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10 best tips for playing Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap


Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap. Full Walkthrough (PS4 Remake)

The original Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap was released on the Sega Master System back in 1989! I loved the game when I was a kid and I am excited to revisit it with fully reworked graphics and some new mechanics!

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Wonder Boy Dragon’s Trap Remake - IN-DEPTH w/ Developer & Commentary

The classic Sega Master System Wonder Boy III is being REMADE for modern systems by a developer that LOVES the original. The graphics and music have been massively updated but the soul of the original beloved game is still there, included the ability to instantly switch back and forth between modern and original. We talk about the difficulties of reverse engineering the code, licensing, Master System collecting and much more!


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Wonder Boy :The Dragon´s Trap-Passwords And Cheats PS4

Wonder Boy The Dragon's Trap transformation


Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap (Nintendo Switch) Review | 8-Bit Eric

This is 8-Bit Eric's Review of Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap, the remake of Wonder Boy 3, on Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

Originally released in 1989 for the Sega Master System by Japanese developer Westone, The Dragon's Trap was the second entry in the action-adventure series Monster World, which is a spin off of the original wonder boy. Lizardcube has remastered Wonderboy the Dragons Trap on modern consoles.

Dragon's Trap allows the player to decide between the new, updated visuals or the 8-bit sprites of the original master system game. To touch base on the story, you start on the final level of Wonder Boy in Monster Land where you must defeat the Meka Dragon where at the end of the battle you are transformed into a lizard/dragon character.

It is up to you to get back to your original form to break the dragon’s curse by defeating the Vampire Dragon and find the Salamander Cross which is the only way to remove your curse. A really new notable thing about this game is You can choose between Wonder Boy or (exclusive to the remake) Wonder Girl

After defeating each boss you're cursed into a different form, each with their own different abilities. Using these abilities to access different parts of the levels is a huge part of the gameplay.
Certain areas are gated off until you can transform into the proper animal form and many areas need to be revisited once you find the right form. Once you get to the halfway point of the game, you are able to find these transformation rooms which allow you to change forms.

This game can initially be tough, especially when you start off with just one heart. Also, the blade you use to attack is also quite short, especially if you're playing as Mouse-man. You'll need to get in very close to attack and it can be hard to not get hit. If you die you'll restart in town and all your sub weapons will be taken away, but your money and equipment will remain. The most important thing to do is upgrade your weapons and armor as often as possible so you won’t get caught slipping.

The game itself is exactly the original, I played using a walkthrough from Gamefaqs and it was on point. LizardCube also went in and re-recorded the game's soundtrack with real instruments and added a number of new sound effects. Like the visual presentation, you can switch between the original audio and the new, remastered stuff on the fly. You could even use your old Sega Master System password codes!

If you were into the original game or the Wonder Boy series in general, you’ll likely enjoy this one. if you are new to the wonder boy series, you might get some enjoyment out of this title, but be aware that the game is very short and can be completed within a few hours.

The Dragon's Trap has a lot of charm and is still fun to play today.

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A Transformative Journey || Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap #01

A old retro game gets a new coat of paint and a remastered soundtrack to make an already fun game even better.

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Wonder Boy The Dragon's Trap 100% trophy run Part 1 Lizardmen, beaches, and death

Another game I've been waiting for! It is a fairly good game, with some nagging issues at times. I'm a bit of a trophy hunter so we're going for the full 100% here, even if it lacks a platinum on ps4, it is still 100% run. I'll do my best to show hidden things and walkthrough tips! Just don't expect a perfect deathless run, haha.

Let's Play Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap (Blind Switch Gameplay) - Part 1 - Biggest Hurdles

Wonder Boy The Dragon's Trap Switch Gameplay - Blind Part 1

Welcome to Wonderboy, a brand new adventure and let's play everyone!! I can't wait to take on this remastered game. It's a fantastically crafted adventuring platformer, and the artwork is some of the nicest I've seen in a long while. I hope you all feel the same way!

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[PC] ♯2 ワンダーガール ドラゴンの罠(WonderBoy: The Dragon's Trap)


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Wonder Boy in Monster World [GEN] No Miss Clear

The RPG elements here aren't quite up to the standard set by The Dragon's Trap, but this is still a pretty nice game.

1:31 - Shion is painfully slow until you buy the leather boots. I don't like it when RPGs start you out horribly weak so you can level up to a tolerable level, but at least it only takes a minute to gather 30 gold.

3:55 - I switch out my sword for the first spear in for sale in Alsedo. Spears have better reach than swords in exchange for being unable to use a shield. I like spears much better, but the game generally wants you to be using a sword. The ocarina won't appear until you talk to the fairy who dropped it. You're supposed to bring it back to her so she can teach you the three songs, but I just wrote them down to cut out a bit of backtracking.

