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10 best tips for playing Vignettes


Vignettes: Complete Walkthrough Guide With All Secrets (by Armel Gibson & Pol Clarissou)

This is a complete walkthrough guide for the iOS game Vignettes. It is meant to help you if you get stuck, not as gameplay video!

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Don't Starve Together BET YOU DID NOT KNOW! (Tips, Tricks, Glitches and Random Facts!)

Ok, I know Dont Starve Together is basically Dont Starve Reign of Giants' multiplayer version. But there are features unique in DST, and some people were asking for it so I gave it a shot. I did not spend that much time in this version of Don't Starve, but I did manage to scoop up few interesting things.

Used Soundtrack (credits section, so I don't get my ass sued)
Vince De Vera & Jason Garner's Don't Starve Together Main Menu Theme

Dead or Alive 5 Dojo - Crucial Pointers for New Players

Have you picked up Dead or Alive 5? Do you want to be a proficient fighter? Competitive Dead or Alive player Daniel Berzerk Chlebowczyk gives strategies for good starting characters, the critical burst system and how to be the best at taunting.

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How to make cool effects in ShareFactory (2018)

To make this video I used sharefactory
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Nex Machina: 11 Essential Tips For Success

After spending a good amount of time with Housemarque's newest arcade shooter, we've detailed a few strategies and tips you can use to really crank up your high scores.

The First 10 Minutes of Nex Machina:

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Ten Secrets, Glitchs, and Exploits in SSF2 0.9B

Showcasing some of my personal favorite Secrets, bugs, glitchs and exploits in SSF2 0.9b. I hope you guys enjoy this video! I know it's not a beta video so I really hope you guys are fine with it lol, anyways thanks for watching! ~
Also Thanks to Gbomber for the thumbnail art

How To Really Play The Pyro in TF2

Literally everything you need to know to play the Pyro, in one awful strategy guide.

How To Really Play is a series that aims to provide the worst possible advice to play games and their characters. Each week I'll be making a new video on a new character, full of only the best possible advice for new players.

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Music is TF2's Meet the Pyro music, Super Smash Bros Wii U: Mario Medley, Persona 5: Regret.

My HUD for TF2 is ToonHUD, which you can find here:

Thumbnail made by Tobiased:

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle - 10 Tips for beginners

Discover some useful tips to start your adventure and outwit enemies on the battlefield.

Team up with Mario and the Rabbids in a turn-based combat adventure to save the Mushroom Kingdom!
Mario + Rabbids® Kingdom Battle is now available, exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

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Battlefield 5 Ultimate Tryhard Guide ( Best Settings )

Battlefield 5 Best settings Ultimate Tryhard Guide. It's back! Plenty of you have asked for it, so here it is. My Battlefield V best settings max FPS and visibility! Leave a LIKE and a comment. JikA Config to remove AA - ( Turn DX12 off first before using )


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If you're reading this, let's be honest. Someone had to make this video at some point.

Temple of Elemental Evil. Prologue/ Opening Vignette.

Join us for this classic adventure as we meet our characters in the intro of a new campaign.

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What Makes a Good Detective Game? | Game Maker's Toolkit

Note! This video contains puzzle spoilers for Life is Strange, The Shivah, and Discworld Noir.

Detective video games promise to turn us into Sherlock Holmes - but why do so many of them bungle the execution? In this video I mine ancient DOS games, forgotten mobile apps, quirky indie titles, and games that aren’t even about solving crimes, for good murder mystery mechanics.

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Games shown in this episode (in order of appearance)

LA Noire (Team Bondi, 2011)
KGB (Cryo Interactive, 1992)
Assassin's Creed Syndicate (Ubisoft Quebec, 2015)
Murdered: Soul Suspect (Airtight Games, 2014)
Kona (Parabole, 2016)
The Raven: Legacy of a Master Thief (King Art Games, 2013)
Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter (Frogwares, 2016)
Heavy Rain (Quantic Dream, 2010)
Police Quest: Open Season (Sierra Entertainment, 1993)
Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments (Frogwares, 2014)
Batman: Arkham Knight (Rocksteady Studios, 2015)
Condemned: Criminal Origins (Monolith Productions, 2005)
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (Eidos Montreal, 2016)
The Wolf Among Us (Telltale Games, 2013)
Layton Brothers: Mystery Room (Level-5, 2012)
Detective Grimoire (SFB Games, 2014)
The Trace (Relentless Software, 2015)
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations (Capcom, 2004)
Life is Strange (Dontnod Entertainment, 2015)
Agatha Christie - The ABC Murders (Artefacts Studio, 2016)
Contradiction: Spot the Liar! (Tim Follin, 2015)
Papers, Please (Lucas Pope, 2013)
Discworld Noir (Perfect Entertainment, 1999)
Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth (Capcom, 2009)
The Shivah (Wadjet Eye Games, 2006)
Her Story (Sam Barlow, 2015)
Blackwell Convergence (Wadjet Eye Games, 2009)
Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective (ICOM Simulations, 1991)
Eagle Eye Mysteries (Stormfront Studios, 1993)
Return of the Obra Dinn (Lucas Pope, 2018)
The Vanishing of Ethan Carter (The Astronauts, 2014)
Splatoon 2 (Nintendo, 2017)
Ori and the Blind Forest (Moon Studios, 2015)
Sonic Mania (Sega, 2017)
Uncharted: The Lost Legacy (Naughty Dog, 2017)
Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons (Starbreeze Studios, 2013)

