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10 best tips for playing War Dragons


War Dragons “Top 10 Tips & Tricks” - Beginners Guide

In this video for the beginners guide to War Dragons we are going to go over my top 10 tricks and tips that I feel that all players whether new or old will be able to use to make their gaming more fun and more productive! I hope that you guys find all of these tips useful and be sure to subscribe to my channel and like my video!

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War Dragons: Complete Base Building Guide for Levels 1-40 (How to Build a Very Strong Base)

War Dragons: Complete Base Building Guide for Levels 1-40 (How to Build a Very Strong Base)

War Dragons “Hacks, Tips, & Tricks for Beginners” Beginners Guide

In this video we discuss some Hacks, Tips, and Tricks all beginner needs to know!

War Dragons: Best Base Setup! (Levels 40~300)

War Dragons: Best Base Setup! (Levels 40~300)

War Dragons: My Top Tips for Moderate to High Spenders!

War Dragons: My Top Tips for Moderate to High Spenders!

War Dragons: My Top Neptus Flying Tips/Tricks!!!

War Dragons: My Top Neptus Flying Tips/Tricks!!!

War Dragons: Top Dragons in Each Tier Overview! (Red-Harbinger)

War Dragons: Top Dragons in Each Tier Overview! (Red-Harbinger)

War Dragons: Ultimate Perch Guide! Personal Tips & Strategies!

War Dragons: Ultimate Perch Guide! Personal Tips & Strategies!

War Dragons top 6 tips for beginners (new players)

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SUMMONERS WAR : Beginners Guide to Dungeons (Giants, Dragons, Necropolis) B10

Beginners guide to dungeon mechanics (Giants B10, Dragons B10, Necropolis B10), and sample teams both farmable/fusable and super easy to obtain (nat 3) as well as teams that you can build to improve your runtimes, and eventually speedrun.

Best Dragon Attack Strategy TH10 + TH11 3 Stars | WD#21 | Clash of Clans

Check out X-loyal perform 3 Star Attacks for TH10 and TH11 with amazing 3 Star Attack Strategies. There is even a Dragon Attack Strategy performed by MEOW !!
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War Dragons HIGH LEVEL GAMEPLAY EP 1 - Breeding 20 Dragon Eggs (Quest for the Best Dragon)

War Dragons HIGH LEVEL GAMEPLAY Breeding 20 Dragon Eggs / Hatching Rare Dragons | This video is sponsored by Pocket Gems:
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About War Dragons!
War Dragons is a visually stunning 3D real-time strategy game that puts you in control of the ultimate dragon army. Join a guild, help your teammates launch attacks in PVP, and hold off enemy raids in true real-time fashion.


War Dragons has more than one hundred unique dragons possessing different attack styles, spell abilities, and classes. Breed your hunter, warrior, and sorcerer dragons to create an even more powerful army. See if you can unlock the furious behemoth Khrysos and dominate the battlefield!


Start or join a guild to combine forces with other dragon lords. With true synchronous multiplayer, experience PVP like never before by chatting with teammates in real time and coordinating attack and defense strategies against other guilds.


Strategize and build your island fortress with the optimal combination of lightning, ballista, and archer towers to best protect your base against enemy fire.


Participate in a wide variety of weekly multiplayer events with the chance to win rewards, such as rare dragon eggs and treasure hunts, for you and your guild. Claw your way up the leaderboards to achieve victory and assert yourself as one of the world’s top dragon lords.


The game was built on the Mantis Engine, a proprietary 3D game engine, featuring state-of-the-art graphics and cinematics. Experience mobile games like never before with the ability to visually explore all facets of its stunning world.

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Frequent/Intense Cartoon or Fantasy Violence
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War Dragons - Following Red Breeding Path & Feeding Event Tips

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Breeding Guide

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War Dragons Beginner's Tips with BeledinesSoul - Part III: Base Building

Want to build the strongest base in War Dragons, but need a place to start? Don't know what towers do, or where to place them? In the next addition to our beginner's strategy series, BeledinesSoul breaks down the most important tips and tricks for base building.

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How to use Dragons - TH9 Attack Strategy Guide for 3 Stars | Clash of Clans Elite Gaming CCL Week 2

A Dragon Tutorial for TH9 3 Stars in Clash of Clans. This CoC Attack Strategy is amazing! Elite Gaming battle One Hive 2.0 in the CCL Week 2 match. At Town Hall 9 a number of Dragon 3 Star Attacks were achieved. One of our expert attackers Hulk Smash breaks down the TH9 Dragon attack strategy for us. This includes a Zap Quake and Lavaloon portion for the back end. Lightning Earthquake takes out 2 AD, King and Queen take out another with Balloons focused to the final AD and Xbow. Tips and tricks for how to 3 star using the attack strategy are provided throughout the guide. Dragons are now very powerful throughout TH9, TH10 and TH11. On the correct base design they can wreck TH9 and are top of the meta game in terms of attack strategy. Gameplay is recorded in December 2017 and new updates could affect how to use the attack strategy. If you have any other tips as a TH9 attacker please be sure to share below. Clash On!


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Check out my latest Clash of Clans 3 Star War Attacks. Playlists sharing the best attack strategy at TH8, TH9, TH10 and TH11:

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War Dragons: Detailed Explanation of My Base Layout (Updated 10/25/18)

War Dragons: Detailed Explanation of My Base Layout (Updated 10/25/18)

War Dragons - How To Attack Higher Level Bases AND Win!

In this War Dragons Attacks video I go over some tips and tricks about attacking higher level bases in relation to your level. I talk about different strategies to use and what weaknesses to look for.

War Dragons: My Complete Base Layout Explanation!

War Dragons: My Complete Base Layout Explanation!

War Dragons | War Dragons Review | War Dragons Beginners Guide | GamingWithMelkor Let's Play

War Dragons lets you take control of fierce Dragons and destroy your opponents bases. Watch this beginners guide and first 15 minutes lets play!

I show off the gamer in all its Glory! Watch my Dragons take to the skies and burn our opponents!

Watch More First 15 Beginners guides and lets plays below:

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War Dragons: Breeding Event Guide!!! (Research Eggs, Mystic Fragment Tips, & More)

War Dragons: Breeding Event Guide!!! (Research Eggs, Mystic Fragment Tips, & More)



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