10:48 - It isn't necessary to talk to Princess Purapril here, but it is necessary to talk to the servant who unlocks the door to the city.

17:02 - Don't leave Lilypad without the marine boots. They are as good as if not better than the legend boots. They give you a good running speed, and the only the pygmy boots give you a better jumping height. Ignore the ratings on the stats screen, they are nonsense.

22:00 - Once you kill Gragg or Glagg, the other becomes more aggressive. It's a bit easier if you spread your damage out evenly rather than focusing on one at a time. The trident they drop has the same attack power as our knight sword, but it's a spear and it allows us to swim.

55:28 - Too bad the battle spear costs 10,000 gold. I'd buy it if it was sensibly priced. As is it's far too much grinding for something that's going to be outdated soon anyway. Excalibur's damage is still perfectly acceptable. It can be tricky to fight on the slippery terrain. Fortunately, most of the enemies in this area are weak against fire storm and quake.

1:06:07 - Pygmy Shion is this game's version of the Mouse-Man form from The Dragon's Trap. He can't climb walls but he can still fit through small gaps and he still has a horrible attack range. I make a short trip back to the pyramid before entering the volcano because pygmy Shion can get another heart and a charmstone there. It's a good idea to use lots of magic in the volcano. The enemies resist fire storm but quake and thunder work well. I like that the boss battle against the Tyrant Dragon uses the boss theme from The Dragon's Trap.

1:15:55 - There's a hidden shop in Purapril city that takes charmstones. One charmstone can be traded for a heart, two can be traded for magic spells.

1:22:36 - Switching to pygmy Shion here isn't necessary, but it's not far out of the way unless you're skipping the legend boots, and it'll get us another heart later.

1:25:31 - The marine boots let Shion jump higher than the legend boots so it's best to switch to them for the moving platform section.

1:33:12 - Biomeka is much harder in the western version of the game than he is in the original Japanese version. I find that switching to the marine boots helps a lot - the marine boots' better jump height makes the buzz saw less of an issue, and the legend boots' speed is more of a liability than a help.

Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap-Easy Gold

Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap

Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap - The Long Road to Potions

This would be a lot easier to do if I were better at this game, but alas. Is this really the only potions store in the game?!

Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap Review | Nintendo Switch & PS4

Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap brings the classic Sega Master System game to Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One in HD!
Nintendo Switch Review:

Review based on playing on PS4 and Nintendo Switch

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WonderBoy The Dragon's Trap - Episode 10 - HAWKMAN!

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Video compiled in Sony Vegas 14 Steam Edition

Game: WonderBoy The Dragon's Trap

Intro Music:
8-Bit March by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

Wonder Boy The Dragon's Trap #10 - Ninjas No Longer a Threat


Daimyo Dragon: A samurai dragon who lives in a castle deep underground.

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How to beat Mummy Dragon strategy (Wonder Boy The Dragon's Trap)

I wanted to show someone currently playing the remake how to defeat this boss, but I couldn't find a quick, to the point, video on youtube. Hence, I quickly made one myself (Sega Master System version, but the boss behaves in the exact same way on the PS4 / XB1 / Nintendo Switch / the soon-to-be-released pc version).

How to kill mummy dragon
Comment tuer le dragon momie

Wonder Boy : The Dragon's Trap - Ps4 - walkthrough part 1

This brings back memorys. Here comes the tears!
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Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap Review

Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap Review
Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap PS4 Review
Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap Playstation 4 Xbox One Steam PC Switch Review

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Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap - Captain Dragon

Captain Dragon - Slay the Captain Dragon.

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MONSTER BOY AND THE CURSED KINGDOM (First Thoughts) - Happy Console Gamer

Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom review/first thoughts is an upcoming platform game developed by Game Atelier and published by FDG Entertainment for Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The game is a spiritual successor to Sega and Westone Bit Entertainment's Wonder Boy series. It will be released on December 4, 2018.
Monster Boy was originally created by Paris-based studio Game Atelier as a planned Kickstarter project titled Flying Hamster II: Knight of the Golden Seed, a sequel to the company's 2010 Flying Hamster.After publisher FDG Entertainment picked up the game, it was reworked into a Wonder Boy successor titled Monster Boy and the Wizard of Booze, as Sega owned the rights to the Wonder Boy name. The game was later retitled to Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom due to criticisms towards the previous subtitle of Wizard of Booze, which is American slang regarding alcoholic beverages.The game is being developed in collaboration with Wonder Boy series creator Ryuichi Nishizawa, who also supported DotEmu and Lizardcube's remake of Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap. The game's soundtrack was composed by a team of Motoi Sakuraba, Michiru Yamane, Yuzo Koshiro, Keiki Kobayashi, Takeshi Yanagawa, and Haruka Shimotsuki, with some rearranged music from past entries in the series

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