
American Truck Simulator ►
Everything ►
Eastshade ►
Engare ►
Wattam ►
Vignettes ►
Flower ►
Cheeky Chooks ►
Later Alligator ►
Tetris Effect ►
No Man’s Sky ►
Stardew Valley ►
Kind Words ►
Slime Rancher ►
Wilmot's Warehouse ►
Wandersong ►
A Short Hike ►

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I'm Clement, nice to meet you! I have a passion for Indie Games due to how fun, creative and OUT OF THIS WORLD they can be, so this channel helps get the word out on the Best Indie Games.

Feel free to get in touch via Twitter / email for comments, requests or just to make a human connection and I'll do my best to get back to you.

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How to install Sodium Mod for Minecraft (FPS BOOST BETTER THAN OPTIFINE)

In this tutorial, I show you how to install the Sodium Mod for Minecraft and the best settings for the maximum FPS increase that is even better than Optifine.
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This video installation tutorial is for Minecraft 1.16 or 1.16.1, but the installation steps remain the same for any version of Minecraft. I also did a quick comparison for Optifine vs Sodium. Sodium clearly came out on top, FPS wise.

Download Sodium Mod:
Fabric Installer:

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#SodiumMod #MinecraftMods #Minecraft 10 Top Tips - Things I Wish I Knew!

Inspired by Factorio, has some unique and fun game mechanics. Let's take a look at some handy tips & tricks!
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A huge thank you to Tobias Springer for providing me with a game key!


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Autonauts (Production Chain Colony Builder) Release:


About is a game about building factories to automate the creation and combination of shapes. Deliver the requested, increasingly complex shapes to progress within the game and unlock upgrades to speed up your factory.

Since the demand raises you will have to scale up your factory to fit the needs - Don't forget about resources though, you will have to expand in the infinite map!

Since shapes can get boring soon you need to mix colors and paint your shapes with it - Combine red, green and blue color resources to produce different colors and paint shapes with it to satisfy the demand.

Buy on
Buy on Steam:

The BEST Settings for Optifine! (NO LAG) [Minecraft 1.14+]

Optifine was released recently for Minecraft 1.14 and today I'm gonna show you the best settings. Optifine is a mod that has a ton of awesome features, the most notable is the settings it adds to the game. With Optifine settings, you can reduce lag and increase FPS. Extremely useful for people with slower computers. Another is the zoom feature, it allows players to zoom in on objects that are far away. You can also use Optifine to install Shaders. In this video, I go through the video settings and show you the BEST settings to reduce lag in Minecraft 1.14. Thanks for watching, if you enjoyed, a like would be appreciated! :)


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● Music used in video:

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● How To Install Optifine (Minecraft 1.13.2):

● How To Install Optifine (Minecraft 1.13):

● The Best Settings for Optifine (Minecraft 1.13):

● How to INSTALL Resource Packs for Minecraft 1.13! (Update Aquatic):

● How to Play Minecraft Update Aquatic Beta (Xbox/Windows 10):

● Minecraft 1.13 Update Aquatic | TURTLES, PHANTOM & MORE! (Snapshot 18w07a):

● Minecraft Updates/Snapshots:

● How To Update and Play Minecraft 1.13/Update Aquatic:

● How to INSTALL Minecraft 1.13 Custom Maps (Update Aquatic):

● How to INSTALL Xaero's Minimap for Minecraft 1.13.2:

● All Minecraft Xaero's Minimap Tutorials:

● How To Install Mo' Creatures (Minecraft 1.12.1):

● How to INSTALL the Morph Mod (With Forge) [Minecraft 1.12.2]:

● Minecraft Maps:

● Minecraft Tutorials:

● How To Get Minecraft Realms For Free:


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And Hey, Thanks for watching.

Yo guys whats up it's CJ Or Sorable. Now in Today's Video we are going to be showing you HOW TO GET CUSTOM SCOPES, CROSSHAIRS AND MORE IN KRUNKER.IO! Hope this video helps you :)

#krunker #krunkerio



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