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Metal Slug 6 Final Mission (Level 8, Eri)


Metal Slug 6 One Life Game (Level-8, Marco)

Difficulty: Level-8, Hard Mode. No cheats used.

It's been a while since my last full game run, huh?

Playing as Marco quite honestly feels like another Easy Mode to the game; his handgun is so powerful on its own oftentimes it will suffice on its own, or even out damage other weapons like your melee strikes or even power guns. Unfortunately, my fingers are pretty freaking slow at firing, so I can't take full advantage of the hand cannon that Marco carries, but still enough to get the job done ;)

While my previous 3 MS6 runs are done on the PS2 version of the game, I finally got a machine that can handle the Atomiswave version of this game, whose sound effects I MUCH prefer, simply because the vulcan cannons don't sound nearly as annoying as the PS2 counterparts. Unfortunately, I no longer have my video editing software I used with my old machine, hence why I'm uploading this as a single 23GB (!!!) video.

Well, I think I rambled on enough. Enjoy the video!

Metal Slug 6 Two-Player Run Level-8 (Ver. A)

Player 1: ACE19920424
Player 2: SkyCTT
Difficulty: 8
Mode: hard
Character: Eri, Tarma
Path selection:
Mission 1 - cave
Mission 3 - sewer
Mission 4 - Slug Flyer
No miss. Performed on a real console platform.

Metal Slug 6 (Japan) (PlayStation 2) - (Longplay - All Secrets / All Paths | Level 8 Difficulty)

Game: Metal Slug 6
Version: Japan
Language: English / Japanese
Platform: PlayStation 2
Difficulty: Level 8
Mode: Hard
Player Character: Clark Still

More Tags: Metal Slug 6 PlayStation 2 SNK Playmore Shin Nihon Kikaku Playmore Opening Intro Longplay Playthrough Walkthrough Gameplay Level 8 Difficulty Hard Mode Ending Credits Staff All Secrets All Prisoners All Items Marco Rossi Marchrius Dennis Rossi Tarma Roving Tarmicle Roving III Eri Kasamoto Fio Germi Fiolina Germi Ralf Jones Clark Still Hyakutaro Ichimonji Rumi Aikawa Bull Drill Iron Sentinel Brain Robot Sea Worm General Donald Morden Rootmars Invader Queen Venusian Queen YouTube Turkish Bullet TurkishBullet19 Gaming

Metal Slug 6 Final Mission (Level 8, Eri)

Difficulty: Level 8. No cheats used.

Oh kay. For some reason, even after I did this mission as Tarma, it's more nerve wrecking and harder as Eri. I even play identical to Tarma, with the only real differences being in the boss fights. Although, me playing as Tarma, I didn't need to care about the final boss because lol Tarma in a Slug. But as Eri, I found that there were a LOT of attacks I didn't know how to dodge, and it involved re-planning my strategy against the final boss. So hopefully this video makes up for the severe lack of technicality present in my Tarma run of this mission. Although, I was too nervous at the boss fight, resulting in me being unable to hit any of my Cannons I had saved for the second phase.

I swear, I don't know why it's so much harder as Eri. It should be easier as her. But my heart was thumping well after I was processing the video from the recording.

Metal Slug 6 Final Mission (Level 8, Fio)

Difficulty: Level 8. No cheats used.

FAINARU MISHION, SUTARTO! This mission is a pain in the ass whomever you play as. I must say I got lucky that things went as smoothly as they did in the boss fights, given how I'm a bad, BAD player that doesn't handle surprises and emergencies well.

I've tried employing different strategies in this mission, especially since my Tarma and Eri strategies are damn near identical before the bosses. Also, since this video is obscenely long, I've rendered it in mp4 format instead of the avi format for the previous 4 Missions since every 2 minutes approximates to 1GB in video file size, so this mission alone would be 10GB. I'm not THAT masochistic, so apologies for the drop in quality if you're able to notice it.

Metal Slug 6 Final Mission (Level 8, Tarma)

Difficulty: Level 8. No cheats used.

I FINALLY DUNNIT! I one life cleared a Metal Slug game's Final Mission under Arcade Mode, on Level 8, as Tarma! I swear, this is probably the best moment of my life... okay, maybe I'm exaggerating, but still, I feel proud that I am the first and only person to one life clear the game under these conditions as Tarma, at least, in my knowledge.

This stage is everything a Final Mission should be. SNKP really outdid themselves here in my opinion. It's long, hard, has a lot of variety of situations, and most importantly, the weapons to deal with them so no one can complain. But at the same time, the stage itself is hard as balls, even with all the weapons, sometimes bordering on unfair. Of course, with all these weapons to choose from, it's also a headache deciding what to bring and where to use them all. I didn't do a good job with my grenades, but the Shotgun probably needs a bit of allowance as it is easy to miss against its intended targets. I also love the prisoner's names, if you can read Japanese, despite them being so slow to acknowledge you in the stages. There are even some named Papapa and Popu. Man... the Metal Slug humour.