Music used in this episode

00:00 - Love Theme (LA Noire, Andrew Hale)
01:28 - Resolution (Hotel Dusk)
01:57 - Love Theme (LA Noire, Andrew Hale)
02:20 - Resolution (Hotel Dusk)
03:47 - Bigby’s Apartment (The Wolf Among Us)
05:22 - Investigation (Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies)
06:05 - Trial (Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney)
06:49 - Golden Hour (Life is Strange)
07:56 - Deceptive Proof (Last Window - The Secret of Cape West)
08:44 - Suspense (Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies)
08:57 - Glass in One Hand (Last Window - The Secret of Cape West)
10:01 - Ankh Bar (Discworld Noir)
11:06 - Rabbi Stone’s Office (The Shivah)
12:28 - CGI Snake (Her Story, Chris Zabriskie)
13:33 - Stare Into The Heart (Last Window - The Secret of Cape West)
15:28 - Trial (Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney)
17:55 - Love Theme (LA Noire, Andrew Hale)
18:45 - Streets Have Memory (Last Window - The Secret of Cape West)

Other Credits

Mystic River © Warner Bros
Sherlock © BBC
Homicide: Life on the Street and The Wire © HBO
Dragnet © Various

How To Make an Indie Game Trailer | Game Maker's Toolkit

Making a strong trailer for your game can be a huge challenge, so I’ve collected a bunch of tips and best practices from the industry’s top trailer makers. More resources can be found in the description, below.

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What Makes an Indie Hit?: How to Choose the Right Design | Ryan Clark

Heaven’s Vault Case Study |

Trailer Made: What Makes a Successful and Memorable Game Trailer | GDC Vault

Worst Trailer Mistakes |

Salvage your game trailer with these 12 tricks |

How Game Trailers Are Made (PAX West 2017) | Derek Lieu on YouTube

Trailer Editors To Hire

Derek Lieu -
Kert Gartner -
Marlon Wiebe -
M. Joshua -

Find out more

Video Game Trailer Specifications |

The Best Debug Tools for Game Capture |

Making Entertaining and Engaging Video Game Trailers | Kert Gartner

Virtual Cinematography for VR Trailers | Kert Gartner

Capturing Great Footage for Game Trailers | GDC Vault

Ideal Game Trailer Length and Labeling |

Games shown in this episode (in order of appearance)

