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Mickey's Speedway USA - English Menus


Mickey's Speedway USA (N64) - Unlocking Huey w/ Transfer Pak & Mickey's Speedway USA (GBC)

Here's what you need to unlock Huey in the NTSC-U version of Mickey's Speedway USA for N64.

You need the following hardware first:
1. N64 Console (NTSC) + Controller with working expansion port
4. Transfer Pak

In order to unlock Huey on the US N64 game, you need to do the following:
1. Ensure there is a save game on MSUSA GBC which has completed at least one cup in first place*
2. Insert MSUSA GBC into the Transfer Pak
3. Insert the Transfer Pak into your N64 controller
4. Insert MSUSA N64 into your N64 console
5. Power on your N64
6. Tap through the menus and you should see a cutscene introducing Huey as shown in the video

If you do not get the Ludwig cutscene introducing Huey after the Press Start screen, reset your game and try again. Be cautious with the Transfer Pak and controller while a GB/C game is connected, as it is possible in some circumstances to erase game data on a Game Boy cartridge inserted into a Transfer Pak - Game Boy Tower in Pokemon Stadium is notorious for this. Check the expansion connectors on your controller as well; this wouldn't work for me until I switched controllers to one with less corroded connectors. Good luck!

If you want to use Huey but cannot acquire a Transfer Pak or MSUSA GBC, please note that Huey is unlockable in the Japanese version of the N64 game by beating one of the staff ghosts and collecting a ghost token. This is due to the fact that the GBC game was not released in Japan.

This was performed on a Japanese console with a universal cartridge tray. The console's region does not seem to make a difference here, as long as it is NTSC and both games are NTSC-U. I have not tested this with the European GBC release.

*I have seen reports that indicate at least two cups must be completed in first place before this will work, so if it isn't working for you after winning Traffic Troubles in MSUSA GBC, finish first in Motor Way Mania and try again.

[TUTORIAL] How to get Japanese symbols in your mii name! (Re-upload)

yea i added too much sharpen, at least the quality looks nice now!


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Mikey Kart Wii

The Lakitu Cam sets its sights on Mikey and the Tiny Terror!

I recently acquired a new toy, the Pinnacle Video Transfer, as well as Pinnacle Studio 12. Today's races should be displayed higher quality than any of my previous videos.

Race #1 - GBA Bowser Castle 3 (100cc)
My incessant blocking with the power slide combined with well-placed attacks keep this race close up to lap 3. But when Linds-Eye tries to bump me rather than just firing a Red Shell at me, a well-timed power slide gets me out of the way. The other Funky Kong tries to push me off track later, but ends up running into the Podaboo as I escape via the rock wall.

Race #2 - Mario Circuit (150cc)
Some players call it sandbagging... purposefully holding back several places to get better items. I do my best to keep quiet until lap 3, even staying hidden completely off the road at some points. When all you get is Mushrooms, this isn't too hard to do because you're not attacking anyone. But as lap 3 comes around, it's time for the race to start, and off I go! The final Mushroom I pick up couldn't have come at a better time for me (and a worse time for KK*Andrew). Nothing beats the awesome power of the Tiny Tank!

Race #3 - Maple Treeway (Mirror)
Races on this course are won and lost at the straightaway to the long jump. Green shells rule the day here, and I put them to good use. If the Target Shock was directed at me on lap 2, it was very poorly executed and just helped me keep the lead for the rest of the race.

Glover 2 (N64 Prototype): No LEV file error message

Just a quick one showing off this prototype's hidden error message when hacking values past the level select menu's boundaries. I didn't press A on the screen because it would crash the game.

The screen doesn't exist in the second prototype, so it just outright crashes when doing the same thing for it.

200+ Subscriber Special | Let's Try (Pokemon) Pocket Monsters Stadium (JPN Version - N64) 1/3

~Please Read the Video Description~
Bulbapedia Article for the game:

-Since the game is entirely in Japanese, I recommend at least looking at this wiki page to get a better understanding of what's going on. Basically, this game is nearly identical to Pokemon Stadium 1 (released as Pocket Monsters Stadium 2 in Japan) that was released in North America & Europe, just a more stripped down version of it. Pocket Monsters Stadium (also called Pokemon Stadium Zero amongst English gamers) was a promotional game exclusively released in Japan to demonstrate Pokemon in 3-D. However, only 42 of the original 151 Pokemon are on this game. It was never released outside of Japan for most likely this reason.

-In the videos that I share for this Let's Try, I show a rentals-only run of going through the Poke Ball difficulty level of the Levels 1-30 Tournament. Because the language was in Japanese, I did have to make some wild guesses on what moves my Pokemon would be using. Fortunately, many of the results usually ended up in my favor! XD

-This was recorded in post commentary due to the nature of the setup I had to use with recording the footage of the game. Screen flickers and PC lag made live commentary broken and really hard to follow along with.

Thank you guys again so much for making over 200 subscribers possible on my channel!!! Everyone of you rocks, & I'm happy that I have been able to entertain all of your through the wacky gameplay I show. :3

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GREATEST playlist in COD History | Nuketown & Hijacked 24/7 (Nukejacked)

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GREATEST playlist in COD History | Nuketown & Hijacked 24/7 (Nukejacked)


PJ Masks Find Objects 2 2018 Catboy Owlette Gekko Night Ninja

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Let's Play Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance [28] - Der finale Akt [DE/HD]

Karlo und die Panzerknacker haben Minnie in eine große Truhe gesperrt und bereiten alles für ihren Plan vor. Der Höhepunkt des Theaterstückes steht bevor und Karlo greift nach seinem nächsten Trick: Mithilfe einer Maschine hinter der Bühne will er eine schwere Kiste auf die Musketiere und Minnie hinab stürzen lassen. Sora ist zu weit entfernt, um sie rechtzeitig zu erreichen. Vielleicht kann aber Riku, der ebenfalls schon im Opernhaus angekommen ist, das schlimmstmögliche Szenario verhindern.


Titel: Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance
Entwickler: Square Enix
Publisher: Square Enix
Plattform: Nintendo 3DS
Veröffentlichung: 20.07.2012
Genre: Action-RPG


Let's Play Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance von GieRigo



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