I want to thank Bestow5000 for giving me tips and advice on clearing this stage, despite him not having played this game for himself, and because he suggested VirtualDub to fix my desynchronised audio, which is a first. I also want to thank ReverseInReverse for being so patient with me while giving me more tips to make VirtualDub work. Here are both of their channels, and they both upload Metal Slug content:


Metal Slug 6 Mission 4 (Level 8, Eri, Rootmars Path)

Difficulty: Level 8. No cheats used.

AFCJAWNVE. This is the worst SNK(P) designed stage IMO, barring 7 and XX because I've played neither extensively at the time of typing this. There's the infamous swarm section, or whatever it's called. I think you'll know which section I mean if you watch the video. Where enemies spawn already attacking with no warning, leading to cheap deaths. Where purple remains of killed enemies camouflage purple projectiles fired by their allies. Where you'd have to stick around for half a minute picking off aerial enemies that fly around and take forever to spawn new ones to meet your kill quota before you're allowed to move on. In a section so wild, it's hard to imagine they had tested this section to be fair to the player.

And, well, it'd have been fine and dandy if you took the Slug Flyer path. But NO, because I have to be different from my Tarma run, I took the Rootmars path. Where... you know. your envelope of movement is not clearly defined, and you get no warning when you reach the boundary of said Envelope, leading to some cheap deaths. Where the screen is SO HUEG that despite the amazingness of your Vulcan, it's next to impossible to properly aim. Not to mention, there are some attacks I just don't know how to avoid without using the Brain Wave. It's just a horrible path that I wouldn't recommend unless you were on a score run. And even then, I'd advise you to stick with the Slug Flyer to be safe. The boss is a real heart thumper on foot. At least, for me. Heck, I don't even want to imagine properly dealing with it's second phase as anyone but Eri on foot.

Metal Slug 6 (Japan) (PlayStation 2) - (Longplay - Eri | Level 8 Difficulty | All Prisoners)

Game: Metal Slug 6
Version: Japan
Language: English / Japanese
Platform: PlayStation 2
Difficulty: Level 8
Mode: Hard
Player Character: Eri Kasamoto

More Tags: Metal Slug 6 PlayStation 2 SNK Playmore Shin Nihon Kikaku Playmore Opening Intro Longplay Playthrough Walkthrough Gameplay Level 8 Difficulty Hard Mode Ending Credits Staff All Secrets All Prisoners Marco Rossi Marchrius Dennis Rossi Tarma Roving Tarmicle Roving III Eri Kasamoto Fio Germi Fiolina Germi Ralf Jones Clark Still Hyakutaro Ichimonji Rumi Aikawa Bull Drill Iron Sentinel Brain Robot Sea Worm General Donald Morden Rootmars Invader Queen Venusian Queen YouTube Turkish Bullet TurkishBullet19 Gaming

Metal Slug 6 Mission 1 (Level 8, Eri, Cliff Path)

Difficulty: Level 8. No cheats used.

As promised, here's my Eri playthrough of the game. Although, despite the grenade advantage she has over Tarma, I can't seem to play much differently as her, preserving the grenades for the bosses. Hence, I shall be taking different paths in Missions where possible.

Metal Slug 6 Mission 2 (Level 8, Eri)

Difficulty: Level 8. No cheats used.

I don't play much different in this mission as Eri in comparison to Tarma. IMO, the most boring Mission of the game. It's also rather slow paced due to the Donkey Slug, and the absence of Tarma's added firepower, hence having to compensate with Firebombs. Although, this mission DOES make me appreciate thhe Firebombs and the 14mm Vulcans more as they were of negligible value in previous games.

Metal Slug 6 Final Boss (Level 8, Metal Slug Type R)

Difficulty: Level 8. No cheats used. Special rules: No ejection.

The Venusian Queen is one of the many poorly designed bosses by SNKP in my opinion, riddled with glitches and frustrating attacks. Despite this, I quite enjoy fighting it, as players are given the Metal Slug Type R to face it, and that's one of my favourite Slug vehicles in the entire series. Since this is one of the very rare moments where you get to pilot a Proper Metal Slug Type R in the series, I just had to do a video.

I'll admit that the strategies shown in this video aren't very reliable nor plausible in a one life run, as it is safer to just eject the Slug as necessary. I just wanted to prove (to myself) that the boss can be fought without spamming ejection invulnerabilities.