Hollow Knight (Team Cherry, 2017)
Wandersong (Greg Lobanov, 2018)
Owlboy (D-Pad Studio, 2016)
War Builder League (The Cyber Prophet, Unreleased)
Vesta (FinalBoss Games, 2018)
Mighty No. 9 (Comcept, 2016)
The Witness (Thekla, Inc, 2016)
Crypt of the NecroDancer (Brace Yourself Games, 2015)
Undertale (Toby Fox, 2015)
Slay the Spire (Mega Crit Games, 2019)
Mark of the Ninja (Klei Entertainment, 2012)
Night in the Woods (Infinite Fall, 2017)
Cuphead (Studio MDHR, 2017)
Wargroove (Chucklefish, 2019)
Quadrilateral Cowboy (Blendo Games, 2016)
GRIS (Nomada Studio, 2018)
Minit (JW, Kitty, Jukio, and Dom, 2018)
Superhot (SUPERHOT Team, 2013)
Heaven’s Vault (Inkle, 2019)
Heave Ho (Le Cartel Studio, Unreleased)
Linelight (My Dog Zorro, 2017)
Baba is You (Hempuli, 2019)
Way of the Passive Fist (Household Games, 2018)
Return of the Obra Dinn (Lucas Pope, 2018)
Orwell (Osmotic Studios, 2016)
Celeste (Matt Makes Games, 2018)
Fallout 76 (Bethesda Game Studios, 2018)
Spelunky 2 (Mossmouth, Unreleased)
Firewatch (Campo Santo, 2016)
Enter the Gungeon (Dodge Roll, 2016)
Assault Android Cactus (Witch Beam, 2015)
Into the Breach (Subset Games, 2018)
Absolver (Sloclap, 2017)
Katana Zero (Askiisoft, 2019)
Guacamelee 2 (Drinkbox Studios, 2018)
Dead Cells (Motion Twin, 2018)
Ooblets (Glumberland, Unreleased)
ABZÛ (Giant Squid Studios, 2016)
Duskers (Misfits Attic, 2016)
Hyper Light Drifter (Heart Machine, 2016)
Ape Out (Gabe Cuzzillo, 2019)
Nuclear Throne (Vlambeer, 2015)
Papers, Please (Lucas Pope, 2013)
Jack Lumber (Owlchemy Labs, 2012)
The Messenger (Sabotage Studios, 2018)
Tacoma (Fullbright, 2017)
Risk of Rain 2 (Hopoo Games, In Early Access)
VA-11 HALL-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action (Sukeban Games, 2016)
Forager (HopFrog, 2019)
Subnautica (Unknown Worlds Entertainment, 2018)
Yuppie Psycho (Baroque Decay, 2019)
Factorio (Wube Software, 2012)

Music used in this episode

Thoughts Alive - animeistrash

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy - Coco Vignette Trailler

Coco will be featured as a playable character in all three games, complete with new moves and a set of N. Sane special attacks.

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy — Workout Teaser:

5 Fans React to Playing the New Crash Bandicoot - IGN Access

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy Gameplay Demo - IGN Live: E3 2017

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HOW TO 3 STAR w/ Level 1 & 2 BOWLERS Th10, Th11 Strategy Keys for Clash of Clans

Hey Clashers! Today we'll be focusing on using Bowlers at level 1 and 2 for both Town Hall 10 and Town Hall 11 in Clash of Clans. I LOVE BOWLERS and I want to make sure I spread the wealth and help out Th10 who'd like to use them as well.

In today's episode I'll really focus on about a half dozen strategy keys and tips that should help your next Queen Walk / Mass Bowler attack be a 3 star! We'll cover everything from entry point, Bowler walk vs Queen Walk, spell combinations (including heal spell), and how to hit trophy bases versus anti 3 star bases. If you'd like to see any specific combinations in the future let me know as I'm currently sitting on a treasure trove of 3 star raids with various Bowler and MIner strategy combinations! Enjoy guys!

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Original Music by : The King Slayer AKA Inertia (Soundcloud)
Original Artwork by : fabioottob
Any background music by Thastor :
or Dr Vox -
Outro Song used with Express Written Consent from Runrig.
Clash Of The Ash is the first single from Runrig's thirteenth studio album Everything You See
Clash of Clans is an addictive multi-player game which consists of fast paced action combat. Build and lead your personalized armies through enemy bases taking gold, elixir and trophy's to master the game and become a legend. Up-rise through the realms and join a clan to reign supreme above all others.

Category: Games
Updated: 10 June 2016
Version: 6.108.5
Size: 53.3 MB
Languages: English, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese
Developer: Supercell Oy
© 2016 Supercell
Rated 9+ for the following:
Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence
Compatibility: Requires iOS 4.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 6.
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Learning To Survive #2 - Space Engineers Tutorial Scenario

Today we'll (hopefully) be completing the Learning to Survive tutorial scenario in Space Engineers. My aim is to get the community's help to avoid some of the pitfalls and traps in the scenario that might catch new players (and returning ones) unaware.

This scenario is the vanilla tutorial scenario, I am playing it in vanilla with the addition of two mods just for the video experience, the first is 'Screen Gunk Be Gone' to reduce the post processing effects and remove the vignette and the second is 'Sneaky Sounds' to lower the volume of the hand tools :)

Screen Gunk Be Gone
Sneaky Sounds

All music and sounds were from Space Engineers by Keen SWH

Top 10 Alien Invasions in Movies

We count down the ten most successful alien invasion in movie history!

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RetroArch For the PS VITA! ALL EMULATORS One VPK! Installation Guide & Tips!

RetroArch For the PS VITA! ALL EMULATORS One VPK! Installation Guide & Tips!

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CC47: Character Background Vignettes

In this episode the guys talk about writing character vignettes as backgrounds and the power of creative writing to express the personality of our characters. There is some great discussion and examples of three vignettes from their new Pathfinder characters.



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