A lot of things about this stage don't make sense: how come the Metal Slug kicks up dust as it moves while inside a living creature? Didn't the stage start off with players entering a meteor? Or is the meteor a living creature? How'd Rootmars ever squeeze into the small entrance we saw at the start of the stage? How come ejecting a Slug in the falling phase doesn't throw you off the top of the screen? Who thought the massive scale attack during phase two is avoidable on foot and thus, is fair to implement? Or fun? How come attacks can come from beneath a surface we can't shoot through? What the hell is a Venusian Queen doing in possession of human weapons like the Laser Gun and Bullet Crates? Why did they remove the entry invulnerability period of the Metal Slug, but kept it for other Slugs?

...yeah I'm probably overthinking everything. Just... enjoy the video.

Metal Slug 6 Mission 3 (Level 8, Eri, Bottom Path)

Difficulty: level 8. No cheats used.

This is where the game starts getting hard for me, especially if you take the bottom path. IMO it's a complete waste of time. I'm sure the top path is better for everything barring speed runs. And even then, this path is hard as balls compared to the top one. Not to mention, you're worse equipped for the boss. AND the fact that I have no clue where the last prisoner is. Overall, this path is just not worth it. Only reason I chose this path is because I don't want to play near identical to my Tarma version of this run, and because you DONT get the Firebomb here, which is of negligible value against the boss.

(AC) metal slug 6 level - 8 no death ALL clear (eri)

player :ham3834
level - difficult (lv.8)
emr = demul 0.5.7
cha : ERI

Metal Slug 6 Mission 4 Boss (Level 8, Tarma, On Foot)

Difficulty: Level 8. No cheats used.

Horrible boss design is horrible. Senseless crushings and projectiles that you can't melee in time before it kills you. And fixed pattern attacks. Boring.

Here's a video of me doing the same fight as Eri with a Slug Flyer:

Fio on foot:

The only thing I enjoyed about the fight? SOUUUPAH GUUNAE!

Metal Slug 6 Mission 4 (Level 8, Fio, Rootmars Path)

Difficulty: Level 8. No cheats used.


And that is all I have to say about this mission. I've also rendered this mission in crappy mp4 format because Youtube chose to fail to convert the file after the two times I've uploaded it, both of which took about 6 hours, no joke.

Metal Slug 6,Eri vs Brain Robot madness level 8 without die

Video game when you play this level with the boss, with the vehicle and several weapons that are: Z, R and 2H without losing life
Video game is recorded in Metal Slug 6 PC emulator
Follow me and suscribe :
Greettings and enjoy

Metal Slug 5 Remastered Plus - One Life Full Game (No Death, Level-8) [Eri]

*Note that this ROM is exclusively made for GOTVG ( For more details go on google or youtube to look for tutorials for non-Chinese speakers. Also for once I'll let Fio take a break and choose Eri since she has an interesting color palette in this game.

Metal Slug 5 Plus: A New Tactic (メタルスラッグ5:新しい戦術) is a dummy data remaster of the original Metal Slug 5 (not to be confused with Metal Slug 5 Remakes which had Stone Turtle, Ptolemaios and unused section for Final Mission reused.) This game re-designs the levels map and reusing unused sections of several missions, while also reusing some of the scrapped items to give the players a new experience!

Metal Slug 5 (メタルスラッグ 5) is a run-and-gun video game for the Neo-Geo console/arcade platform developed by Noise Factory and SNK Playmore. It was released in 2003 for the MVS arcade platform and is the last Metal Slug game released for the Neo Geo. The game was later ported to Microsoft Xbox and Sony PlayStation 2, as a standalone game is Japan and Europe, and along with Metal Slug 4 as a compilation in North America and South Korea. It was also ported to PC specifically for a Korean release. It is also part of the Arcade Archives for Xbox One, Windows 10, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

Thumbnail Sprites by Lindermann (best spriter)

#metalslug #metalslug5 #metalslug5remake

Metal Slug 6 - Final Mission Start!

Gameplay Ralf Level Hard

Metal slug 6 final boss no slug kill (level - 8)

no slug clear

no death

play : ham3834

Metal Slug 3 (Arcade) - (Mission 5 - Final Mission / All About Love | Level 8 Difficulty | Ending)

Game: Metal Slug 3
Language: English
Platform: Arcade
Difficulty: Level 8
Player Character: Marco Rossi | Fiolina Germi
Mission: All About Love

More Tags: Metal Slug Arcade Neo Geo Neo-Geo Playstation Portable PSP PS Xbox 360 iPhone Nintendo Wii Android SNK Noise Factory Level 8 Difficulty Marco Rossi Fiolina Fio Phio Germi Youtube Turkish Bullet Gaming



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